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Tackle Your TBR Read-a-Thon Goals!

Tackle your TBR Read-a-thon

I promised myself that as soon as I was done with my qualifying exam I could do a read-a-thon. Well, my oral presentation/examination is on Wednesday, so I’ll be starting this read-a-thon a little late, but still. Since it’s more like two weeks long, it works out well ;-). I’m quite a fan of read-a-thons when I have the time to really hunker down. I’m going to be trying to get as much homework as possible done ahead of time/delayed so that I can really burn through some books. I have ARCs and group reads that reeeeeaaaaaally need to get read!

Current (mini) TBR List:

  1. Kinslayer (9/17/13, ARC) Finished 9/9/13
  2. Relativity (9/10/13, eARC) Finished 9/11/13
  3. Grim Company (Sept., review copy) Added 9/11/13 Finished 9/15/13
  4. Full-Blooded (Sept, eARC) Finished 9/11/13
  5. Seven Forges (9/24/13, eARC) – currently reading
  6. Archetype (borrowed ARC)
  7. Red Seas under Red Skies (before Oct, before ARC) – currently listening
  8. These Broken Stars (12/10/13, eARC) Finished 9/10/13
  9. Oryx and Crake (book group)
  10. Into the Still Blue (borrowed ARC)
  11. Order of the Dimensions (review book) – DNF’ed

If I could get through all of those in two weeks, I would be really freaking happy. We shall see!

Are you doing the read-a-thon? Link me your list :D

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  1. Good luck getting all those books read! Great goals! :)

  2. Oooh! You finished These Broken Stars. How was it? Please say it was good since I have high expectations for that one. ;) You’re doing great! You definitely have time to get all your books read if you keep going at this rate.

  3. Omg, you have an ARC of Into the Still Blue?! *grabby hands* Good luck with getting through them all :)

    • I have a friend who sells books so the publishers love her and she lets me borrow the ones I’m really excited about, I’m super lucky I know ;-) If she gets a double I might see if I can do a giveaway though!

  4. Jenn @ A Glo-Worm Reads says:

    Looks like a fun list of books to read! Good luck!

  5. That’s a lot of books! (Lucky person who gets to read The Burning Sky!) I’ll be lucky if I finish the book I listed…

  6. Best of luck in getting through all of these books! If I had those two weeks off work and didn’t have to worry about other obligations, I’d be participating too. But I try to avoid readathons when I know I’ll be busy doing other things, because it takes away from my reading time.

    Some day I’ll be independantly wealthy and be able to participate in all the readathons! :D

    • Mwahaha, I look forward to being independently wealthy too! Being a student is nice that I can control my time a little bit more ;-)

  7. Good luck! I hope you get to read all of them. I am going to start slowish with only 5 to 6 to be read. I already have a DNF, yay.

    You can see my post at

    Happy Reading!

    • Haha, I agree with you that I sometimes like DNFing since it gets a book off the list faster >.> Though I always wish the book was better *sigh*

      • I used to hate not finishing a book. Now I am just realizing, especially with this blog, I don’t have time to waste on a book I constantly yell at because it’s so terrible.

        • Exactly! There are so many good books to read, no point wasting your time on one you are not enjoying. DNF reviews are really useful too in my opinion because then you can warn other readers what your problems were.

  8. That’s a big list! Good luck in the Read-A-Thon!

  9. Book Bunny says:

    Woah! 11 books! Good luck :)

    Here’s my goal post:

  10. Ohhh, a readathon! Maybe I will have to participate too :D

    Good luck with your books, I’ve heard great things about a lot of them!

  11. I should really do one of these challenges some time or admit I’m just not going to read the books in my “owned for over a year without reading” pile and get rid of them. Unfortunately, this month I’ve got the blog pretty scheduled with two read-a-longs and participating in a re-telling even, but maybe next time :) Good luck with your list!

    • Thanks :D I love read-a-thons quite a lot. Hehe, I have that pile too, but for some reason I have this fear that I will become stranded in my apartment and possibly run out of reading material, so I have to hold on to them “just in case” XD

  12. Awesome list! I’ve been debating about Kinslayer. I’m waiting to see some reviews since I haven’t read the first one yet. I have Relativity and These Broken Stars, both of which I’m planning on reading soon. Totally jealous that you’ve gotten your hands on Into the Still Blue. I’m very excited to see how that series ends. Again, good luck with school and so happy you’re joining us!

  13. Good luck!!

  14. Can’t wait to read your reviews of the first 2 Scott Lynch books. I loved them, but you will probably notice that each is a bit different from the other – still excellent though.

  15. Good luck getting all these books read!!


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