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The Dragon Reborn Readalong Week 3

The Dragon Reborn Readalong

Sorry for missing last week D: Finals kicked my butt and I didn’t quite finish the reading in time. But I made up for it this week, yey! I have to say, I’m having a lot of fun with Egwene and the team being the main focus of this section. I apparently like the Aes Sedai plotting more than Rand, haha.

1. We see Verin hoarding a collection of Corianin Sedai’s writings on Dreaming. Do you think that she should share them (or selected portions) with Egwene or do you think that blundering around in the dark is the best way to learn how to do something?
Haha, I hate the teaching style of making your students blunder around (from the student’s perspective). I get so frustrated when I keep getting things wrong and I just want my mentor to freaking tell me the right way to do something! In Egwene’s case, given the dangerous nature of the task she is trying, I thing Verin better have a darn good reason to be hiding things. If Egwene gets hurt because Verin refused to tell her everything she knew, I’m going to be pretty suspicious.
2. In her testing for becoming Accepted, we see Egwene as Amyrlin. Can you accept this as a possible future for her or is it too improbable?
I think it’s definitely a possibility. Given how powerful Egwene apparently is (once she learns all she can), she seems a prime candidate. Nynaeve would be a good candidate as well if she could learn to control her temper. The Amyrlin needs to have that too cool for ice demeanor down ;-). Is my memory faulty or has the Amyrlin already hinted that it is a possibility for Egwene?
3. Mat seems fairly nifty with a quarterstaff, even when he is half dead. Did his defeat of Galad and Gawyn seem to be based upon his skill, rather than luck, and did you find it convincing?
I don’t remember Mat having any amazing skill with a quarterstaff before, so it seems like something magical/lucky had to be going on. It’s interesting that he still has the luck given by the dagger. I wonder if the Aes Sedai knew that they were leaving that to him when they Healed him.
4. It seems that the realm of Dreams, Tel’aran’rhiod, is very important to the Black Ajah because they have stolen many ter’angreals that were thought to be associated with Dreaming or Corianin Sedai. Why do you think they are so interested in Dreaming?
I’m suspecting that some part of the Dragon Reborn prophecies have to do with the realm of Dreams or the Dark One is plotting to turn Rand through his dreams. When Egwene ran into Rand in the realm of Dreams, it sounded like the Dark One has already been trying to trick Rand in his dreams, poor guy.
5. Now that we know that Else was definitely an impostor, it seems that Lanfear has more than one set of tactics. Do you think that she might also be the true identity of Silvie, the old woman that Egwene encounters in her Dream of the Stone of Tear and are you surprised by the way in which she approaches women?
Huh, I had never thought of Lanfear being Silvie, but that does make some sense. She seemed a bit too helpful in Egwene’s dream, so I’m not sure. Lanfear just keeps surprising me all over the place. I can’t really figure out her goals, since she’s already stated that she serves herself more than the Dark One.
6. We know that the Black Ajah ‘evidence’ is a trap set by Lanfear. Do you think their plan to spring the trap intentionally will work or will it lead them into some other trouble?
Trouble and mayhem! It’s always more exciting when things don’t go quite as planned right?? I’m not sure that our heroes really have a good idea of how to spring the trap anyway. I mean, they’re just going to show up at the Stone of Tear and try to keep their eyes out for Black Ajah? It doesn’t seem like we fully know what the trap is anyway. It’s not like anyone besides Rand can get the sword, so perhaps Egwene and party need to help him?
7. Suddenly, Mat has been revealed as a gambler with incredible luck. Does this fit with the young man that we met in the first two books and did you detect any unusual luck before his Healing in the White Tower?
He did seem to fight quite well in the few battles they were in, but I marked that up to him spending too much time practicing with his bow and too little time helping on the farm, haha. He was always a gambler too, and he remarked on how he used to be more lucky than not, but not winning every single hand. Perhaps someone/something mystical has decided to help him out for a while for devious or noble purposes.
How are you liking this section? Are you okay with the focus of this book being mostly on the women of the heroes so far? Or do you miss Rand?
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  1. My sympathy wrt Finals: been there, done that, got the worry lines to prove it! :D

    1. Yep, this strikes me as the laziest way of ‘teaching’ someone: I am great proponent of self-education, but sometimes it is not the best, or safest, approach.

    3. To be brutally honest, I don’t remember Mat being all that good at anything other than getting the other lads into trouble, although I think he was supposed to be fairly proficient with a bow. I have been rather startled by him at the beginning of this book as he seems to have changed.

    5. Silvie was suspiciously helpful and seemed to share Lanfear’s contempt for men, at least to me. I think her ultimate goal is to acquire as much power as she can, but her short term plans are much harder to determine. I get the impression that she is playing a very delicate game that tries to pit all the powerful players against one another to her benefit.

    6. They definitely seem to be wildly overoptimistic about the whole venture, when their entire plan is to just turn up and see what happens.

  2. I too wondered if Mat’s luckiness was left over from the Dagger. Being a country boy, I can accredit him with some quarterstaff skills. I mean, being able to use a stick is useful for all sorts of farm animals, etc. But, yeah, just out of the sick bed and trouncing two guys at once? Fun scene, but yeah….Dagger influence?

    I hadn’t made the connection between Silvie and Lanfear before this week’s questions. I like that Lanfear is evil, but out for herself, giving Team Evil a fractured state, just like the good guys.

    I must say I am enjoying this book more than the first 2 in the series – love all the paranoia and political intrigue and that Rand so far has not had a lot of page time (seeing what’s in everyone else’s head is great).

  3. Oooooh, this is when Mat starts being uber lucky. :D He’s definitely turned into one of my favorite characters in the entire series, and certainly my favorite male character (aside from Lan, who doesn’t get as much screen time).

  4. Glad you made it through finals. Must be such a relief! I’m really liking the section about the ladies. It’s kind of nice to have some female narrators. I love all the characters so much, though, that I tend to miss whoever isn’t narrating. I totally miss both Rand and Perrin right now, but when it goes back to them I’ll miss the ladies. Just can’t win. ;D I especially agree with you about them just showing up at Tear to spring the trap. There’s just no way to fully prepare for something like that. Great answers! :D
    Here are mine.

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