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The Great Hunt Read Along Week 4

The Great Hunt Read Along

Yey, welcome to week 4 of the read along! Remember to link up your discussions in the Linky and see what everyone else says :D.

1. Rand had quite a connection with that statue that Captain Caldevwin was digging up. What do you think it is?
It seems the orb might be an angreal, but for the male source perhaps? It certainly had a magical pull on Rand, and perhaps since the source has been tainted it is harder to control than the objects the Aes Sedai have. Or it could be even older and be connected to the old powers…. In any case, I’m curious why Captain Caldevwin and his lord (if he exists) are all of a sudden interested in digging up this ancient artifact. It could be truly just a show of power, but that would be an interesting coincidence ;-).
2. We had quite an informative look into Moraine and Lan’s relationship. What do you think about Moraine’s actions concerning Lan’s bond?
Wow, it was awesome to finally learn more about how the Aes Sedai and Warder bond works and how Moraine and Lan met :D. I can totally see a younger Moraine dump water on him! I am guessing that Moraine wants Nynaeve to end up with Lan’s bond eventually so that they can be together, but I definitely understand Lan’s anger at not being a part of that decision. It’s crazy how much power Aes Sedai have over their Warders; I can’t really imagine many men wanting to give up their freedom like that. I wonder if they have recruitment issues…..
3. Poor Nynaeve had to go through quite a lot in her trials. What do you think each were about (especially that first one….)?
The second and third seemed to be hitting on obvious fears of abandoning the Two Rivers people and giving up her love of Lan. However, I wasn’t really sure about the first trial. Perhaps she was supposed to show that she could give up a fight when required, since she often completely loses her temper? We haven’t learned anything about Nynaeve having a history of sexual violence against her, right? It’s also interesting to find out they aren’t supposed to use their power in the trials, but Nynaeve survived. Just more proof that she is very strong! :D
4. Reunion time! How do you feel about all these old faces showing up all over the place?
That was quite a lot of old faces all in one section, haha! I think it’s funny that Min is dealing with the Aes Sedai now. I’m relieved that they haven’t freaked out about her power, but if they try to keep her too long, I don’t know if that would be good for anyone…. It was also great to see the royal children again, except I’m not too sure how I feel about Egwene’s new crush. And of course, yey Thom! Though, wow, younger woman huh? ;-)
5. Selene sure showed up at a convenient time, didn’t she? What do you think she is plotting?
Ugh Selene! Why can’t she just leave the boys alone :(. It was a bit tricky to figure out what she was trying to do in this scene though. It almost seemed like she was trying to get Rand captured or using his power again, since she kept trying to goad him into facing down the Trollocs instead of running. If she is working for the Dark One, I can see her trying to get Rand to go crazy or bow to the Dark One eventually.

All right, you’re turn :D. And remember if you’ve read ahead not to give anything away for everyone else ;-).

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  1. Started the Re-read of the series. Reached TGH today. Will catch up.

  2. 2. I can only assume that there are some massive advantages to becoming a warder, otherwise no one would want to do it.

    4. I imagine that none of the other Aes Sedai know anything about Min’s talent . . . just Moiraine and Siuan would be my guess.

    5. I think Selene hopes that if Rand is in enough danger then he will use the One Power, then he will get comfortable with using it and become King of the World. I really wish she would just go away though! :(

    • Yeah, they’ve mentioned health benefits before right? That must be it, maybe with even more special powers!

  3. PS here is my link to my wise-ass answers for the week:

  4. Warder recruitment issues – ha! I wonder if the men get to read the fine print before the invisible collar is put on them.

    It was great to see Egwene hanging out with the royal children. Then MIn shows up and Egwene has this irrational jealousy….or not. Do you think she sense what Min has seen about Rand having to spread his affections around? hehe…I sense reader amusement in our future.

    Ooopps! I must have been multitasking when I listened to Nynaeve’s trials as I totally forgot about Trial 1 until you mentioned here in detail. So, yes, she can’t win every battle, no matter how stubborn she is. She needs to learn the fine art of Backing Off, which can range from simply smirking and strolling away to fleeing with utmost haste.

    • I think Nynaeve is almost completely incapable of backing off and leaving things alone! :D

    • Oo, good point. I really hope that the men know what they are getting into before hand, but maybe only the glory and health benefits are mentioned/emphasized >.>

      I think that Egwene just doesn’t like hearing about all the girls Rand has encountered in his travels ;-)

  5. “Warder recruiting issues” made me chuckle. I agree Eivind about the whole Nynaeve thing. Whatever happened to her at the eye, I think she had a little trauma over the threat of rape, and she hasn’t entirely gotten over it yet. She just hides it well, but it came out during the testing. And yeah, Selene needs to go stick her head in the snow until Rand’s grandchildren have passed away, as far as I’m concerned. She starts out intriguing but gets annoying really fast. :D
    My Answers.

    • Right? Selene is not just obviously evil, she is actually starting to quite annoy me with her incessant “greatness” comments, haha.

  6. 1. You seem to be heading in the right direction at least. I don’t want to say any more than that. Love the phrase by the way: “Till shade is gone, till water is gone, into the shadow with teeth bared, screaming defiance with the last breath, to spit in Sightblinder’s eye on the last day.” Or something like that, if memory serves me. For me this is one of those guaranteed goosebump things.

    2. You can read about Moiraine and Lan in the prequel “New Spring”, which you might want to check out at some point if this read-a-long keeps going long enough (and which is refreshingly short compared to your average WoT book). Not yet though, for spoilery reasons.

    (Please excuse my pessimism, but the series is so damn long after all.)

    3. Your question about sexual violence in Nynaeve’s past is interesting. There is a fair amount of brutality in WoT but it’s well and subtly hidden. It’s not totally clear what happened between Balthamel and Nynaeve at the Eye, but some interpretations are disturbing.

    Begin quote.

    A convulsion wracked Nynaeve from head to toe, as if she had been cracked like a whip. Her knife dropped uselessly from dangling fingers as Balthamel lifted her by his grip, brought her up to where the leather mask stared into her stillquivering face. Her toas spasmed a foot above the ground; flowers rained from her hair.

    “I have almost forgotten the pleasures of the flesh.” Aginor’s tongue crossed his withered lips, sounding like stone on rough leather. “But Balthamel rememers much.”


    Balthamel tossed Nynaeve aside like a rag, and like a crumpled rag she fell, eyes staring, limp as if all her bones had melted.

    End quote. (How do I format quotes on this blog?)

    But then… why did Nynaeve meet Aginor in the testing ter’angreal, and not Balthamel?

    4. Thanks, I had to ask myself who showed up here except for Thom. It’s only six months since I read this book last time but my memory is a bit spotty.

    5. Selene’s motives and actions are confusing, but they do make sense, I promise!

    • Apparently in early printings, Thom complained to Rand that he hadn’t kept his harp tuned. Then someone told Robert Jordan that that’s not the way to go about storing a harp, so it was corrected. Now Thom is grateful that Rand didn’t try to keep the harp tuned. :)

    • 1. I’d forgotten about Rand’s little speech whilst staring at the hand-thingy . . . isn’t that an Aiel saying?

      3. I must admit that I didn’t really pick up on the sexual overtones in the first trial, probably because I was just so confused about what it meant.

    • I own New Spring, so I will definitely read it as soon as I get far enough in the series. Book 6ish is when it’s safe right?

      I’m not sure how to format quotes in the comments past the normal html options, sorry D:


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