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Sidebar Issues….

Hello all, I have a question for you. You might have noticed if you visited the blog in the last couple of days that my sidebar has disappeared. Really, it hasn’t disappeared, it’s just decided to live at the bottom of my page these days. I have no idea what is going on with it and didn’t make any changes recently at all, so I don’t know what caused this. Anyone ever have similar problems or ideas to try? Also until I get it figured out, just go to the bottom of the page if you need something from my sidebar *dies*.

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  1. Alise (readers in wonderland) says:

    Yep, sidebar looks perfect on Firefox and Chrome!

  2. It looks fine for me too (using Firefox browser).

    • Good to hear, I did try Firefox to see if it was a browser issue, but my Firefox hates me too apparently, hehe. Well I’m glad it’s looking good for some people at least!

  3. Well the sidebar is back where it should be (at least for me). Yay!
    Something similar happened to me, my whole template went nuts. Blogger changed some default styles and my custom free template from some other site just did not cooperate with this changes. My sidebar was at the bottom too. :)

    • Weird! Apparently just me and my host admin are having this issue, since it’s still gone for me (and I’m using Chrome…) Hopefully most people are seeing it normally ;-)

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