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The Great Hunt Read Along Week 5

The Great Hunt Read Along

Yey, welcome to week 5 of the read along! Remember to link up your discussions over at Dab of Darkness and see what everyone else says :D.

1) Ingtar is really gung ho about the Horn. Is anyone else worried about his obsession? Have you ever experienced such an obsession? 

I’m hoping that this is just an honor thing and that he is afraid of disgracing himself. I could see the vow he made being a really big deal to their culture. However, he does seem to be getting crazier as time goes by. I’m worried that he’s going to act badly if he ever gets a hold of the Horn, which of course would turn out horribly. I don’t have nearly as intense of an obsessive personality, though I love books :D.

2) In Chapter 28, we hear about the Jenn Aiel, Rhuidean, and their prophecy of a man of their blood from beyond the Spine of the World. It appears that Rand isn’t tied to just one people/culture and their prophecies, but multiple peoples. Are you enjoying guessing (or watching, if you have read before) how Rand will be ensnared by all these demands upon him? 

It’s amusing that Rand is still trying to resist his destiny, especially since it seems clear that he is more than just a false dragon that could kill people. Now that Verin has tracked him down, it’ll be interesting to see what she does with him. I just hope that he figures out what is going on ;-).

3) Through White Cloak Bornhald and Captain Domon, we get our first rumors and glimpses of the Seanchan, descendants of Artur Hawkwing’s armies, from across the sea. What do make of them? How do you think the military forces we have met so far will fair? If you have read before, feel free to critique their hierarchy and style of armor.

First of all, anyone else notice that their critters are called grolm? My thoughts of Selene are now changed >.>. Unless the Aes Sedai decide to join in the war, I don’t think the armies we’ve encountered will have any chance. I mean, as Domon showed, you can’t really evade magic. Also the grolm steads seem to have an advantage over horses with their carnivorous nature…. I’m worried that the Seanchan are going to really kick some butt.

4) Just for fun, what do you think Padan Fain had on Lord Barthanes?

Hehe, I think Lord Barthanes probably has gotten in with dark friends that he doesn’t want to get out. Probably some small favors that he hasn’t paid back. I wish it was something more fun, but this isn’t that kind of book, haha.

5) Machin Shin, the Black Wind, was waiting for them in the waygate in the grove at Barthanes. Coincidence, or set there on purpose? 

Definitely set there on purpose. Fain has already shown that he isn’t afraid of the Wind and it seems like him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he can control it and told it to guard that gate. It’s good that they didn’t try to come back again, since it might have been ready to get out easier.

6) Ah! Poor Thom! How do you think the latest turn of losing Dena will affect him? If you’ve read before, feel free to comment on how Robert Jordan’s ability to write in characters and then kill them off pull on your emotions.

Omg poor Thom!! I really wanted Dena to come along on the adventure, why did the awesome one have to die??? I’m pretty sure Thom is going to get crazy in the revenge business now since he doesn’t think he has anything to lose. I’m hoping that he’ll meet up with the rest of the group to get that revenge at least. It’s also good that he was talked out of trying to kill the freaking king!

Next week we are back here with chapters 35-42, the second to last section :D.

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings-A

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  1. Rand won’t stop trying to run from his destiny any time soon. And sometimes that very running is what leads to what was supposed to happen anyway. That’s what makes it interesting, though. :D When Mat tries to run from his destiny, it’s hilarious, so watch for that! The grolm are definitely interesting too. Riding things like them make the Seanchan that much more intimidating. So glad we’re coming up on the end soon. :D

  2. Grolms, yes…hmmmm…How does one comfortably ride one? And that carnivorous nature would mean some pretty strict discipline training – for both grohml and rider.

    You’re right – this is kind of the PG version of epic fantasy, so Barthanes’ naughty behavior probably isn’t all that naughty. You sign up for a team and if it’s the Light Side, you can leave. But if it’s the Dark Side, you can never really leave….without doing atonement or such, right? So you’re probably right that Barthanes signed up for a team and Fain is higher in the hierarchy.

    Damn it! Poort Dean! Poor Thom! Sucks for the readers too. But, I am also eagerly awaiting to see what Thom does in revenge.

    • Haha, excellent question! I think there is probably a fair amount of shifting around going on.

      I don’t know if the Dark Side would ever let you leave >.> They seem pretty prickly about it ;-)


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