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The Cloud Roads Read Along {Week 1}


Hello loves! I’m apparently a bit mad, since I’ve decided to join in a second read along this month, but it’s for a book that I’ve had on my shelves since 2012 and I’m so excited to finally get the kick in the pants I needed to read it! This week we’ve read up to chapter five, so spoilers below but please join us if you want to read The Cloud Roads or have already read it and want to discuss :D

1. What do you think of the world Martha Wells has created? First time readers, do you find it more difficult to get a handle on than fantasy worlds more closely tied to Earth?

I really enjoy worlds that challenge me as a reader and this one definitely does! I am still trying to visualize exactly what all of these different species look like, but that keeps me so much more engaged than the same old medieval Europe over and over again ;-).

2. From Moon’s internal narration, it can be clear that his experience with the Cordans has not been uncommon. Do you agree with Moon’s decision to try and make a life among them? What about the Cordans’s ousting of him?

I definitely understand his desire to live among other people, even if they aren’t the same species as him. Loneliness is so hard for a social person, so despite the evidence that these attempts keep backfiring, I feel for him and his desire to keep trying to find a place. I also do understand the Cordans’ fears of a shapeshifter when they have these Fell as a scary legend, but I of course wish they had realized that Moon wasn’t a threat.

3. What are your initial impressions of Indigo Cloud? Do you think Moon made the right choice in coming along with Stone?

So I have the strange position of having read the first book of the follow up series already and therefore am a bit biased on this question ;-). I’m really curious what the curse is or what is really going on there though.

4. We’ve had only a glimpse of the Fell, but they’re clearly bad news. What do you think is going on with the Fell’s offer of a treaty?

I’m curious about that tidbit about the Fell hivemind aspect where the fighters are being directed by a queen and what one ruler knows, they all know. The Fell definitely sound like a very different species than the others that we’ve encountered, but I hope they have motivation besides just random killing, since that makes for so much more interesting villains!

I found this first couple of chapters a bit slow as we were getting information about the world, but I’m hoping that things will pick up as Moon gets dragged in to Indigo Cloud’s troubles!

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