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Siren’s Song by Mary Weber eARC {3 Stars}

Siren’s Song by Mary Weber is the thrilling conclusion to the Storm Siren trilogy and Nym, our weather-wielding heroine, really has her work cut out for her! If you want to avoid spoilers for the previous books, check out my reviews of Storm Siren and Siren’s Fury instead.

Note: I received an advanced copy of Siren’s Song from the publisher. Some things may have changed in the final version.

Siren’s Song by Mary Weber eARC {3 Stars}

Siren's Song by Mary Weber (The Storm Siren Trilogy #3)
Published by Thomas Nelson on March 1st, 2016
Genres: Fantasy, YA
Page Length: 384 pages
How I got my copy: NetGalley
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Nym and Draewulf prepare to face off in a battle destined to destroy more lives than it saves.

With the loss of Tulla still fresh in mind, Rasha’s fate unknown, and Lord Myles taken over by the dark ability, Nym and the few Bron soldiers rush to warn Cashlin’s queen. Only to discover it may already be too late for the monarch and her eerie kingdom. As the Luminescents are sifting through Nym’s past memories and the queen is reading into her future, Nym is given a choice of how to defeat Draewulf, but the cost may be more than she can bear. And even then there are no guarantees.

With that reality burrowing into her bones—along with the guilt of the lives she will sacrifice—Nym returns to her homeland of Faelen to raise an army of peasants through promises of freedom. But when the few friends she has left, along with the world and citizens she loves, are staring down the face of a monster and his undead army, will Nym summon every element her blood is capable of controlling . . . or surrender to a different strength—one of sacrifice?

Because in the end, death may be more merciful for them all.

3 Stars


  • As you might hope for in a final book, there are a lot of cool twists throughout Siren’s Song. I really wasn’t sure how things could possibly get done, but Nym found a way! And sometimes of course horrible twists happen and everything seems hopeless again ;-).
  • I think Kel is my favorite secondary character of this series. He’s a cute kid who has been trained to be a pilot because his country needs everyone to help. He’s also quite defensive of Nym and really the embodiment of what she is fighting for. The various other secondary characters are also great of course, ha.
  • The whole trilogy has been building up to a big battle and I think Siren’s Song uses that momentum well and wraps things up in a satisfying way. I wasn’t left wondering about anything significant, which is important for me to be happy with a final book!
  • A lot of small questions have been pooling as these books told Nym’s story and I loved that we finally got answers to pretty much all of them. The final details of the history of the Elementals is revealed and how exactly Nym got to where she started the trilogy. Again, I need answers to all those little questions to be happy, so I’m content :).


  • I don’t know if I just didn’t notice this in previous books, but Weber has this habit in Siren’s Song of repeating a word three times for emphasis and it started to drive me freaking bonkers. I got to the point where I had to mentally skip over the repeats to keep from getting to frustrated. It can be effective to do that once in a while, but it just got to be too much.
  • I’m again not sure if I just was less sensitive to this when I read the first two books, but the fake swearing in this book started to seem very forced. You can’t really just substitute ‘hulls’ everywhere you want to say ‘hell.’ It doesn’t really make sense in spots and ended up feeling lazy.
  • Nym seems to have developed a psychic ability in this final book in that way too often she ‘doesn’t know how she knows, she just knows that this is right.’ Like, all the time, for very important decisions….
  • I wasn’t a fan of the romantic developments in the majority of this book. Nym’s romance starts getting weirdly distant despite it being basically already established. If I was Nym, I would have just said screw this, none of this ‘It’s safer for you this way’ nonsense!
  • The biggest thing that made this a 3-star read for me is the ending. Things get very dramatic and rather convenient with new powers that have never really been hinted at before. It seemed like the ending was written to be beautiful and poetic with logic not playing a big role, which annoys me.


Siren’s Song wraps up this trilogy well, with answers to long standing questions and an epic battle. I got annoyed with some writing quirks and the ending didn’t do it for me, but if you’ve liked the trilogy up to this point, you definitely should finish it.

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings

Have you read this one? What did you think? Are you excited for it if you haven’t gotten to it yet?
– Anya


 Siren’s Song by Mary Weber

© 2016, Anya. All rights reserved.


  1. Oooooh! I read the first two books in this series and had a hard time putting them down. I definitely need to keep an eye out for this one and see how it ends.
    Grace Troxel recently posted…“Captivated” by Megan Hart and Tiffany ReiszMy Profile

  2. Just finished this one this morning!
    I completely agree with your dislikes. The romance got a little weird after the intensity of Nym’s devotion in book two
    Alyssa zech recently posted…Melancholy {Sneak Peek Link Up}My Profile

  3. I still haven’t read the second book, but I’m glad it mostly ended well. I hate the convenient ending! It just feels like lazy writing to me. I never loved the romance, so it doesn’t bother me as much that he gets weird. Nice review!
    Molly Mortensen recently posted…Shadow Hunters Series Episodes One and Two ReviewMy Profile

    • Exactly, convenient endings just disappoint me so much :( Haha, I feel like him getting weird just made the romance bother me more though! ;-)

  4. Thanks for the great review! My copy of Siren Song just came in the mail this week, so I haven’t gotten a chance to dive in yet. I have to say these books are beautiful. The cover artist deserves a huge high five. ?
    I do love Nym’s determination and that she struggles to make the right choices and struggles with dark and light.
    Thanks again! I always appreciate your reviews. ?
    Jennifer Dyer recently posted…Authors, Books & Chocolate interview featuring Beth Teliho and ORDER OF SEVENMy Profile

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