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The Great Hunt Read Along Week 7

The Great Hunt Read Along

Welcome to the last week of The Great Hunt Readalong! There will spoilers for the entire book here for obvious reasons ;-). Also I’ll probably be pretty brief this week since I am feeling quite under the weather with a cold. I’m not sure if it’s all the medication I downed that is making me loopy and sleepy, or just the icky virus itself. In any case, omigawd please make my nose stop hating me!

1. Wow! Those a’dam are real mood changers (i.e. Nynaeve’s reaction to having all that control over another). Would you be tempted to put any of the characters we have met so far in The Wheel of Time world in an a’dam? Anyone in real life?

I’m a bit of a pacifist I have to say. No matter how much I disliked/hated (I don’t think I hate anyone >.>) a person, I wouldn’t want to torture them. I’m all for kicking the evil characters’ butts and making sure they don’t do bad things anymore, but I don’t think torturing them with the a’dam would do that. Perhaps it would be useful to be sure you can control someone who you don’t want killed for some reason, but I would be nervous about that power to cause unproductive pain.

2. Perrin still hasn’t revealed the full extent of his wolfish powers to his friends. Do you think he’s making the right choice? Would you do the same?

I have trouble hiding anything, so I would definitely not do the same. I’m surprised that revelation still hasn’t happened to be honest. It doesn’t seem like something that is that shameful, especially since now most of the people around him know about Rand anyway. Being able to talk to wolves doesn’t seem that bad in comparison to destroying the world ;-).

3. We finally learn what has been driving Ingtar to find the Horn. Do you think his final act makes restitution for whatever ills he did as a Dark Friend?

Oh my god, this twist! I never saw it coming, and there was so much crying when he sacrificed himself!!! I like what Rand said about just wanting to walk in the Light is a good start and makes him no longer a Dark Friend. I wish he could have turned things around sooner, but I do think his final act brings him a long way towards restitution. However, I can’t say if he’s completely made up for everything, since we don’t actually know how many horrible things he did :(.

4. The Horn was sounded and warriors of old appeared and did mighty battle. How did you like the final large battle scene with Seachan, Whitecloaks, Dead Heroes, and Egwene (running amok)?
Wow, I loved this ending. I loved it so much more than the first book’s ending, and I was seriously getting goosebumps over and over during all of the battle. I mean, how freaking epic were those Dead Heroes??? :D I liked that Rand’s battle with the Dark One reflected on what was happening below, and that this was pointed out during the battle so that we didn’t have to guess ;-).

5. We get to see Rand in 2 sword fights – one with Turak and one with The Dark One. Which one did you find more satisfying or entertaining?

I actually liked the one with Turak a lot more in terms of actual swordplay. It was awesome to see how Rand matched up against a real blademaster, and to see how the void helps him so much. Turak’s expression when Rand started actually fighting with his full abilities was so awesome, I wish I could see that in a movie or something ;-).

6. Lanfear chose to reveal her existence to Min, and gave her a message for Rand. Why do you think Min was the lucky one?

That whole scene was a bit confusing for me. I thought Lanfear was supposed to be super evil, but she didn’t seem so bad…. I am pretty sure I’m supposed to dislike her still, but now I’m starting to forgive the annoying evil moments she had before as Selene. I think Min just might have been in the right place at the right time, since she was taking care of Rand after the battle, and that was when Lanfear found Rand.

As many of you probably noticed from the emails, I will not be co-hosting The Dragon Reborn. Graduate school has been making my life overly difficult lately, and I just have been getting too stressed I’m afraid. In order to keep having fun, I will be taking a back seat in the readalong for a bit, since this is supposed to be about fun after all :D. Also, thank you so much to everyone who agreed to co-host with Nrlymrtl, I’m excited to see all the great discussion questions!

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings-A

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  1. suecccp says:

    1. If you had asked me this question a couple of years ago I probably would have given a similar answer to yours. But then a person who was supposed to be my friend betrayed me in the most hurtful way possible and that changed my mind about a lot of things. I’m glad that you haven’t had that experience . . . I sincerely hope that you never do.

    2. I am amazed that somebody unsubtle (Mat, for example) hasn’t just said “what the heck is going on with your eyes and your new-found uber tracking skills???” These guys are way less nosy than I would be in their situation! :D

    3. I didn’t see this coming either (unlike Liandrin). I think he actually turned from the Shadow as soon as that assassin’s arrow left his bow, which explains his obsession with retrieving the Horn. It just shows that people lose faith in the Light for all sorts of reasons, and that they are not all stereotypically evil.

    4. I like to imagine that the battle on the ground was filled with people distracted and looking up at the figures fighting in the sky: such an amazing image!

    6. You must be so much nicer than me: I simply cannot believe that Lanfear is anything other than an evil ragbag! I hated the way she taunted Min and laid claim to Rand . . . I was dying for Min to ask her why she hadn’t shown up earlier to help him with his injury if she is so bothered about him. I just want someone to give her a good slapping! :D

    Good luck with the Graduate work. My hubby is a Professor, so I know how stressful it is. Thank you for co-hosting so far, and I hope you’ll keep enjoying the series as we carry on. You need to know if Bela makes it to the end of the series!

    • 1. Eh, I wouldn’t say I haven’t been betrayed quite hurtfully, I just tend to react by licking my wounds and crying. I don’t have a lot of anger in me, which is both good and bad, since it also means that I forgive a bit too easily I’d say :-/

      2. Hehe, agreed, and it actually seems like a bit of a hole given everything else Mat has reacted to!

      3. I did like that Ingtar showed that more gray area of good and evil

      Haha, Bela! I love that she keeps getting retrieved when we don’t expect it ;-)

  2. Yeah I loved this ending too! Awesome! And it was really interesting to read the second book, already knowing Ingtar’s darkfriend status. Pretty sure he was one of those in attendance during the DF meeting with Bors in the prologue. And when the question was asked last week about what alternate lives he might have seen during the experience with the portal stone…well that’s pretty interesting to think about. :D

    • suecccp says:

      For a man who is already regretting his decision it must have been terrible to see what might have happened if he hadn’t turned from the Light . . . and what he might have to do for the Dark One in the future.

    • Oo, that would be fun, to see how he gives things away… Did you see any times when Jordan was hinting??

  3. It was great to see Turak’s smug expression change during the sword fight with Rand. He had that moment where he thought, Sh!t, I’m in trouble now’. definitely a fun scene for us readers.

    I totally agree with you on Lanfear/Selene. She’s bit a bit annoying with her sex mojo, but overall has she been any worse than all the other folk trying to manipulate or control Rand? I expect we will see more of her in the upcoming books.


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