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The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet Read-Along {Week 1}

The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet Read-Along

Week 1!

As part of Sci-fi month, Lisa is hosting a read-along of the break-out self-publishing success, The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet! Now I have to admit that when Lisa first proposed this read-along, I made a funny face at the cover and wasn’t sure what I was in for, but I am SO GLAD that I decided to give it a try because this is the book all Firefly fans have been waiting for. It is basically the crew of the Firefly, but with aliens and a job that involves making wormholes instead of thieving ;-). There is still time to grab yourself a copy and join us! Even if you don’t join the read-along though, do yourself a favor and find a time to read this book.

This week we’re discussing the first ~95 pages that goes up to the chapter titled Port Coriol! (There aren’t chapter numbers, gahhhhhh!) There will be spoilers below for those chapters :).

1. First things first, we get to meet the central cast – the crew of the Wayfarer. What are your first impressions of this crew? Which members, if any, stand out the most to you and why?

I LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH! Seriously, I am already pretty sure what I’m going to rate this book purely because the crew are such strong and wonderful characters. I feel like I’m best friends with them all already. I obviously love the cool descriptions of all the aliens and have been having fun trying to picture them and do their accents correctly ;-). I’m fascinated by the idea of the Pair though and a symbiont that alters brain states to allow for enhanced cognitive functions. So cool!

2. Rosemary gets a rather entertaining physics lesson regarding space tunnelling from Kizzy, upon her first full day as a crew member. What are your thoughts on the science part of the fiction?

Wormholes have always been a cool idea to me and I love that it is emphasized that humans and most alien species can’t really understand or comprehend them well enough to work with them. That was always my hangup with how a lot of science fiction handles wormhole travel, since we clearly can’t really wrap our brain around the ideas enough to make the technology work. Like I said above, the symbiont that enables the Pair to understand wormholes is freaking awesome and honestly not that far off from some of what we’re finding out symbionts can actually do in nature in terms of changing out brains work ;-).

3. We go into the story aware that Rosemary is hiding something from the rest of the crew, and that she’s gone to great lengths to do so. Any ideas/suspicions/speculation you’d like to share on what her secret might be?

Wait, isn’t she just hiding that she’s from a super rich and possibly evil family? Am I missing a secret more than that?? I suspect that’s what is going on and that her family is probably hated throughout the galaxy for being snobbish jerks that have let horrible things happen to the common folk.

4. Ashby scores a huge job – and a huge potential payout – for the Wayfarer, but it means possibly having to get mixed up in a violent civil war. What do you make of what we know so far about the Toremi?

I think that the Toremi are not what everyone thinks they are. It seems so easy for outside groups to come to conclusions about a culture’s motives etc and they are usually wrong. I’m excited to find out what the Toremi are really like and what the core is like!

I’m am so in love with this book already. The writing is so engrossing and the characters are perfect. I seriously can’t thank Lisa enough for hosting this read-along and introducing me to one of my top favorite books of the year! <3

Have you read The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet? Heard of it? Have I convinced you to check it out yet???

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings -Anya

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  1. Never even heard of this book before – but with a title like that, I just had to see what you were reading. Anyhow, this book sounds like a lot of fun. Okay, honestly, you had my attention when you compared it to Firefly. I’m definitely going to go check this book out!
    Amy @ Pages of Starlight recently posted…A Week of Winter Wrap and Apple CookiesMy Profile

  2. I’m loving this too so far. I’m curious to find out more about Rosemary and what she’s running from – I think you could be right that she’s running from her family so that’s going to be interesting.
    And, I’m relieved that the sci-fi isn’t too heavy and that so far I think I have a grasp of what’s going on!
    I just love this crew – it’s going to be great spending more time with them as they start their long haul.
    Lynn :D
    Lynn recently posted…Kushiel’s Avatar by Jacqueline Carey, readalong week No.5My Profile

  3. I have had my eye on this book for a while now, before it was even pubbed in the U.S. because of the comparisons with Firefly! Definitely always looking for something to scratch that particular itch. Unfortunately, I’m in a very particular reading mood right now and sci-fi isn’t working for me but I will keep an eye on the read-a-long to see how everyone likes it! Sounds like so far so good at least for you. Your love for the characters right of the bat is a really good sign!
    Stephanie recently posted…Saturdays in the Garden – Beauty in MundanityMy Profile

    • Yes, so much love! This is a nice sci-fi in that it really doesn’t feel like a hard sci-fi, just a fun adventure that happens to take place in space ya know?

  4. Ooo, you know, I think you might be right about the Toremi! I think my Firefly bias has led me write them off as reaver-esque but they could totally just be misunderstood. I’m also just curious to learn why they are circling the galactic core and whether this might have something to do with guarding the secrets of a Small Angry Planet, maybe?? Also, yeah, what the heck is Rosemary running away from? Can’t wait to find out. Also, yes LOVE all the crew and their dynamics. They just make me so happy, each and everyone! I also wish them whole chapter-fulls of trouble…hehehe
    Sharry recently posted…SciFi Month Readalong of A Long Way to a Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers (Week 1). Pink men, Hyperactive Mech Techs, Grandpa-esque Caterpillar-aliens, AI romances, Patchwork Ships…oh, the shenanigans onboard the Wayfarer!My Profile

    • So agreed! They don’t sound quite as savage to me I guess ;-) But yeah, I hope there is a really fascinating reason why they are sticking so close to the core.

  5. I know, I love all the characters! I’m jealous of Rosemary because she gets to work with such a cool gang. And I had th same thought about her family, that they’re probably some sort of evil crime syndicate space mafia or something, but I could be wrong! I’m really enjoying everyone’s speculation for that question :)
    Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum recently posted…Mogsy’s Bookshelf Roundup: Stacking the Shelves, NaNoWriMo, Recent ReadsMy Profile

  6. You had me at Firefly. I’m going to have to hunt down a copy of this one to read….and possibly do another rewatch of Firefly.
    Samantha Oakley recently posted…Stacking the Shelves: Week of November 1My Profile

  7. Yay!!! So glad you’re enjoying this book! I’ve been wanting to dig in and discuss it like this ever since I first read it and realised a plain old review wasn’t going to be enough, heh!

    “I think that the Toremi are not what everyone thinks they are. It seems so easy for outside groups to come to conclusions about a culture’s motives etc and they are usually wrong.” — I have to hold my tongue about so much that’s coming up in the rest of the book, but you’re absolutely right here. I can’t wait to get into discussion of this, and so many other things – Ohan and the Sianat virus especially!
    Lisa (@EffingRainbow) recently posted…[Review] Tremontaine S1E2: “The North Side of the Sun”My Profile

    • Yey, I’m so excited to find out more! It’s always fun to know that things aren’t going to just follow tropes ;-)

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