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The Great Hunt Read Along Week 6

The Great Hunt Read Along

Yey, welcome to week 6 of the read along! Add your link to the Linky at the bottom of the post (I’ll make sure it’s working this time!) and check out what everyone else has to say :D.

1. We got to see a lot more Ogier in this section. What did you think of them and their village?
So cute! Maybe I’m not supposed to think that, but I could just imagine a bunch of Ogiers with flowers in their hair singing to trees, hehe. I think the Ogier marriage customs are pretty amusing, and while it’s sad that Loial might get pinned down in the future, it is nice to see a matriarchal society in fantasy novels! They definitely remind me a lot of hobbits, except with bigger holes in the hill, but there is a certain point where I can’t compare anymore since there will likely be those kinds of similarities between a lot of fantasy series. I can’t imagine how old the elders are though, given Loial’s age is considered young!
2. There were some suspicions about what the Aiel women were really doing. Do you think they are looking for Rand or that it was a coincidence?
It seems pretty likely that at least some Aiel are on the hunt for Rand. Those women were staring pretty hard at him, but it is possible that they were there for sung wood and just knew that there was a call out for finding Rand. It seems unlikely that they would really suspect him of showing up in an Ogier village right? Unless there are Aiel out searching literally everywhere, this run in is probably a coincidence meant to introduce us to the Aiel’s customs a little more.
3. When Rand was trying to use the Portal stone, everyone got a glimpse at possible lives. What did you think of Rand’s other possibilites? What do you think were Verin and Ingtar’s?
I thought it was really interesting to see all the lives Rand could have led, but his ability to channel always influenced his life eventually. It’s kind of sad really, and could really mess up a person. I wonder if Rand will realize through those visions that he can’t escape from this fate? Ingtar was pretty darn shook up about what he saw, and I worry that he saw himself dying many horrible and violent deaths. Either that, or this peek at his obsessive nature could be even worse in a different setting. Verin probably saw lives where she never became and Aes Sedai, and depending on where she grew up that could have led to a peaceful life as a wise woman or a violent death I suspect.
4. Liandrin has finally shown her true colors! How do you think her betrayal will turn out for her and the rest of the Aes Sedai? Do you think she’ll get away with it?
Oh Liandrin, let me count the ways I hope you die…. I am just floored at the level of her treachery. I knew that Red Ajah would do anything they like to men, but I am still having trouble grasping her betrayal of fellow Aes Sedai. Her mentions of Black Ajah around the tower are probably true because she is a Black Ajah! That would be the whole telling the truth but not how you think thing. I am hoping that the Dark One or whoever is pulling her strings only wanted Nynaeve and Egwene because of their connection to Rand, since we need all the free Aes Sedai we can get to battle the Seanchen. If Egwene can get free, then Nynaeve and her should be able to convince the Amyrlin Seat of Liandrin’s actions. However, I’m worried that Liandrin will be long gone by then.
5. Poor Egwene! Do you think Nynaeve and Elayne can save her before the ship arrives?
I was pretty sure she would get freed eventually, but now that there is a timer on things with the ship arrival, I’m worried. Nynaeve and Elayne probably won’t realize that they need to hurry up their plan, but there is still the possibility of a daring escape while Egwene is being brought to the ship :D. Or maybe Domon will be around and be pulled into the rescue attempt, since he really needs to come back to the story soon.
All right, remember to link up below and get excited for the thrilling conclusion next week!

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  1. suecccp says:

    1. I agree: the ogier are so cute! I like the fact that the males are too air-headed to be trusted to pick a suitable wife . . . it just makes me giggle! :D

    2. Oops! I forgot that they to trade! However, the Wheel is a tricksy thing, so I no longer believe in coincidence in this world.

    3. Yep, Rand is totally stuck and is not going to avoid his destiny. In some ways this is good, because another 12 books of him growing tobacco and shearing sheep would be rather dull, but it certainly sucks to have no control over your life.

    4. I think that the need to dispose of Egwene and Nynaeve is an indication of how important they are going to be in defeating the Dark One. We have been told repeatedly how strong they are, with Nynaeve being one of the strongest Aes Sedai in that Age and as powerful as some of the Forsaken. That seems like a good reason to get them out of the way while they are still relatively powerless.

    5. I also have a suspicion that the captain that min has found might be Domon, although I am hoping that we never get that far.

    • 2. I completely agree, it’s funny that we no longer just have an author to blame strange occurrences on, the Wheel is like a meta author, haha

      4. It’s pretty awesome to get verification that the Dark One is afraid/nervous of them :D

  2. I too look forward to Liandrin getting her comeuppance. However, as we saw with Padan Fain, I expect her to slip through the claws of Justice for a few to several more books before she does get a dose of justice.

    The Ogier are like the centers of peace – no fighting, name calling, spitting, or throwing things while in the steading. Swearing is OK as long as it is quietly done.

    It would be awesome if Domon made another appearance!

    • suecccp says:

      I don’t care how long we have to wait, I will be SO happy when Liandrin gets her ‘reward’ for being evil . . . revenge is a dish best served cold and all that. However, I suspect that tracking her down will be high on Nynaeve’s list once Egwene is freed, so perhaps we won’t have to wait too long . . . >:)

    • I wish that Rand could just stay in a stedding forever ya know? Then the One Power shouldn’t be able to drive him crazy :D

  3. Yeah that’d work out well if the ship Egwene got put on was Domon’s, huh? As for Liandrin, I totally want Nynaeve to be able to jump up and down on her. That’d be satisfying. :D You make a good point about her betraying fellow Aes Sedai. In a way, that’s the biggest sign of evil is betraying those you should be loyal to. And the fact that these three were still in training–it’s kind of like selling a little kid into slavery or something. Luckily, Nynaeve is very capable. You know, in a get-over-here-so-I-can-claw-your-eyes-out sort of way. :D I loved the ogier too.

    • suecccp says:

      The ‘best’ thing for Liandrin will to be collared . . . after Nynaeve has had her work out with the jumping up and down! :D

    • Hehe, maybe step on her face with your shoe a bit? Get some mud on her :D Exactly, she’s kicking a freaking puppy, but that puppy is going to whoop her butt if there is any justice in this story, ha!


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