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Signed Heist Society Giveaway + Ally Carter Author Visit

 Ally Carter Author Visit

Heist Society Giveaway Heist Society Giveaway
I was very excited to hear that Ally Carter, author of the Heist Society and Gallagher Girl series, was coming to visit the local bookstore! There was an awesome question and answer session, pizza, and of course book signing! I took notes on some of the answers I thought were entertaining, so you get the condensed version (ie what I could hurriedly write down) version. Unfortunately, pizza doesn’t travel by mail super well, but books do! I got a signed copy of the Heist Society and a chapter sampler of the novella Double Crossed to giveaway to a lucky winner :D.

Q&A With Ally Carter

Heist Society GiveawayAll right so my notes mostly consist of random fun snippets that I learned about Ally Carter and her writing style, so here are a zillion (~20) fun facts:

Ally often has trouble thinking of names for her books; sometimes they just pop into her head, and sometimes she has to google lots of idioms and keep trying things out until she hits on something.

She is trying to get back to the episodic nature of the Nancy Drew books with Heist Society, and so doesn’t have an over-arching plan for the series.

The actual name for W. W. Hale (character in Heist Society) is not written down anywhere, so if something happens to Ally, we’ll never find out!!

Ally thinks of this as the Golden Age of YA and is really happy to be a part of it. She thinks this is because teens don’t tolerate books with a slow start or a lame heroine as adults have been ;-).

The way Ally often chooses scenes is by picking somewhere she hasn’t written in before. For example, she got tired of writing hotel rooms, and so decided to switch to a private yacht!

Someone asked for her advice to aspiring authors and her answer was to read and write a lot. She also has more tips at her website.

Heist Society Giveaway

Ally Carter and me at the book signing!

Ally likes to write her first drafts at Panera Bread, and often gives herself quantity assignments, such as she can’t go home until she’s written 3000 words. Once she’s on to later drafts, she needs the quiet of her home in order to get the quality.

As many of you probably know, the final Gallagher Girl book is on its way and Ally said that her goal was to make it satisfying, not happy.

As far as narration style goes, Ally said that she doesn’t mind 1st or 3rd and that it just depends on the story which she chooses.

For Halloween, Ally went to a Hero-ween party where everyone dressed up as what heroes would dress up as! She chose to be Hit Girl as a Girl Scout ;-).

To research her Heist Society books, Ally likes to watch the interviews on the special features of spy movies!


All right, time for the goods :D. For this giveaway, I have two signed items, one of Heist Society and one of a chapter sampler of Double Crossed going to the same winner. This will need to be US only since I’ll be shipping it myself. They are brand new, I’ve resisted reading them ;-). Please make sure you have set your Facebook email to one you check regularly, since I know some people have had trouble with the Rafflecopter have the wrong email in the past! This’ll run for a week :).

Heist Society Giveaway


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  1. Awesome post! I love the facts about Ally. I agree about teens not tolerating lame heroines like adults have been!! =) Thanks for hosting a giveaway!

  2. I adore Ally Carter’s books; it’s so cool that you got to meet her and get her autograph! But I wish we knew Hale’s first name! ;)

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland

  3. I love Ally Carter! She’s seriously one of my favorite authors, so I’m thrilled that you got all these cool tidbits on her. Great giveaway and post!

    Sunny @ Blue Sky Bookshelf


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