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The Great Hunt Read Along Week 2

The Great Hunt Read Along

Hello all and welcome to the second week of the read along! I’m happy to be hosting over here :D. We’ll be using the Linky at the bottom, so be sure to throw your link in there and see what everyone else had to say ;-). Remember for those that haven’t read up to Chapter 11 there will be spoilers!

1. What do you think of the potential dark prophecy the Halfman wrote on the wall? Do you think it is a prophecy or a taunt?
Given the nature of the book, it definitely seems to be a prophecy and I think the Aes Sedai are deluding themselves thinking anything else. I suppose it’s possible that the Dark One could be trying to trick them with a false prophecy, so they shouldn’t bet everything on it, but definitely not assume it’s false just because it makes them feel better…. Also this was a great opportunity to see Verin’s bookish side, haha! As for the prophecy’s content, I’m thinking another Forsaken is likely going to show up soon D: .
2. We finally got to find out more of Rand’s birth and Tam’s history. Did it meet your predictions/expectations? What did you think?
Tam finding Rand on the mountainside definitely fit what I suspected happened, since Tam had been alluding to that previously. However, I’m now wondering who Rand’s birth parents are, or if he even had any…. Is he some immaculate conception/appeared out of thin air from the very nature of magic baby? Or is he really Aiel born? If so, I hope some of their toughness is genetic!
3. Oo lala, Lan gave Nynaeve a ring! How are you liking the development of this romance?
Hehe, I couldn’t help snorting at the ring. I wonder if rings have the same significance in their world that they do in ours…. Once Lan explained the practical purposes it made plenty of sense though ;-). It’s a bit strange seeing only bits of a developing romance, ya know? Usually they are so central to a story that we are privy to every glance and emotion of at least one character, but Jordan is just giving us updates and leaving it to us to fill in the details of the last few weeks of covert glances and longing. Since I understand he was going for a romance-light book, it makes sense, but it does cause a bit of confusion sometimes ;-).
4. Rand kept feeling a pair of eyes on him and given that someone shot an arrow in his vicinity, it might not be unfounded paranoia. Who/what do you think is watching him?
At first I thought it was some sort of evil presence like in Shadar Logoth with the watchers. However, it seems unlikely something so evil could have gotten in to Fal Dara without anyone else noticing…. This leads me to believe there are more Darkfriends hidden among the soldiers that haven’t yet completed their tasks and they are the ones creeping Rand out. That, or perhaps he really was just paranoid earlier, and the arrow from the Darkfriend is unrelated to his watched feeling….
5. Poor Domon! What do you think of the trouble he has gotten himself into with the heartstone? Are you happy that it seems Domon will be integrated back into the story?
I’m a bit confused on why the Fade would want heartstone that is on some sort of fossil…. Could this be another seal that got attached to an ancient cat somehow? That just seems silly…. In any case, it seems he made a solid conclusion that it is the heartstone they are after and I guess he wasn’t silly thinking he was being chased by Trollocs before! I’m thrilled he is being woven back in, though I’m not sure how that is going to happen since he is so far away from everyone else… I trust Jordan not to just throw a random side story in without making it work though ;-).
6. What did you think of Mat and Perrin’s reaction to Rand telling them about his channeling? Anyone else feel like they need a pamphlet in supporting your friend through difficult times?
Ugh, Rand has been quite supportive of Mat going crazy from picking up a stupid dagger (HIS fault by the way) and Perrin getting weird eyes but not wanting to talk about it. Why is it when Rand gets the supernatural problem that everyone suddenly can’t tolerate any weird stuff huh? Yes, Rand might go crazy in the future and kill some people, but Mat already went crazy and tried to kill people!!! And no one else knows what is up with Perrin, for all they know, he could be dangerous too! Yes, Rand made some mistakes on the friendship side of things with those hurtful comments, but he’s trying really hard to apologize and he’s risking his life to help save Mat’s, seriously, what the hell is their problem….

Whelp, that’s all this week :D Link up below and let me know what you think!

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings-A

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  1. suecccp says:

    1. I think that the Aes Sedai are very good at deluding themselves, especially about things that make them uncomfortable: just look at how they treat the Dragon Reborn, who is the only person who will be able to stand against the Dark One . . .

    I agree that we will see another Forsaken, and Lanfear has already been mentioned. I wondered if the ghostly woman that they saw in the village was her.

    2. I think Tam mentions a dead Aiel woman beside Rand and mentioned that she had been heavily pregnant but still travelled to the mountain: tough seems somewhat inadequate to describe that!

    3. I actually like the choice to keep the romance in the background, and this is not just because I’m not a fan of the genre! :D But I really hate it when a romance becomes more important that the end-of-the-world important stuff that the characters are supposed to be concentrating on.

