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4 Stars: Spirit Singer by Edward Willett Audiobook

I was quite excited to see Iambik Audio open for review requests and a new fantasy available with a young female main character :D. What more could I really ask for right?? As many of you know, I’m always in the market for more audiobooks due to my frequent driving. While the slower fantasy pace of Spirit Singer sometimes made me need to take a break, I overall very much enjoyed this classic-style fantasy! Thank you to Iambik Audio for providing me a copy to review.

Spirit Singer by Edward Willett Goodreads Amazon
Print Copy scheduled for May 2013
Spirit Singer
Author: Edward Willett
Length: 4 hours 33 min
Genre-ish: Fantasy (with spirits)
Rating★★★– solid fantasy story, audio wasn’t great

Amarynth is a spirit singer, gifted – or cursed, as she sometimes thinks – with the ability to lead the spirits of the dead from the Lower World through the Between World to the Gate of the Upper World and the Light that lies beyond it.

While she is still an apprentice her grandfather and tutor dies, slain by a mysterious creature in the Between World that is blocking access to the Upper World’s Gate. Without a spirit singer her village cannot survive, so Amarynth embarks on a hazardous quest to find out what the creature is, how it can be defeated, and how she can become a full-fledged spirit singer – a quest that takes her not only from her tiny seacoast home to the soaring mountains of the south, but across the even more rugged terrain of her own soul. — Amazon


  •  I really liked the singing magic idea behind Spirit Singer. Chanting is usually a part of magic rituals, but it’s not often that it IS the magic itself :D.
  • Spirit Singer has some devious plot twists. I can’t say that I didn’t see them coming, because I definitely had a feeling that something was up, but then I wasn’t sure…. And then I definitely was!
  • The “Between World” is this treacherous place between our realm and their version of heaven and the descriptions of it were very compelling. There are all sorts of wayward spirits and traps that Amarynth had to watch out for, and some of those images are just never going to be scrubbed from my brain….
  • Spirit Singer had solid main characters. I wish was had gotten to know Grandpa a bit more, but you can’t have it all ;-).


  • I think I just have a problem with male narrators, but I just never could get used to the narrator in Spirit Singer. Male narrators never seem to be able to do female voices, and since the main character was female, this ended up being a big problem for me.
  • The plot of Spirit Singer ended up being a fairly typical fantasy in the end, but there isn’t anything wrong with that if that’s what you are in the mood for :).


Spirit Singer is a fun fantasy adventure with a solid female character. The narration of Amarynth’s voice didn’t do it for me, so I suggest picking up the book in print or ebook when you can. The premise and world of Spirit Singer were quite interesting and fun to explore and I look forward to learning more about them in sequels *hopeful eyes*. If you are quite discerning, you will probably see some of the plot twists coming, but the evidence went back and forth enough for me that I wasn’t sure ;-). All in all, Spirit Singer is a great book if you are in the mood for some good ol’ fashioned fantasy!

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Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings – A


 Spirit Singer by Edward Willett

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  1. Hi, Anya. Thanks for the review of my YA fantasy Spirit Singer. I actually agree with you: I don’t like the male narrator either, and it’s me! :) I wouldn’t do it again for any other book of mine with a main female character.

    I did want to let you know that there’s a brand-new print edition of Spirit Singer coming out this spring from Tyche Books. No cover art yet, but the book page is at

    Thanks again for the review. I’m glad you enjoyed the story!

    • Thank you so much for stopping by!! And thank you for understanding :) Oo, thanks for the link, I’ll update the review with that so that everyone can check back if they want a print copy!

  2. This really sounds like something I would enjoy, though I’m sorry the audiobook narrator didn’t cut it for you. I agree that generally male narrators can’t pull off female voices and if the MC is female, it’s definitely going to be problematic. I can’t even remember ever listening to an audiobook with a female narrator…Anyways I really like the elements you brought up about the plot & characters. I loved your honesty in this review, thanks for sharing!

    • You haven’t listened to audiobooks with female narrators? That makes me sad, haha, I generally enjoy audiobooks so much more if there is a female narrator, so I definitely recommend you keep your eye out for one the next time you’re thinking of listening to a book ;-)

  3. I have had great luck with Iambik Audio for about a year now. Maybe a little longer. I haven’t tried this one, and it is curious that they picked a male author that features a female lead. Was there actual chanting in the audio? You know how sometimes a book will have a song, and some narrators actually sing, while others tend to read it like poetry.

    • The narrator was the author, so he must have decided that he wanted to be a part of the production :) As I recall, it was more like poetry :)


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