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Spider’s Bite Read-a-Long Discussion Post

Spider’s Bite Discussion

So Smash Attack Reads and The Book Vixen are having a Read-a-Long for the Elemental Assassin series! It actually started back in September, so I’m a little late to the party, but I wanted to post my answers to the questions both here and at the discussion post so that you all could join in too! Now, since this is a discussion post, there will be spoilers for this book! So please only read this post and the linked post if you are all right with that. I’ll have a spoiler-free review post later for those of you who haven’t read the book yet!

Spider's Bite by Jennifer EstepWhat drew you to this book, this series? What were your expectations going in?

I mostly picked up this series because a friend had read and reviewed Spider’s Bite for the blog, and Smash had pointed me towards her read-a-long. I love read-a-longs!! Also, I’m always up for trying another urban fantasy series! My expectations were definitely for a typical urban fantasy series with a tough chick with all the moves going and killing people because she has to right some wrong or something. There would definitely be a hot guy in there somewhere to, and probably some cool magic that the tough chick is uber good at ;-).

Now having read the book, what’s your impression of Gin? What do you think of Gin’s world, of her being an assassin?

I’m not going to lie, Gin came off as a little too tough for me at first. I mean come on, there is only so much that a person can go on about not having emotions before it starts seeming trite. I get the whole she lost her family and kills people for a living making her into a cold person thing, but she has to have some emotions in order for us to connect to her, so it just ends up her with her sounding hypocritical when she goes on and on about emotions making someone weak. Anyway, I think the world she is in is freaking awesome, and the assassin gig (what we saw of it at least) seemed rough, but worked for her!

Spider’s Bite is told in 1st person narrative from Gin’s point-of-view. How do you feel about this type of narration?

I’m totally fine with first person narrative. I think it works really well in urban fantasy and allows us to really connect with the main character. Since this genre tends to be about one person’s (woman’s) struggle against some difficulty, it makes a lot of sense to focus just on how Gin is feeling about everything. It also makes it easy for me to connect with the book, since I’m a woman and have a generally easy time connecting with female characters when the story is in first person.

What’s your take on the secondary characters like Fletcher, Finn, Mab Monroe, and the Deveraux sisters?

Fletcher was awesome and his story made me sad, Finn was a little over the top, but it worked. We didn’t really get to know Mab at all, so I can’t judge her. I think we’ll get to know her better in later books, so I’m going to reserve judgement ;-). The Deveraux sisters, wow, those women…. just wow. Great bad gals!

The attraction and the chemistry between Gin and Donovan it’s smoking hot. It’s there and it’s so intense, they can’t fight it. But Donovan has conflicting feelings. On the one hand, he wants Gin. He lusts for her. On the other hand, his morals won’t let him get involved with an assassin, particularly the assassin who killed his partner (though he doesn’t know the reason why – you can read about what went down for yourself in the free short story Spider’s Bargain) and the very assassin whom he should be arresting and not lusting after. Do you think they have a chance? Or do you think Donovan will be able to walk away from the brief interlude they had and go after her for killing his partner like he said he would?

I think that Donovan will have to look into his partner’s past, because he is a curious and moral person. Once he figures out the truth, if he can deal with it and not completely break, he and Gin totally have a chance, especially given the ending of Spider’s Bite. I think that as soon as Donovan realizes that Gin is an assassin, but not a monster, that she has rules, he might be more willing to understand her.

What do you think is next for Gin? Things got resolved in this book and there are 7+ more books to go. What do you want to see happen with these characters?

Well, there was some pretty heavy foreshadowing that she was going to start investigating her family’s murder, so I think that that is going to be the start of the next book. It seems likely that during that process, something else will crop up that she will deal with, and her family’s murder will probably be a several book plot, if not the plot of the whole series. I also see Donovan and Gin teaming up again in the future to take down Mab and save the world :D.

What do you think about Gin’s flashbacks regarding what happened to her family? What are your theories about what happened to them? How many Fire Elementals have we met so far?

They’re sad? At the beginning of the book, they hit me as a little overdramatic, I mean, there is only so much horribleness that I can take before I get overburdened by how horrible a character’s life is ya know? But I’m definitely interested in finding out why all that death happened, since it doesn’t seem like we every got a good reason. As far as I recall, I think we’ve only met one major Fire Elemental, and then maybe a couple street performers?

All right, that’s all for this book. I’m diving into Web of Lies next (before I have to return it to the library, ha!) so that I can get all caught up in the discussion posts! Have you read this series? Are you doing the read-a-long?? Anyone else want to play catch up with me? :D

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