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The Great Hunt Read Along Week 1

The Great Hunt Read Along

Yey, welcome to the first week of the Great Hunt read along! We are starting over at Dab of Darkness this week, so make sure to go link up and check out all the other posts :D.

1) That prologue was pretty intense. If you haven’t read the book/don’t remember, any wild guesses as to who all these spooky characters are? If you know, feel free to make snarky comments.

Indeed! I was having trouble keeping all the names straight, so I have no real hope of remembering them all now. I’m guessing that was saw some major Darkfriends who are going to be causing more troubles for the boys. Perhaps even another Forsaken? Though I couldn’t be sure….

2) Hehe! What do you think of all of Rand’s attempts to escape from the keep? 

Aw, poor Rand! He really should have left earlier, but we all knew he wouldn’t…. I really don’t understand why Moraine has decided it is better to keep him out of the loop. I don’t think that that was actually the wisest decision. Rand is a pretty level-headed guy these days, and if she had just explained the situation and that she was friends with the Amyrlin Seat, he probably would be been much calmer…. It ended up feeling a bit contrived, but I’m glad that we at least have a couple more allies now!

3) What do you make of Egwene’s visits to the dungeon and to specifically visit Padan Fain? 

That just seemed super dangerous! One thing we’ve learned from the last book is that communication with Moraine is a darn good idea. And it’s Egwene, I thought she talked to Moraine about everything! I understand that a lot of the time Fain seems normal, but the whole split personality thing with the Dark One seeming to take him over at times makes it seem too dangerous to ever be around him. I definitely wish she had checked with Moraine…. I’m also really glad she wasn’t seriously hurt.

4) We have a shift in point of view pretty quickly in this book (as opposed to The Eye of the World). Has your view of Moiraine altered any by riding around in her head? 

I’m so glad we finally got to see Moraine’s perspective and be reassured that she has a plan. Jordan didn’t take the opportunity to explain much else that Moraine has been thinking, but it was fun to see the softer side of the two Aes Sedai when the friends were finally able to be themselves. It is a very dangerous game that Moraine seems to be playing, and I hope that we get to hear about it from her perspective more often, since I don’t think she’s going to trust telling anyone for a long time.

5) We finally get to meet some more Aes Sedai – in force. What are your impressions?

Oh goodness. I really want to know in detail what all the colors mean. The brown are pretty adorable (yey research!) and we understand the blue and red pretty well by now, but what about all the other colors?? Anyone have any theories? I really really don’t like the red Ajah that we have met and I am actually rather surprised that Aes Sedai allow such morals to exist in their ranks. It seems that anyone with power shouldn’t be allowed to injure anyone else, even men…. But maybe that’s just my instinctive blue Ajah talking ;-).

6) Trollocs! Any guesses as to how they got in? Anyone else amused that the overall atmosphere is abruptly jarred by the unexpected appearance of Trollocs in both The Eye of the World and The Great Hunt?

I’m sensing a theme here ;-). Perhaps Fain was able to magic his way out of his cell somehow and then let the Trollocs in? Or a Darkfriend/Forsaken that was sent by the Dark One in the prologue brought them in some how and then freed Fain…. Those events are obviously connected. I’m leaning towards the first since it seems like Fain is very powerful, and I think that he was able to use the power of Mat’s dagger somehow to free himself.

What did you all think of the pace of the beginning of this book? I found myself a little disappointed by the speed with which we dove in until we got to Lan and Rand dueling etc. Perhaps it was just all the names in the prologue that made it less captivating for me; I’m a stickler for not confusing the reader, hehe.

Next week we are reading chapters 7-11 and I’m hosting here :D

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  1. 5. I think that we will find that Liandrin’s ability to torture people is something that she keeps secret, which is why she stopped as soon as Moiraine showed up. Hopefully some of the Red Ajah are actually reasonable people . . .

  2. Great answers! Loving it so far. Sorry for short answer but out of town and answering with my phone. See ya next week!

  3. Yeah for Aes Sedai researchers! I hope we get to spend some more time with the browns.

    I was listening to the book, so I have even more trouble with names (I remember them better if I see them spelled), so the prologue for me was like a whirlwind masquerade. All these bad guys wearing masks, and I got more impressions rather than solid ideas of what that was all about: Hunt these 3 idiots! But then we got to characters I know in a setting from the end of last book and all was well.

    I too wonder why Moiraine wasn’t more open with Rand about her plans with the Aes Sedai. Maybe she doesn’t trust him to keep it to himself – like inadvertently letting some word or glance slip. Perhaps the Reds could pluck it from his mind, or maybe, if the Dark One takes over a piece of him like as with Padan Fain, all their plans would be revealed. Hopefully we’ll get more of the reasoning sooner rather than later.

    • Oo that’s a good point, I could totally see a Red being about to force Rand into telling her something about the plan… wise Moraine… but maybe at least reassure him that there is a plan and that she can keep him safe??


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