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Stacking the Shelves #11

Stacking the Shelves

Stacking the Shelves is hosted by Tynga! So a while ago I borrowed some books, but then I had to give them back because another friend was going to borrow them. But now I borrowed them again :D But I don’t know if that counts >.> What do you think?


The Mermaid's Madness by Jim C. Hines Red Hood's Revenge by Jim C. Hines The Snow Queen's Shadow by Jim C. Hines

So a while back I borrowed the full Princess series from my good friend, read the first book (The Stepsister Scheme), and then didn’t get a chance to read the rest before she wanted them back in order to lend to another of our friends. Fortunately, that other friend is also slow at finishing the series, so I got the rest of the series back this weekend to read :D. I don’t know when I’ll actually get to them, but I luuuuurve this series, so they will be a high priority when my brain turns to mush from school!

What did you get this week??

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-AAnya from About The Story


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  1. This looks like a great high fantasy series!! Enjoy! :D

  2. Eileen @ ***Singing and Reading in the Rain*** says:

    hmm I haven’t heard of any of these titles before but they look interesting I hope you enjoy them!

  3. I haven’t heard of any of these but the covers look really interesting! Hope you enjoy all of them! :D

    Thanks for stopping by My StS post! 

    ~ Maida @ Literary Love Affair

  4. I haven’t heard of these but hope you enjoy.
    Happy reading,
    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  5. Great Haul!! Thanks for stopping by my STS!

  6. Great haul, enjoy : )

    my STS and giveaway

  7. These are all new to me! Enjoy all that you got this week! Thanks for sharing and happy reading!

    MaryAnn | Chapter by Chapter
    What we got this week!

  8. Livvy @Nerdy Book Reviews says:

    Awwwwww. Your blog is sooo cute! :) I like the dragons.

    And they look like some fun books. Hope you enjoy reading!

    New follower.

    My StS

  9. I cannot wait to read those books. I seriously have all of them on my wishlist now. They sound exactly like something I would love to devour…and Amazon has them on their four for three deal…I think that might be a sign. Hm. :]

  10. Thanks for visiting my stacks… LOVE the little dragons on your page! Hope you enjoy your books!

  11. annettesbookspot says:

    I’ve not heard of these books. Hope you enjoy . Thanks for stopping by. I’m a new follower.

  12. Your blog is so adorable! thanks for stopping by! I’m following back! ;)

  13. First time I heard about this series but sounds cool!! BTW, I love you layout. The little dragon is so cute :D

  14. First off, omg your blog is so cute!!! :)

    I have the first two books in this series but never gotten around to it yet, I want to read his new book Libromancer too. I hope you enjoy all of the books, and thanks for stopping by my blog!

  15. Haven’t seen these before but they look like a fun fantasy series. Hope you enjoy them!

    My book haul

  16. I’ve never heard of this series but I love the covers and the goodreads description I just read ^^ I hope you’ll enjoy them when you read them! I’ll be watching out for your review.

    My StS

  17. This looks so good! I’ve heard a lot about this author but haven’t read any books yet!

    My Haul! Letterbox Love!

    • Oo, you should definitely check him out when you get a chance. He’s both an awesome author and an all around great guy! If you google him, his blog is really great too :D

  18. Those look like fun reads! I hope you enjoy all you got :)

    Here’s my STS!

  19. I love Hines’s blog. I haven’t read his books yet, but some of his posts had me laughing out loud. I look forward to your reviews of his works.

    • I completely agree! I also love how outspoken he is about women’s rights and other really interesting topics! It makes me want to support him even more :D

  20. I love all your book choices because I have similar book tastes! These look REALLY cool!

  21. Oh wow, I’d never heard of this series before but I went and added book 1 to my Goodreads reading list! Thanks for sharing these Anya and I hope you’ll love books 2-4 just as much :)

    Here’s my StS this week

    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows

  22. Jessica@a GREAT read says:

    Nice! Haven’t heard of this series but I hope you enjoy them once you read them!

    My STS will be up tomorrow, so be sure to stop by!

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower :)

    • They are really awesome if you like fairy tale retellings with kick butt heroines! Gah, I want to read them right away, but I must read review books D:

  23. I finished Time Mends …. and then started on a non-fiction book for research on social networks.

    • Haha, I don’t even count all the non-fiction for research I read, it’s just too depressing how many papers I have to get through… They probably add up to a book a week xD

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