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Scientific Beta Reading

I’m a PhD student in evolutionary biology and computer science who loves to read sci-fi and fantasy. There are times when I come across sci-fi that gets little details wrong that could have been corrected without changing the story. This drives me batty! Therefore, I wanted to make it publicly known that I’m willing to beta read for both reading experience (as a long-time reviewer of the genres) and major scientific flaws. Since this is a volunteer activity, I can’t guarantee 100% perfect accuracy, but if you are using a biological or computational term incorrectly, I’ll help you figure that out.

I highly recommend you check out Bibliotropic’s page on beta reading to get an idea of what to expect from a beta reader, with the caveat that I will be fact-checking in addition.

I will provide an overall opinion on the story elements and an idea of how I would review it, more details on individual scenes that I have strong opinions on, and detailed feedback on scenes with biological or computational material that you want me to focus on.

I will only accept one beta-read at a time to be sure that I get feedback to you as soon as possible if I can. If I’m already in the middle of something, I’ll let you know and you can decide if you want to wait or not. I’m offering this service free currently because I want to improve how science is handled in genre fiction, but that means that I will be picky on what I accept to work on.

If this interests you, drop me a line at anya at onstarshipsanddragonwings dot com!