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The Great Hunt Read Along Week 3

The Great Hunt Read Along

Yey, welcome to week 3 of the Great Hunt Read Along! This week we are over at Dab of Darkness. Remember for those that haven’t read up to Chapter 20 there will be spoilers!

1) What do you make of Nynaeve’s initial training with Verin? Is she being too stubborn? Do you think the Aes Sedai are messing with her a little?
I think all throughout this reading, Nynaeve is being ridiculously stubborn, though that is her personality ;-). The Amylin Seat makes a good point that Nynaeve seems to only be able to access her power when she loses her temper, so it seems the Aes Sedai are all trying to push her to access that power. They probably are also messing with her to make sure the newbies can take it!

2) Ooops! Is Rand channeling even in his sleep? Or do you think some other power pulled him, Loial, & Hurin into that alternate plane of existence?

I think from Rand’s dream he did channel, but something seemed to know how to trigger his dream…. What do we know that already messes with his dreams? Hmmmm… ;-). It just seemed very convenient that he had a dream that trigger him to pull on his power and led him to meet Selene doesn’t it??

3) Perrin is taking a calculated risk in sharing part of his wolfish gift with Ingtar. How do you think that will turn out?

So far it seems to be going well, and props to Ingtar for handling it so well! I think this is in part due to Ingtar being comfortable with Hurin’s power now, so another old power is something he can understand. I’m surprised that Perrin was willing to say anything about the wolfish-ness though, since he’s been so hidden about it previously.

4) Who and what do you think Selene is and from where does she draw her power? What is her hunger for the Horn? If you already know, feel free to critique her choice in clothing.

Selene seems bad bad bad! Rand get away from her!!! I would not be surprised to find out she is a servant of the Dark One, and I’m almost wondering if she is that female Forsaken that we heard of before, shifting shapes or something? Her hunger for the Horn would be understandable if she is trying to get the heroes of legend on the Shadow’s side. Gah, I just wish that there was someone resistant to her beauty around, perhaps a woman of power (like Moraine or Nynaeve, where did our friendly guiding Aes Sedai go when Rand needs them???).

5) Hehe! What was your favorite part of the first meeting between the Amrylin and Nynaeve & Egwene?

My favorite part was right after the Amrylin left and Nynaeve and Egwene had that lovely exchange. I can only imagine Egwene’s fear of Nynaeve’s frustration being vented at her. That reaction of Nynaeve’s was just priceless! Tell noooooo oooooone and you may live ;-).

6) Wow! I did not expect Rand to go for the Horn and Mat’s dagger. What do you think finally pushed him over into doing so?

He is definitely being influenced by saidin and I suspect Selene has a power to suggest that pushed Rand into taking risks he wouldn’t have previously. I just can’t believe that he actually got out of that camp successfully! I once again really hope that the guys get out from Selene’s influence as soon as possible, since she seems to know that Rand is important and is trying to use him to her advantage :(.

What did you all think of this week’s reading??

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings-A

© 2013 – 2016, Anya. All rights reserved.


  1. I think that the rational part of Rand’s brain has been swamped by all the information coming from other bits of his anatomy! :D

  2. 1. Strangely, I think that all the Aes Sedai, with the exception of Liandrin, are really trying to help Nynaeve. She has taught herself how to bloke off her channeling and they are trying to help her break that habit in the only way they know how: and I bet that they have plenty of experience in this matter. It is just a shame that they never consider explaining why they are doing what they do so she just gets annoyed with them . . . well, more furious than annoyed . . .

    2. I am positive that it was Selene – she is way too pretty and powerful and all about flashing her naked bits at him to turn Rand’s brain to mush. If it wasn’t her I will be very surprised.

    3. I was also surprised that he spoke up, and didn’t come up with Ingtar’s solution to this issue himself. It shows him making decisions that are based on the greater good and less about his own comfort levels, which I am very happy to see as I think he is actually the most heroic of the three lads.

    4. I am positive that she is Lanfear and you I agree with you: run away, Rand! I would also like to see her confront a woman . . . I bet all her sexiness is an illusion . . . though that could just be jealousy on my part . . . I was also very suspicious of how easily she opened the chest holding the Horn, especially as we know that Fain had been trying to open it for days.

    6. She is creepily interested in Rand, and also seems to have had a past with one of the earlier Dragons as she keeps making little remarks about his personality traits, which also fits with her being Lanfear, who tried to manipulate Lews Therin Telamon before he dumped her for his beautiful wife. I can only imagine how angry that made Lanfear . . .

    • Yes, I’m so excited to see what a woman makes of Selene, and maybe that will break her hold over Rand hopefully xD

  3. I like your idea that someone triggered Rand’s channeling knowingly while sleeping next to a transport stone. Tricky tricky! And yes, it does seem that Selene was just sitting around waiting for him.

    I also enjoyed that Nynaeve and Egwene still have this Master-Apprentice dynamic going on. I wonder when, and if, that will change.

    • Especially since Nynaeve is getting bumped up a rank right away, it seems likely that Egwene will always think of her as a mentor ;-)

  4. You make a good point about him channeling right into Selene’s “world” and how convenient it is, especially considering that ghost woman that kept being spotted as they tracked the Darkfriends through the deserted towns. As she is dressed in white (a bit ghostly perhaps) you’d think one of the guys would put two and two together. But, you know guys around pretty gals. *sigh* Ce la vie.

    • Oo *shivers* I forgot about the ghost woman! Hehe, guys and pretty girls with crazy influential stares ;-)


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