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A Dance Like Flame by Tammy Blackwell eARC {5 Stars}

A Dance Like Flame by Tammy Blackwell eARC {5 Stars}

A Dance Like Flame by Tammy Blackwell (Of Magic & Machine #1)
Published by Author on April 4th, 2017
Genres: Historical Fantasy, Romance, Steampunk
Page Length: 403 pages
How I got my copy: Author
Amazon - Goodreads
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She’s the daughter of an earl with a secret no one can know. He’s a mage who has sacrificed everything to save those he loves. They were born worlds apart, but inside a city drenched in magic, anything is possible.

Unmarried at the age of six-and-twenty, Lady Elizabeth “Bits” Warner has become a burden to her family. Therefore, she isn’t surprised when they pack her on a train bound for Scotland and a fiancé she has never met. She’s not surprised, but she is terrified.

In Corrigan, a walled-off city that serves as refuge to those capable of using the aether to cast spells and concoct potions, Ezra Nash is devoted to healing the sick and injured. Between his work as a surgeon and caring for his sisters, he doesn’t have time for distractions.

When the train Bits is traveling on explodes, she finds herself inside the gates of Corrigan and under Ezra’s care. The two are drawn to one another, but it will take more than attraction to overcome the difference in their stations and the secrets they hide from the world.

5 Stars

Note: I received an advanced copy of A Dance Like Flame from the publisher. Some things may have changed in the final version.

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Whispered Visions by Tammy Blackwell eARC {4 Stars}

Whispered Visions by Tammy Blackwell is the third companion novel in the Shifters & Seers trilogy and tells the story of Lizzie and Layne in Blackwell’s classic hilarious and heart-warming writing. I’m quite over the typical urban fantasy, but Blackwell’s characters ring so true and her writing is so captivating that she makes me fall in love with werewolves and witches all over again! I am very picky when it comes to independently-published work, but I couldn’t even tell that Blackwell was self-published when I first picked up her books and I still stake my reviewing reputation on the quality of her work. Please for your own reading sake, check out her books :D.

Note: I received an advanced copy of Whispered Visions from the author. Some things may have changed in the final version.

Whispered Visions by Tammy Blackwell eARC {4 Stars}

Whispered Visions by Tammy Blackwell (Shifters & Seers)
Published by Author on Sept. 8th, 2015
Genres: Urban Fantasy, YA
Page Length: 342 pages
How I got my copy: Author
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Where do you go when there is nowhere left to run?

For years the Society for Human Preservation has been waging a quiet war against the Shifters & Seers of the world, and now they've taken two of the Alpha Pack's own.

With the ability to See inside a person's mind, Lizzie Anders is one of the most powerful Seers in the world, but all that power comes with the responsibility of protecting herself and others from what she can do. And now, after years of suppressing her Sight, the SHP is intent on tearing down the walls she's carefully constructed to further their cause.

Layne Hagan is the boy no one wanted. Abandoned by his mother when he was a baby and orphaned by his father in Scout's battle to become Alpha Female, he was handed off by his grandparents to live with Charlie and the rest of the Alpha Pack. He's never had a place or purpose... until now.

With no one left to rely on but each other, Lizzie and Layne must learn to put their past behind them and learn to trust each other - and their hearts - again.

4 Stars

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Shifters & Seers Signed Trilogy by Tammy Blackwell Giveaway!

Book Giveaway

Signed Shifters & Seers Trilogy by Tammy Blackwell

Whispered Visions by Tammy Blackwell

I’ve gotten pretty darn picky about young adult of late, so it is with great squeeing that I bring you a giveaway for one of my absolute FAVORITE young adult authors: Tammy Blackwell! You might not have heard of Ms. Tammy, so I’ll give you a moment to read my reviews of her first series, Destiny Binds, and the first book in this series, Fragile Brilliance. Tammy’s books are ones to read when you want to laugh, cry, and wish you could be best friends with a character within very few pages. These are books that I push anytime anyone mentions “quiet” or “underrated” books because they are so darn enjoyable that everyone who loves YA urban fantasy should read them. Therefore, I’m pumped that Tammy is giving away signed copies of all three Shifters & Seers books to celebrate the release of Whispered Visions! (Buy it at Amazon and support this blog!)To avoid spoiling anything, here is what the first book, Fragile Brilliance is about:

