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The Cloud Roads Read Along {Week 2}


We’re on week two of the Cloud Roads Read Along so things are starting to get exciting! This week we’ve read up to chapter ten an spoilers below of course!

1. So the situation with Pearl isn’t what some thought it was: her actions were risky, but maybe not so traitorous. Still, the Fell are proving to be smarter and deadlier than even she thought. In hindsight, do you think she was doing the right thing?

I really enjoyed that revelation since it was too simple for Pearl to just be losing it and acting erratic, I like it much more that she was tricked into not trusting the Raksura we have been following and doing her best to keep the Fell at bay with what she saw as the facts. I also like that the Fell aren’t just mindless eating machines and are clearly plotting something. I definitely feel for Pearl in her situation though if she had a different personality, she probably would have been able to confide in her allies better.

2. The revelation that the Fell are apparently becoming endangered in the same way the Raksura are is something to consider, for all that they’re still an immediate threat. Do you think they can possibly be negotiated with, or are they simply The Evil Villains in this story?

I was unclear on whether if was all Fell or just this particular Fell flight that are dying out. I suspect it is just this Flight that is therefore trying to survive, I don’t think the Raksura are lucky enough for all Fell to be dying out, that’s too easy. I’m sure that they can be negotiated with, but they are very tricky, and I suspect our intrepid heroes won’t be able to find common ground.

3. Do you think Moon might stick to his stubborn ways regarding his future with the Raksura, or will he accept his ‘intended’ place among them as a consort? And if so, what do you think of his potential relationship with Jade?

Ummmmm, I’m going to skip this question since I’ve read the spin off series.

4. Major plot points aside, there were also a lot of character-building scenes in these chapters. Let’s discuss personal highlights! What stood out as the most interesting parts this week?

I’m enjoying getting to know the various younger members of the Flight, such as Root and Chime. Chime’s situation is pretty adorable and I’m glad he has Moon to help him. Root is the younger brother I never had and is definitely great to have around for comic relief ;-).

Next week I’ll be hosting the questions :D. Prepare yourselves!

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