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The Dragon Reborn Readalong Week 1

The Dragon Reborn Readalong

Yey, first week of The Dragon Reborn readalong! Finals are majorly kicking my butt, but I got the reading done just in time (like literally 10:20 Saturday night D:). Time for some awesome discussion-ing (or discussing, whichever you prefer, haha). This week is hosted by Nrlymrtl at Dab of Darkness.

1) Both Niall and Carridan seem to be playing with two-edged swords. Niall wants the Dragon Reborn to create enough panic, sorrow, and destruction to have the populace begging the Children of the light to do something. Whereas Carridan vows to one lord to keep the Dragon Reborn alive and vows the opposite to another. Did you enjoy this beginning more or less than the first two books in the series?
I definitely was able to understand what was going on better than the second book, haha. I have mixed feelings about prologues in all honesty, but I think the last two have done a good job of painting the scene from the bad guys’ side of things. This just furthers my low opinion of all the Children of the Light though, since they are definitely more evil than a lot of the other *ahem* Darkfriends we have met.

2) Throughout this section we see that Min believes herself in love with Rand. What do you make of this one-sided romance?

Aw, poor girl. I’m not sure how I feel about this whole “I have to share him” thing and the three girls that are fawning over him. It seems a little excessive ya know? Taking love triangle to a whole new level at least, haha. In any case, I think it is worst for Min since she had that run in with Lanfear and can see the fates of all the other girls and Rand. She actually has an inkling of how things are going to turn out for all of them romance-wise, and it doesn’t sound like it is making it any easier for her.

3) Within a few chapters, the big picture story arc of this book starts to follow the story arcs of Book 1 and Book 2 – trollocs unexpectedly appear and shortly thereafter our main heroes are separated for one reason or another. What do you think of this pattern?
Uh… Also we are chasing after something essential to the final battle :D. Yeah, I have to admit that I’m not a fan of this repeated plot. It just doesn’t seem very inspiring in terms of writing. I can see this being a typical problem for a long series though, so I guess we need to wait and see how things go.

4) Rand has run off and some of our heroes follow, tracking him. At one place they come across a village that recently suffered a bout of weddings and Whitecloaks going AWOL. Did Rand make the right choice, leaving? Do you think the decisions made by folks while Rand is around will hold after a few days?
Hehe, a bout of weddings! I’m worried that Rand’s weirdness might affect the rest of our heroes if they aren’t careful. Though I suppose they all are needed for the Pattern, so they are probably safe. Perhaps that’s why Moraine sent the rest of the soldiers away? I’m hoping this was a permanent change in the pattern, otherwise those girls are going to be pretty unhappy. Also that will keep the Whitecloaks off in la-la land :D.

5) Do you believe that Moiraine had not caught fish before in the manner Perrin and Loial ‘taught’ her or do you think it was some clever ploy of hers?

I’m thinking she made those fish appear somehow >.>. Even if she had caught fish before, it seems unlikely that three huge fish would just show up when and where she is fishing, and not be seen by Loial and Perrin. Either she summoned them from deeper parts of the stream, or she is able to magic up food >.>. I’m going to go with summoning.
6) Perrin’s wolfish gifts are growing in strength. Then we come upon a man, Noam, who has lost himself completely to such gifts. Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation as Perrin, facing what you might become if you lack self-control?
I don’t know if it’s his strengths growing so much as his will to resist this new force weakening >.>. I think it’d be pretty sweet to talk to wolves, but alas I haven’t had that problem ;-). In all seriousness though, no, I can’t really relate. I’m a bit of a control-freak, haha.
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  1. Ooooh, awesome that you’re doing a readalong for this series! I’m reading (listening to) A Memory of Light right now. Whew! Have you read this series before, or is this your first experience with it?

  2. This beginning definitely cemented my dislike for the Whitecloaks too. And I so enjoy hating on the righteous evil.

    Yes, quite the love quadrangle being set up. And like these ladies don’t have to love Rand, or rather they can turn their infatuation/love into a courtly, love from a distance thing. I do have to say it is kind of a teenboy’s fantasy to have 3 strong-willed, beautiful women chasing after him, no?

    I am curious to see if this big picture story arc will be used for each of the books. On one hand, I don’t mind because of the familiarity and the fact that I don’t have to think about the book (predictability), on the other hand I wouldn’t recommend this series for it’s originality.

  3. Great point about how if the changes due to Rand’s passing keep, it’ll distract the Whitecloaks for longer. i hadn’t thought of it that way. I feel bad for Min, too. Remembering the entire series, I think she always gets the toughest deal. I also remember thinking the three-women thing was way bizarre the first time I read it. Very hippie, or something. Now I’m well-versed enough in the series that I’m kind of over it, but it IS still a very extreme love…trapezoid or something. :D Great answers!

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