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Infinite Harmony by Tammy Blackwell eARC {4.5 Stars}

Infinite Harmony by Tammy Blackwell is a story about love, family, death, and what it really means to live that happens to be set in a world with coyote and wolf shape-shifters, Seers, Thaumaturgics, and Immortals. I’m not generally a fan of character-driven stories but Joshua and Ada were such amazing main characters, and assisted by my many favorite characters from Destiny Binds and Infinite Harmony’s companion novel, Fragile Brilliance, that I find myself converted to the character-driven novel as long as the writing is as strong as Blackwell’s ;-). If you haven’t read any of Blackwell’s previous books, that’s really okay! Infinite Harmony stands alone very well and is also a good intro to the many cool magics that exist in this world. You will spoil a couple of things from the first trilogy by starting here, but I don’t think you’ll lessen your enjoyment at all :).

Note: I received an advanced copy of Infinite Harmony from the author. Some things may have changed in the final version.

Infinite Harmony by Tammy Blackwell eARC {4.5 Stars}

Infinite Harmony by Tammy Blackwell
Published by Author on Oct. 14th, 2014
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, YA
Page Length: 227 pages
How I got my copy: Author
Amazon - Goodreads
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Ada Jessup lives for the moment, knowing the promise of tomorrow can be all too easily broken.

Joshua is an Immortal, a heavenly warrior who will still be fighting long after the rest of the Alpha Pack have turned to dust.

When a gunshot wound forces Joshua to tell Ada the truth of what he is, there is more at risk than the safety of the Alphas he's sworn to protect. For Joshua, the real danger is the way he feels drawn to the human girl. After all, what can the future hold for a girl whose days are numbered and a boy whose life has no end?

4.5 Stars

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Fragile Brilliance by Tammy Blackwell eARC {4 Stars}

Fragile Brilliance by Tammy Blackwell is the start of a new series set in the same world as her Timber Wolves books. This means more awesome werewolves, werecoyotes, and Seers, plus new characters and college :D. I read Fragile Brilliance at the perfect time since it’s pretty heavy on the romance and I was very much craving happy relationship feelings ;-). I like that Blackwell is branching out from her original style and I think that Fragile Brilliance will appeal to YA readers looking for more of a paranormal romance feel with witty writing and female characters with backbones (shocking right??)! I very much recommend that you read the Timber Wolves series before Fragile Brilliance though, since otherwise you really won’t have a good grounding in all the heavy events the characters are dealing with.

Note: I received Fragile Brilliance from the author in exchange for an honest review. I read an advanced copy and some things might be different in the final version.

Purchase on Amazon: Fragile Brilliance

Fragile Brilliance by Tammy Blackwell eARC {4 Stars}

Fragile Brilliance by Tammy Blackwell (Shifters & Seers #1)
Published by Author on Nov 26th, 2013
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, YA
Page Length: 339 pages
Book Depository - Goodreads
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Maggie McCray has worked her whole life for the opportunity to attend Sanders College. It’s her one chance at becoming a world-renowned artist, and she’s determined nothing will get in her way. But when a murder brings Maggie and her powers to the attention of the Alpha Pack and the tragically handsome Charlie Hagan, her carefully planned future hangs in jeopardy.

Charlie Hagan isn’t happy when the Alpha Female assigns him as Maggie McCray’s personal bodyguard. Just being near the Thaumaturgic threatens to unleash the primal instincts he’s been suppressing for so long. Charlie knows if the coyote is uncaged, then the person he’ll most need to protect Maggie from is himself.