    4. True, the arrow could be unrelated . . . there certainly seemed to be plenty of Darkfriends to do lots of different tasks!

    5. I don’t think that we will find any character or story to be irrelevant, although its significance might not be revealed for quite some time. I like the way that it emphasizes the complexity of the world and also that the ‘coincidental’ meetings with these characters are an effect of the Ta’veren.

    6. Teenage boys are never very good at all that emotional stuff and are way too proud to admit that they need support, so I find this all very convincing . . . though very irritating! :D

    • 1. True, I guess I just was holding on to my ideals about them being perfect ;-)

      5. I have to admit I get a bit impatient with the amount of time Jordan waits before showing the significance of some events, there is only so long that I can remember all the details, haha

  2. I don’t think the boys are being very supportive of each other…but they are completely in foreign territory – physically, emotionally, paranormally. So, I expect there will be more questionable words exchanged, perhaps even to the point of temporarily breaking a friendship (worse than we’ve seen here).

    And that leads me to wonder what will happen with Rand and Egwene. I foresee tough times ahead for them, especially since neither has really made a claim on the other that outsiders would notice/respect. No promise rings, no BFF lockets, no love poems, or bundling, or special hair locks exchanges.

    • suecccp says:

      Yep: just boys doing what they do badly and trying to save face. Plus Mat is not really himself . . . though I don’t think that makes any difference to how he is reacting, because he seemed amazingly thoughtless even before the knife! :D

      Don’t forget that Min said they were not ‘for’ each other . . .

    • Haha, and for Egwene and Rand there is the whole long-distance problem now…. :(

  3. 1. Indeed, it is a prophecy. I don’t know why the Shadow decided to share it, but there are some big hints in there for those who are prepared to listen. Verin, Moiraine and Siuan all provide clues, too.

    By the way, around here Moiraine thinks to herself that she hasn’t told Siuan everything. Indeed, she has neglected to tell her that the Forsaken are free! Why would she keep this secret?

    Forsaken showing up: any bets on Lanfear?

    2. Oh, there will be plenty of hints for this to come. He definitely has parents. He’s quite human, not at all divine.

    3. I want to tell them to just do it already, but the warder bond has some unfortunate side-effects. It wouldn’t be… as private…

    4. The other possibility is that we are seeing him losing his mind already, from the taint on Saidin. Or is he subconsciously acting insane because he expects to be? Hmm…

    5. I believe you’re mistaken. It’s not the skull they’re after and the seal is not attached to the cat. He has three things: lightsticks, the skull of a cat the size of a lion, and a thick disc the size of a hand, half white and half black, separated by a sinuous line. This disc is one of the seals on the DO’s prison, of which there are six remaining—the other five are still at large. The cat skull and the lightsticks are unrelated.

    6. It’s not that Rand «might» go crazy and kill «some» people. He WILL, and being as strong in the OP as he is (though Mat and Perrin don’t know) he will be nigh unbeatable once that happens.

    • Remember to keep the spoilers out for anything past this section ;-)

      5. Oops, I guess I got confused when he was talking about the cat skull and the seal, since I definitely got the impression the seal was attached the cat, oh well, guess I was tired, thanks for pointing that out :)

    • suecccp says:

      1. Moiraine seems to have trouble sharing all her information, doesn’t she? I cannot imagine why she doesn’t mention that they bumped into a couple of Forsaken (and one nearly killed her) . . . I thought that the mention of Lanfear was a massive red flag.

      3. Can you imagine Nynaeve’s face if she did get into some sexytimes with Lan and then realized that Moiraine had shared it somehow?? :D

      4. I do hope he waits a little longer to go barking mad, otherwise he is going to be a very frustrating narrator . . .

  4. I never really thought of the Nynaeve/Lan romance like that, but you’re right. I suppose it is rather odd. Still, I always loved it so much that the few-and-far-between tidbits left me hungering for more. It drew me to the story, even if it was a bit frustrating and I wanted more. :D I agree about Mat and Perrin’s reaction, too. I think, though, it shows how feared men who channel are in their society. With the other things, people fear them because they don’t understand them (Perrin’s eyes), or just know they’re evil and need to be rid of them (Mat’s dagger) but when you mention a man who can channel, people ten to run away screaming. I think that’s what Jordan was trying to show, though it does make us like his friends a lot less. Great answers. :D

    • Hehe, I guess I’ve grown too used to romance being a main focus in books recently ;-)

      Yeah, it’s just hard for me as a reader to put myself if their position I guess, since we have a pretty good idea that important things are going to happen and again, Rand really can’t help this, at least some pity is deserved even while running away screaming?

    • suecccp says:

      I find the portrayal of all that longing and self-denial far more sympathetic than the more usual gushing drama . . . can you guess that I usually avoid Romance? :D


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