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September Rocked More Than I Expected…

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A Semi-Wrap-up of September :D

I don’t normally do monthly wrap-up posts because I can’t make mine as cool as everyone else’s, but I’m pretty darn proud of this past month. I was going through my reading schedule while in class (>.> it was boring okay!), and realized I read way more books than average during September:

  1. Chaos of the Stars (9/10/13, ARC)
  2. Magic Marks the spot (9/10/13, ARC)
  3. Kinslayer (9/17/13, ARC)
  4. Relativity (9/10/13, eARC)
  5. Full-Blooded (Sept, eARC)
  6. Grim Company (Sept., review book)
  7. Seven Forges (9/24/13, eARC)
  8. The Lies of Locke Lamoroa (before Oct, before ARC)
  9. Red Seas under Red Skies (before Oct, before ARC)
  10. These Broken Stars (12/10/13, eARC)
  11. Into the Still Blue (2/14, borrowed ARC)
  12. A Question of Magic (10/1/13, eARC)
  13. Fire (Sept., overdue review book) – DNF
  14. Waterfell (10/29/13, eARC)
  15. The Kingdom of Little Wounds (10/8/13, eARC) -DNF
  16. Bang (10/8/13, ARC)

16 books??? Well, really more like 14 + 2 DNF. Though they were review books and I did send some feedback, so that half counts right? ;-) I definitely didn’t feel like I was that on top of things during the month, though as I think about it, there were some weeks where I posted 3 reviews so that I could fit them all in. There are also a couple of really short books in there that I literally read in one evening (that is rare for me). But still! I’m happy :D.

Further, however, I passed my qualifying examination which involved reading academic papers in August and writing a synthesis paper, then presenting that paper to three professors who freaking terrified me. They interrogate you during your presentation and keep pushing until you don’t know the answer, so much fun I tell you. But, now I am a Ph.D. Candidate instead of just a Ph.D. Student, so from now on you must refer to me as Candidate Anya! (>.>) Just kidding ;-) that would be weird….

FURTHER! I went through a pretty intense round of procedures for my spine. I have three herniating discs and a whole lot of pain accompanied randomly with walking, sitting, standing, anything besides lying completely flat on the ground. By random, I mean I would be good for a couple of weeks and then when I want to go to the Renaissance Fair, BOOM, pain and spasming galore! BUT, I got a lot of needles in my spine this month, we were able to identify the nerves that were causing the pain, and those nerves are now gone. Hopefully I will now be pain free (as soon as the soreness due to mucking about in there wears off) for a year, since that’s how long it takes nerves to grow. Previously, treatments only lasted for 3-4 months, so this is a pretty awesome improvement. I’m still waiting for the bill though, that should be fun.

So, that was my September…. Boring huh? Is it any wonder that I fell asleep at 8pm yesterday and didn’t wake up until my alarm clock went off at 8:30am today?

Sleep time

How was your September??

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings -Anya

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  1. Hey, good to hear details!!! My September was pretty bad, but it’s over. I lost track of the number of books I read, which probably was not too many. I did thoroughly enjoy Dragon Slippers and The Mark of Athena, but those are the only fantasy books that I got through. I think.

    • Yup, definitely over, though I’m still kind of surprised that it’s October already >.> I’m glad you enjoyed Dragon Slippers! I still need to read it actually, haha, but I’m reading the other series by that author, so cute!

  2. Congrats! That is a HUGE development in your degree!! Good luck!!

    • :D Thanks!!!!! I’m just so freaking glad it’s over! I might have been having panic attacks at one point leading up to it >.>

  3. Holy crap! Congrats on 16 books in one month — and even more importantly, on becoming a PhD Candidate! :D

    Sucks to hear that you’re having more problems with your spine, though. :( Take care, and hopefully the medical bills aren’t too massive! *hugs* (gentle hugs)
    Kelley (Another Novel Read) recently posted…TBR Tuesday – 10/1/13My Profile

    • Thanks on both accounts :D The medical bills should be okay as long as they are along the lines of what the previous procedures have cost >.> My health insurance was the one that demanded that I go in for two test-run procedures (local numbing to see if those nerves were responsible), so they better not screw me on those, haha!

      Yey gentle hugs!! I’m actually feeling pretty good, I think the nurses were just trying to scare me, haha

  4. Wow, congrats on passing your quals! I’m hoping to do mine at the beginning of spring semester and I’m a bit terrified.

    • Thanks :D Do you know how your college does them?

      • We write a thesis proposal in advance and then do a presentation on it with questioning kind of like yours, I think. I’ve mostly heard that it’s basically like a discussion, so it doesn’t sound like professors are ever antagonistic, but it does sound like they like to find the limits of what you know. Just thinking about makes me nervous but I think my professor won’t let me do them until I’m ready, so hopefully it will go well :)

        • Sounds close then yup. My committee wasn’t actually antagonistic and my advisor thought I did really well, I just do horrible under pressure ;-). My advisor actually let me go up early since he thought I was prepared (otherwise I would be doing it in December over the holidays!), and I don’t think I would have been more prepared in six months really. It’s just going to be an unpleasant experience but you’ll survive :D

        • Generally, your committee and advisor SHOULD be supportive. They will try to challenge you, but they rarely are really hostile. The worst is often that they are too busy or apathetic and don’t get around to reviewing and giving advice (speaking from experience here …..).

          I made it – you two will as well. Best of luck – and keep reading fun stuff!!

  5. LeKeisha Thomas says:

    My September sucked! Between being stressed at work and a little depressed at home, I’m just glad I’m still standing. Last September my Dad passed away from a heart attack. 3 days later, my aunt (his sister) passed away from her 20+ yr battle with kidney disease and diabetes. So September kinda had me thinking about it all. 2012 was a hard yr for me all around and I’m just glad for my boyfriend, sister, and brother because without them I don’t think I could’ve kept going after November last yr when our motherpassed from her battle with breast cancer. Sucks right. I lost both my parents within 2 months of each other. I read to keep my mind from wandering into that depression again. So you, my blogger friend, helps a lot. I don’t think I would have kept reading if I didn’t keep up with what’s been coming out and what’s worth reading. So thanks for your reviews!!


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