4 Stars


  • Maggie is our new MC and I loved her so much. It’s great to see a POC as a lead character first of all, but Maggie is so much more than her ethnicity obviously. She has her own fashion style, loves her grandmother, is an amazing artist, and, oh yeah, has magic powers :D. She’s also strong in her own way, too smart for all the rich kids at her college, and determined to make her own way in life. Love this girl!
  • If you’ve read the Timber Wolves books, you’ll know Charlie is a severely broken person at this point. Even if you haven’t read the other series, Fragile Brilliance makes this clear right away. While at first he freaked me out a bit, I quickly transitioned to wishing so badly that I could help him somehow. Blackwell captured the profound lack of emotions that goes along with deep depression quite well. I enjoyed the fact that all the characters from Timber Wolves, including Charlie, were obviously deeply affected by previous events and didn’t just get over it all, which seems to happen in a lot of series.
  • We’ve heard very little about Thaumaturgics previously and we finally get to find out more in Fragile Brilliance :D. How you ask? Mwahahaha, just wait ;-).
  • The feels! Fragile Brilliance has a very central romance plot line and while I’m normally not all that into romance-heavy stories, I ate this one up! Charlie and Maggie felt like friends of mine and at times I just wanted to lock them in a room together, but it was that connection that made me happy to boot up my eReader and sink a couple more hours into their story each night. Maggie is a very different character than Scout and I loved cheering her on.
  • Speaking of Scout! Scout is of course in Fragile Brilliance as a side character and she still is always able to entertain me. There is a whole lot going on for her given the events of the Timber Wolves books and it was interesting to see her new life from an outsider’s perspective. I hope things work out *sniffles*.
  • I freaking love ceramics for the record. When I realized that Maggie was a ceramics specialist, there might have been some bouncing. I have only gotten to throw pots once in college, but it was a lot of fun reading about Maggie’s studio work and living vicariously through her work >.>.


  •  I normally enjoy Blackwell’s pop culture references, but there were a few too many for me in Fragile Brilliance and I feel old because I didn’t get some of them >.>.
  • Fragile Brilliance is much more of a romance story than the Timber Wolves series was, so just be warned that it has a different feel than those previous books. I hadn’t quite been expecting this, so I don’t want others to be blindsided.
  • I get kind of annoyed when all the characters are beautiful…. At one point when Maggie is first encountering all the shifters and seers, she’s describing all our old friends and basically declares every single one beautiful. Is this a shifter and seer thing? I mean, I love that Tally isn’t model thin and is still considered beautiful by Maggie and everyone else, but can’t we have some not gorgeous characters that are awesome for their strength and charisma?


Fragile Brilliance is an excellent paranormal romance in that it has a romance-heavy plot but still introduces us to new aspects of this world and has a deep and disturbing mystery to solve. I really enjoyed being in Charlie and Maggie’s heads while they figured things out, though I’m hoping that we get to find out more about Maggie and her family in the subsequent books. Definitely pick up Fragile Brilliance if you enjoyed the Timber Wolves series, but be in the mood for a romance ;-).

4 Stars
Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings

– Anya


 Fragile Brilliance by Tammy Blackwell

The Post In Which I Fangirl All Over The Place

All right everyone, brace yourselves. I recently got back from GenCon, which I previously associated with spending some days gaming and trying out lots of cool games that I can’t afford to buy. This year I realized that sci-fi and fantasy authors are probably just as geeky as me on average, and therefore I checked the event listings to see if any authors I liked would be hosting events. I’m not sure if this was just a spectacular year for authors at the con or if they have always been there and I just didn’t notice before, but holy crap! I literally got to meet my top four favorite authors in one day and get lots of books signed :D. Please friends, celebrate with me!

Also sorry for the fuzziness of some of the pictures (picture heavy post btw!), my little iPhone can only do so much when I’m shaking like a leaf, haha.

Brandon Sanderson

IMG_1233 IMG_1232 IMG_1230 IMG_1222 IMG_1225

That’s right all, THE Brandon Sanderson!!!! I actually didn’t realize he would be at the con until the morning I was going to be driving down. Fortunately, I spotted his blog post in time and loaded up my suitcase with books to get signed :D. The main impression I got from this event was that he is so freaking nice! He was just the jolliest, politest person I can imagine given the amount of sleep I’m sure he was on. He is legitimately someone I want to be friends with due to his aura of niceness. Also, he was selling (well, the booth was selling, they wouldn’t let him handle any of the money, hehe) a con exclusive book :D. I finally get to read First Born and Defending Elysium!!!

Patrick Rothfuss

IMG_1228 IMG_1227 IMG_1231IMG_1210 IMG_1215IMG_1217

Next up: Pat Rothfuss, yes THE Rothfuss :D. I feel like I’m doing capital letters more than average in this post because I just can’t get over the fact that I met these people in person! Pat actually had a three hour “Evening with Patrick Rothfuss” event which consisted of him being asked all sorts of interesting questions and then him going on tangents of what he felt like talking about and trying to bring it back to the original question with moderate success ;-). He was hilarious, he was deep, he was also very nice. He had the audience bellowing laughter the majority of the three hours. Then afterward there was signing and picture taking :D. One of the books is a present which I now need to mail ;-). I also of course had to get a signed book for myself. Finally, I purchased the illustrated book of his since the proceeds go to Worldbuilders, yey! Also I feel like the pictures need some explanation…. 1. Yes I’m dressed in a wench outfit with a mug made of a tree, I’m awesome like that, 2. Pat suggested for a previous picture that the person could look aloof and he would pine over them, and this suggestion was just too hilarious not to also take advantage of, however 3. we soon devolved into giggles which I think is my favorite picture.

