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The Great Hunt Read Along!

The Great Hunt Read Along

Ladies and awesome-men! That’s right, we’re continuing the craziness on the Wheel of Time Read Along with The Great Hunt Read Along, yey! If you couldn’t tell, we aren’t starting this week :D. You have one more week to find a copy of this wonderful (at least I assume, hehe) book before we delve back into the adventure of Rand al’Thor and the gang! Here is the schedule starting next week:

Feb 24: Chpts. 1-6 DoD
Mar 3: Chpts. 7-11 Ss&Dw
Mar 10: Chpts. 12-20 DoD
Mar 17: Chpts. 21-27 Ss&Dw
Mar 24: Chpts. 28-34 DoD
Mar 31: Chpts. 35-42  Ss&Dw
April 7: Chpts. 43 -END  DoD

And if you haven’t already signed up for the discussion question emails, you can here. This is the same list as before, so don’t sign up twice ;-).

It’s gonna be fun :D

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings-A

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  1. Hooray! I should get cracking on that audiobook! I wonder if Rand’s voice will age over the series?


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