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The Rogue Retrieval Guest Post and Giveaway! (INT)

The Rogue Retrieval Guest Post

5 Kinds of Geeky Sci-fi Tech in The Rogue Retrieval

Today I’m very excited to welcome Dan Koboldt to the blog to show off what you can do with a science education turned to fiction ;-). Don’t miss the giveaway at the bottom that is open internationally! The Rogue Retrieval is out today in ebook.

One of the things I love about writing a portal fantasy is that it lets me borrow aspects of both fantasy and science fiction. The former was important to me because I grew up reading fantasy from the likes of J.R.R. Tolkien, Raymond E. Feist, Tad Williams, and Robert Jordan. They’re the reason I dreamed of becoming an author. But I also grew up to be a scientist – a genetics researcher – and writing across genres lets me incorporate some of that as well. Here are five bits of geeky sci-fi that you’ll find in The Rogue Retrieval.

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