Jim C. Hines

IMG_1226 IMG_1200

You may recall that earlier in the month I went to a local signing for Jim’s new book Codex Born. What you may not know is that I didn’t get to get my copy of Codex Born signed because my review copy had some pages messed up and I wanted to get the fixed one personalized. Fortunately, Jim was signing at GenCon as well, so I picked up the package with the new Codex Born the morning before I left and stopped by the signing table at GenCon. Now I have matching signed books <33333333!

Tammy Blackwell


Finally, I’m sure many of you know of my complete love of Tammy Blackwell’s Timber Wolves series, since I hold it up as the example of exactly what indie-publishing should be. Her writing is witty, crisp and awesome. She is also so freaking nice! I met her at GenCon last year and was so freaking excited to see her again! I also had to get her new compete Timber Wolves series book because the cover is soooo pretty (come back tomorrow to see a picture of it, since it’s not on GR yet!) and a con exclusive! She is sneaky and signed the book while I was off paying for it (the con has a complicated system of centralized payment and slips to symbolize payment) and slipped in that necklace with the miniature trilogy cover! That is what the book’s cover looks like, but I’ll take a picture of the big version tomorrow ;-). I just have to say: Tammy you rock :D.

All right, my fangirling is complete (for now!) and I have to go bask in the awesomeness that is my signed book collection of all my top favorite authors. I was literally (but not, how about literary) walking on clouds this past Saturday. <3 to all the awesome authors!

Do you go to GenCon? I meant to put up a post before I left, but if you are planning to go next year, let me know and we should meet up :D.


At First Sight by Tammy Blackwell New!

At First Sight by Tammy Blackwell New From Tammy Blackwell: At First Sight

All right all, I had to make sure that you all knew about this exciting new project that Miss Tammy has started :D. At First Sight is a series of short stories that she is releasing every Friday on her site. These stories are written from alternative perspectives from the Timber Wolves trilogy :D That does mean, though, that they contain spoilers for all three Timber Wolves books, so you probably don’t want to read the short stories until you are done with Fate Succumbs. But if you have read them all and are craving some more Shifter and Seer awesomeness, this is the place to get it :D. And don’t worry if you need more time, Miss Tammy will be releasing At First Sight as a Kindle book later too.

The first two stories are already up so go read some free and awesome stories!


Four Stars: Fate Succumbs by Tammy Blackwell

In the harrowing third book of the Timer Wolves series, Blackwell tells a tale of duty, fate and love of all kinds. Fate Succumbs puts Scout through the ringer, but also shows just how many allies she has on her side.

I’ve said this before, and it’s worth saying again: Tammy Blackwell is a fantabulous author, especially considering she is an indie author. She is proof that indie authors can have well polished and riveting books. Fate Succumbs is the third book in the Timber Wolves series, so there may be spoilers for the first or second books below. Also, check out that cover! Isn’t it gorgeous??
Fate Succumbs by Tammy Blackwell Goodreads Amazon
Fate Succumbs
Author: Tammy Blackwell
Pages: 296 (Kindle)
Genre-ish: Urban (very rural?) fantasy
Rating★★★★☆ – awesome plot, but not quite enough
Setting: All over? There is a cross-country escape from evil people trip that ends with the Canadian woods in winter, which proceeds to Ely, Minnesota :D. All in an alternate world where shifters (coyote and wolf) exist alongside seers (people with various powers).
Premise: Time Mends ends with Scout being pulled from a death sentence by her friendly neighborhood wolf. Fate Succumbs opens with her proceeding to travel across America in an attempt to stay under the FBI and Pack radar. All of this occurs with the company of Liam, the surly big brother from the earlier books. Scout finds unexpected allies, truths she couldn’t begin to imagine a year ago, and a destiny even though she doesn’t believe in fate.


