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The Cloud Roads Read Along {Week 4}


And we’re done! I’ve finally read The Cloud Roads after it sitting on my shelf for years :D. And what a fun ride it has been! Spoilers below ;-).

All has been revealed! Any thoughts on the cross breed Fell? What about the Fell in general? What do you think of them as villains?

Gaaaaaaah so creepy! The cross breed thing doesn’t bother me, just the whole produced by rape thing…. The Fell are clearly some twisted creatures, though they seem a bit too over the top as villains. It just seems weird to me that all of their intelligent members are classic evil with no real reason. I need to find a villain’s motivations convincing to really enjoy hating them.

Do you think Moon made the right decision staying with Jade? Do you think he’ll grow accustomed to court life?

I mean we all saw it coming right?? ;-) Yeah definitely the right decision given he is clearly already falling for her hard. He seems likely to fit in well with the court once they get used to him. He clearly likes being around others and has made friends already, so I think he’ll be fine.

Do you have any thoughts on the series’s take on gender roles?

I definitely was noticing some interesting spins in this area. I like that male and female Raksura are expected to fight, even the queens, and are apparently quite good at it. There is also the always refreshing loosening of restrictions on physical interactions between everyone in the Flight. I have to admit that at times it seemed a bit obvious that these dynamics were a commentary on our society, but still fun to read about.

What were your favorite/least favorite things about the book?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot since I had mixed feelings about this book. I loved the complex world filled with so many different species and such a different environment. I liked that the Raksura aren’t just humans in a costume and see the world differently than I do. However I found I had a hard time emotionally connecting with Moon and the secondary characters. Maybe it’s because of how reserved Moon is, but I just don’t feel compelled to keep reading to spend more time in his head. This is a world I would like to read a textbook about, but I’m not sure how soon I’ll pick up book two.

What did you think of Cloud Roads?

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