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Spring Bookmark Making!

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Spring Bookmarks!

All right all, confession time. I think the second best thing about books (besides reading them!) is making bookmarks for them :D. Sure you could grab whatever scrap of paper is sitting around to mark your page (because of course you won’t dog ear it >.>), or you could use one of those plain bookmarks bookstores and libraries give out, but how about a cute/epic/custom made bookmark just for that book? Doesn’t that sound like something your book would appreciate? (Imagine a used car salesman saying that last part, haha). But seriously, I have come to completely love papercrafting and stamping, and bookmarks are definitely the most productive use of that obsession. There are really only so many cards I can send out before it starts to look weird <.<.

Anyway, in addition to showing off my new pretty spring bookmarks:

Making Bookmarks Making Bookmarks

I wanted to explain briefly the process of making them, since it’s super easy and quite fun if you are less artistically inclined. I can make pretty things without getting frustrated about my lack of drawing skills :D. Also just so you know, I have a friend who is more obsessed with papercrafting than I am and I pretty much just use her supplies all the time.

Step 1: Pretty Things!

By “pretty things” I mean paper, stamps and ink ;-). My favorite company is Lawn Fawn since they have freaking adorable stamps. Seriously, look at those little critters! I still haven’t had a chance to use that zebra and tree, but I must D: . This is the hard part about making pretty bookmarks, since you have to actually buy the supplies, but if you are starting small with just one project, it doesn’t take much. Also everything besides the actual piece of paper you end up using is reusable, so you’ll soon find yourself with quite a collection, mwahaha.

Anyway, all crafting/hobby stores that I’ve been to have a decent stamp and paper selection. Getting nice ink can be a little trickier, but I recommend trying to find a slow dry ink for the fun part that is coming up!

Step 2: Shiiiiiiny

After you stamp your cool design on to a bookmark sized piece of paper, the spiffy part comes. Another confession: I love embossing! I’ve generally found that to make your bookmark look more like a finished product and less like a kid’s art project, embossing helps a ton. This is why we wanted the slow dry ink. Embossing is the process of sprinkling (dumping) special embossing powder on to your still-wet ink. You then just tap the extra off and use a small hair dryer or heat gun to heat up the powder. The powder goes through this magical process of looking grainy and weird to suddenly melting and solidifying into a raised, smooth material along the outline of your stamp. If you really like the color ink you have, you can use clear embossing powder just to get the shiny effect (maybe with glitter!), or you can stamp in whatever color you want and then use colored embossing powder. Colored embossing powder is really useful for dark paper, since most colors show up much better in the powder than the ink. It’s especially fun to get metallic powder that’s even more shiny :D.

There are lots of other things you can do to fancy up your bookmark, such as layering papers, coloring stamps in with marker, and getting creative with different colors on different parts of the stamp (kind of tricky, by the way). This is just the basic process that I use to make fun and simple bookmarks that take very little skill, haha!

What sort of crafty things do you like to do? Have you made your own bookmarks before? I would love to see some pretty pictures!

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  1. I love making bookmarks. I’ve mostly been doing embroidered bookmarks lately, but I’ve been wanting to branch out into some woven paper ones, and perhaps some with origami designs at the top, too. (I’m a crafty sort with far too many supplies on hand!)

  2. Those are seriously cute!


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