  • We find out so much more about the shifter and seer history in Fate Succumbs and it just left me wanting to know more!
  • Blackwell also starts revealing much more about the other supernatural aspects of the world, including the Immortals that were hinted about in previous books. There is definitely a lot more to build on for future books.
  • Epic battles and horrible villains getting their just dessert ;-). So satisfying.
  • Liam develops a lot as a character and we find out so much more about what makes him and Alex who they are. While I wasn’t a fan of all the development that happened (see below), it definitely expanded the secondary characters, which can be hard to do with a first person narrative.
  • Also yey for popular boy falling in love with heavier nerdy girl!


  • Ick, I’m super not a fan of the romance that occurred in Fate Succumbs. Blackwell does a fair job of showing that Scout is also not super sure about who she is falling in love with, but seriously, why can’t any male-female relationship just be friends??
  • It seems fairly obvious that Timber Wolves is not a trilogy, because there was a whole lot left unresolved at the end of Fate Succumbs. This was a bit disappointing, since strings being cleverly tied up just makes for a much more satisfying book.
  • The epic battle that everything was leading up to just wasn’t all that epic…. It seemed to go by pretty fast, and I honestly don’t think it was supposed to be the climax, which seemed weird. There was a sense of something not being completed to 100% satisfaction.

Fate Succumbs and the Timber Wolves series so far, is a really fun read. The characters are fun, the dialogue is witty, the setting is interesting. While they are lacking depth at times, and tend to give in to romantic elements a little too often, the writing of Blackwell makes them fast reads and wonderful brain candy. Also I’m completely in love with these covers! I might have to get the physical copies even though I have the Kindle editions…. I’m very much hoping that Blackwell continues the Timber Wolves series, since there is a lot left untied at the end of Fate Succumbs, and Blackwell is definitely on my insta-read list.

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 Fate Succumbs by Tammy Blackwell

Four Stars: Time Mends by Tammy Blackwell

Blackwell continues to impress with the second of the Timber Wolves series: Time Mends. The world of shifters and seers continues to baffle and enrage, and in Time Mends, Scout has an all new set of revelations to deal with, including a big fluffy arctic wolf.

My mom and I decided to both buy one of the Timber Wolves books and trade them to each so that we could both finish the series. Having book buddies is so much fun :D. The second Timber Wolves book, Time Mends, has more drama for Scout to deal with, and this time it is her life that is on the line. I’ll try not to spoil the first book, but there is some major stuff that happens at the end of the first book, and so avoiding spoilers will be difficult. It would probably be best for you to read my review of the first book and read it first :D.
Time Mends by Tammy Blackwell Goodreads | Amazon
Time Mends
Author: Tammy Blackwell
Pages: 269 pages
Genre-ish: Urban (rural?) fantasy
Rating★★★★☆ – solid second book, not quite as awesome as the first
Setting: Scout is from a rural town, Timber, that seemed perfectly normal. In the previous book, she found out that shifters (coyote and wolf) exist, as well as seers. A large number of her friends and family have been revealed as one of the two, which has led to graduation being only one of the highlights of Scout’s life recently. There is also some time spent in Romania….
Premise: The previous book, Destiny Binds, ended with a tragic accident that has left Scout horribly mauled by a shifter and heart broken. Shifters, however, are genetic, not created by being bitten like the myth says. That makes it very strange when Scout starts having some strange… symptoms… and very inconvenient since various very powerful people really don’t like who they think she is.


  • Blackwell has an addictive writing style, and she continues to be fantastically skilled and witty openings, dialogue and action scenes.
  • In many books, the death of a loved one would be saved for some dramatic trilogy finale, so it is interesting how Blackwell keeps the plot captivating despite the very dramatic end to the previous book.
  • I really love the dream scenes that Scout has, and find that they give a needed break from the stress and drama of the main plot line.
  • The secondary characters of Time Mends are freaking fantastic, and I absolutely adore Talley and her development in this book. I really love the example that Blackwell is providing by showing that heavier  female characters can be awesome, beautiful and loved by the popular guy. I think this trend should be continued in other novels more often.
  • I love nerdy references, and there were so many :D.


