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The Post In Which I Fangirl All Over The Place

All right everyone, brace yourselves. I recently got back from GenCon, which I previously associated with spending some days gaming and trying out lots of cool games that I can’t afford to buy. This year I realized that sci-fi and fantasy authors are probably just as geeky as me on average, and therefore I checked the event listings to see if any authors I liked would be hosting events. I’m not sure if this was just a spectacular year for authors at the con or if they have always been there and I just didn’t notice before, but holy crap! I literally got to meet my top four favorite authors in one day and get lots of books signed :D. Please friends, celebrate with me!

Also sorry for the fuzziness of some of the pictures (picture heavy post btw!), my little iPhone can only do so much when I’m shaking like a leaf, haha.

Brandon Sanderson

IMG_1233 IMG_1232 IMG_1230 IMG_1222 IMG_1225

That’s right all, THE Brandon Sanderson!!!! I actually didn’t realize he would be at the con until the morning I was going to be driving down. Fortunately, I spotted his blog post in time and loaded up my suitcase with books to get signed :D. The main impression I got from this event was that he is so freaking nice! He was just the jolliest, politest person I can imagine given the amount of sleep I’m sure he was on. He is legitimately someone I want to be friends with due to his aura of niceness. Also, he was selling (well, the booth was selling, they wouldn’t let him handle any of the money, hehe) a con exclusive book :D. I finally get to read First Born and Defending Elysium!!!

Patrick Rothfuss

IMG_1228 IMG_1227 IMG_1231IMG_1210 IMG_1215IMG_1217

Next up: Pat Rothfuss, yes THE Rothfuss :D. I feel like I’m doing capital letters more than average in this post because I just can’t get over the fact that I met these people in person! Pat actually had a three hour “Evening with Patrick Rothfuss” event which consisted of him being asked all sorts of interesting questions and then him going on tangents of what he felt like talking about and trying to bring it back to the original question with moderate success ;-). He was hilarious, he was deep, he was also very nice. He had the audience bellowing laughter the majority of the three hours. Then afterward there was signing and picture taking :D. One of the books is a present which I now need to mail ;-). I also of course had to get a signed book for myself. Finally, I purchased the illustrated book of his since the proceeds go to Worldbuilders, yey! Also I feel like the pictures need some explanation…. 1. Yes I’m dressed in a wench outfit with a mug made of a tree, I’m awesome like that, 2. Pat suggested for a previous picture that the person could look aloof and he would pine over them, and this suggestion was just too hilarious not to also take advantage of, however 3. we soon devolved into giggles which I think is my favorite picture.

Jim C. Hines

IMG_1226 IMG_1200

You may recall that earlier in the month I went to a local signing for Jim’s new book Codex Born. What you may not know is that I didn’t get to get my copy of Codex Born signed because my review copy had some pages messed up and I wanted to get the fixed one personalized. Fortunately, Jim was signing at GenCon as well, so I picked up the package with the new Codex Born the morning before I left and stopped by the signing table at GenCon. Now I have matching signed books <33333333!

Tammy Blackwell


Finally, I’m sure many of you know of my complete love of Tammy Blackwell’s Timber Wolves series, since I hold it up as the example of exactly what indie-publishing should be. Her writing is witty, crisp and awesome. She is also so freaking nice! I met her at GenCon last year and was so freaking excited to see her again! I also had to get her new compete Timber Wolves series book because the cover is soooo pretty (come back tomorrow to see a picture of it, since it’s not on GR yet!) and a con exclusive! She is sneaky and signed the book while I was off paying for it (the con has a complicated system of centralized payment and slips to symbolize payment) and slipped in that necklace with the miniature trilogy cover! That is what the book’s cover looks like, but I’ll take a picture of the big version tomorrow ;-). I just have to say: Tammy you rock :D.

All right, my fangirling is complete (for now!) and I have to go bask in the awesomeness that is my signed book collection of all my top favorite authors. I was literally (but not, how about literary) walking on clouds this past Saturday. <3 to all the awesome authors!

Do you go to GenCon? I meant to put up a post before I left, but if you are planning to go next year, let me know and we should meet up :D.


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  1. I love love love love love my signed Rothfuss book! Thank you!

    I AM SO JEALOUS THAT YOU GOT TO TOUCH PATRICK ROTHFUSS. And get pictures of it. And have him giggle with you.