  • I’m sure I’m a hopeless romantic, because I hate any hint of disloyalty after a character has been all “I’ll love you forever, mushy mushy mushy.” There are some good points about being able to love two people at the same time, etc, but really, there can be a book without a love story. Time Mends just insisted on still having love drama even when the first love interest is gone….
  • I got lost sometimes. It was weird, I was reading, and then somehow something different seemed to be happening and it would take me a paragraph or two to catch up with what Blackwell was assuming the reader had figured out. I’m all for not holding a reader’s hand, but when it distracts me from the story, it’s not a good quality.
  • So freaking frustrating! I understand the need for tension to keep a book interesting, but the horrible unfairness of parts of Time Mends just made me want to punch certain awful villains… which just leads to me getting stressed out and needing to put the book down.

I was completely wowed by Destiny Binds, and Time Mends had a lot to live up to. It didn’t quite make it, but I still very much enjoyed continuing the series. Blackwell is a very skilled writer, and the books are fast reads. Time Mends explains a whole lot more about the structure of the world that Scout has been flung into, and does a wonderful job of continuing a compelling plot after a major character has been killed off. There were a couple of things that frustrated me, but I still ridiculously recommend the Timber Wolves series to YA urban fantasy fans, because, wow, this indie author knows what she’s doing!

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Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings – A


 Time Mends by Tammy Blackwell

Guest Post: Four Stars Fate Succumbs by Tammy Blackwell

A review of Fate Succumbs by Tammy Blackwell by Stochastic:

Adapted from Goodreads summary of Fate Succumbs:

In Tammy Blackwell’s Destiny Binds, the first novel of the Timber Wolves trilogy, Scout Donovan learned that her universe contained werewolves. In Time Mends, Scout narrowly escaped death at the hands of the Alpha Pack. In Fate Succumbs, the final installment of the trilogy, Scout is on the run. But the more she discovers about the Alpha Pack and herself, the more she realizes she can’t run forever. Destiny is propelling her towards an unavoidable battle. Can Scout survive, or will she succumb to fate?

Scout Donovan is full of snark. Snarkful. Snarkous, even. This is most apparent and most amusing when she’s most frustrated, she’s had it up to here, she’s about to explode and drench everybody with gobs of dripping hot frustration-shrapnel, but she never quite reaches that point (well, almost never). Blackwell uses this snark-regulated pressure-cooked frustration with great effect in Fate Succumbs to keep the reader simmering in sympathy with Scout, but she does so with some subtlety. Read on for an explanation.

Fate Succumbs by Tammy Blackwell
Goodreads | Amazon
Fate Succumbs (Timber Wolves #3)
Author: Tammy Blackwell
Pages: 269 pages, paperback
Genre-ish: YA urban-ish fantasy
Rating: ★★– solid story, needs lots of polish
Setting:  A cross-country fugitive road-trip with a long sojourn in winter wilderness.
Premise:  After a violent escape from a violent death, Scout Donovan is on the run with no resources but the unexpected friendship, company, and assistance of Liam Cole. Together they flee cross-country. Scout knows and fears she must prepare herself for an inevitable reckoning with the Alpha Pack, a reckoning she is certain will end with her death. Nevertheless she readies herself to fight.


  • Scout appears to have no goal: things just happen. So why is she so frustrated? Because she’s prevented from forming any goals. This drives her bonkers.
  • Scout’s chief antagonist is mostly absent. So who is making Scout so frustrated? The situation is so dire and impossible that her friends and allies are too frightened to share their plans. In other words, circumstance, fear, secrecy, and her friends and allies are driving Scout bonkers.
  • Why are these strengths? Because frustration with antagonists and at thwarted goals are great ways to draw readers into the story. Blackwell makes great use of these tools: there are invisible goals and invisible antagonists, and they drive the reader bonkers.
  • When Scout is frustrated, her internal monologues are hilarious. All of the dialog, for that matter, is natural and compelling, and often hilarious.


  • Sometimes the pop-culture references in Fate Succumbs distract from the story. I say this because I didn’t get most of the references, which says more about me than the story. So the targeted young-adult audience won’t see this as a weakness. But it will be a problem for the culturally-impaired.
  • The witty banter is fun, but is sometimes so tangential as to be distracting.

With Fate Succumbs, Scout’s adventure ends, but I’m very pleased to see that Tammy Blackwell is continuing to write stories in the universe of Shifters and Seers. With Timber Wolves, Blackwell has made a wonderful and stunning entrance into the writing scene. Congratulations, Miss Tammy. I look forward to your next book.

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Fate Succumbs by Tammy Blackwell