  2. Ahhhh BIG CONGRATS on all the signed goodness :D GenCon sounds like it’s freaking fantastic, yay for getting to go! Of course my biggest thrill was seeing the Sanderson pics!! I can’t believe I was too busy fangirling to think of taking a picture of him at BEA heh o.O but yeah I agree with you, he seems incredibly nice, sweet, polite and friendly, he was asking everyone different questions and seemed to genuinely care about ever reply ♥ So yeah OMG WE BOTH MET SANDERSON THIS YEAR!!! *dies*

    I am ashamed to admit that I haven’t read any of the other others you fangirled about here BUT most of them are on my TBR list! I love all the thoughtful inscriptions they left you, along with the actual autographs XD Oh and you look adorable in those pics ♥ thanks for sharing ^^

    • This is the best year ever :D Do you live in the Mid-west too? I recall your cousin has come to some signings in Michigan before >.> If so, you should totally go to GenCon next year :D

      Hehe, the wench outfit is awesome right? ;-)

  3. Aaargh, such adorable pictures! Looks like you had a blast and picked up some awesome loot :) It’s always awesome to meet someone who’s work you admire and find out that they are a really lovely person as well!

  4. Lianne @ says:

    That is sooooooooo cool that you met Brandon Sanderson and Patrick Rothfuss and they signed your books! :D Thanks for sharing your experience at GenCon! *shall one day go to a con or a book signing and will meet these awesome authors*

    • Cons are pretty excellent I have to admit, even though I only go to one a year, haha. I have friends who try to make it to 4+ every single year, craziness!

  5. Eeeeeee so exciting!!! I’m glad you discovered that Brandon Sanderson would be there in time for you to bring your books! I really enjoyed the event I went to for him earlier this year. He’s such a fun, nice person. I can’t friggin WAIT to see him again next month. :D

    • He is so flipping nice! I was just overwhelmed by his niceness. He someone convinced me within one second of talking to him that he actually cared about what I had to say and cared that I liked his writing. Does that make sense??

      • Yes, it makes total sense! I felt the same way when I met him. And when I thanked him for finishing the Wheel of Time series and gushed about what a great job he did, he asked if I had any questions — as if he really CARED! No other author I’ve met has done that. It was awesome. :)

        • Yes, exactly! When he asked me if I had questions I was so stunned it took me a couple seconds to actually parse what he asked, haha

  6. Wow, some big names at this event! How exciting!

    • I was amazed! I swear it wasn’t this awesome last year, but now I’m worried that I just wasn’t paying attention D:

  7. Your pics with Rothfuss are awesome! I love reading his blog. His books are pretty good too ;). Sounds like you had a great time at GenCon. I enjoyed reading your fangirl adventures.

    • Hehe, whew, I was aiming for entertaining ;-) His blog is highly awesome, did you read the post where he talked about putting his socks on while sitting on the bed?


  9. It’s my dream to go to a con like this at some point.

    In the meantime, I know that Patrick Rothfuss is supposed to be coming to my city in October to give a talk, so I fully plan to go and listen and see if he’ll sign a book or two. I’m really looking forward to that!

  10. Ahhh, Patrick Rothfuss! Lucky, and those pictures with him are adorable. I’m jealous =)

  11. what a wonderful post, I can see your smile from here! Rothfuss is amazing at Cons, I saw him at ConFusion last year, he was just the friendlist guy ever. If you can, try to make it to ConFusion in Dearborn in January (because of course driving across Michigan in January is brilliant), it’s authors, authors, and MORE authors. and some gaming.

    • Oo, I could totally do that! Except for classes, so probably just the weekend, but still! Are there decently priced hotels in the area?

      • if you book your hotel room thru the convention, it’s around $85 a night, which is pretty reasonable. the convention is Friday night through Sunday afternoon, and it’s not a huge convention, nothing like as big as GenCon. If you drive to Dearborn Saturday morning, and drive home Sunday afternoon, you’ll get the full experience aand only have to pay for 1 night in a hotel.

  12. I’m so sorry I didn’t get a chance to come over & let you teach me to play a game! Between the crazy throng of people (49,000!) and the bronchitis that won’t die, I didn’t get to move away from my table. :(

    • Oh no! Bronchitis boooooo. But yey lots of people :D Did you have good sales??

      • I did. What I enjoyed more were the didn’t-have-to-make-a-sale non-sales. Like the guy who asked if it possible my book was laying on his coffee table because he teenage daughter was reading it or the guy who pulled out his Kindle, checked it, and said, “I thought I knew that one,” and walked away.

  13. Super cute! You grabbed some good looking books!

  14. You’re so lucky!! I would have a heart attack right then and there!

    • Hehe, Sanderson asked if I had a question for him and I actually said that I couldn’t form a coherent sentence ;-)

  15. Nice! Jealous over here. Looks like you had a blast! :D

  16. Glad you had such an awesome time! I am SO JEALOUS you got to meet Brandon and Patrick Rofuss. I’ve never read Tammy’s books before, will definitely check it out. :)

  17. You are SUPER LUCKY ;) .

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