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The Sailweaver’s Son by Jeff Minerd {Just Hatched}

Just Hatched Book Feature

Just Hatched is a feature where I share my first impressions of a book after the first chapter. Check out the announcement post for more information.

The Sailweaver’s Son by Jeff Minerd is a story that combines fantasy with science and airships and had me hooked from the first chapter. If you want to read the first chapter yourself, try it out here!

Note: I received this book as part of an Expedited Review, meaning I was paid to read and review it. This feature is not part of that obligation. For more information, see my review policy.

The Sailweaver’s Son by Jeff Minerd {Just Hatched}

The Sailweaver's Son by Jeff Minerd
Published by Silver Leaf Books on Sept. 28th, 2016
Genres: Fantasy, Steampunk, YA
Page Length: 306 pages
How I got my copy: Author
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In The Sailweaver’s Son, when fifteen year-old Tak rescues the survivor of an airship destroyed by one of the giant flammable gas bubbles mysteriously appearing in the sky of Etherium, the authorities react like a flock of startled grekks.

Admiral Scud accuses Tak of sabotage. Tak’s father grounds him for reckless airmanship. The King’s advisors declare the bubbles are weapons devised by the Gublins, a race of devious—and dangerous—underground creatures. To clear his name, solve the mystery, and prevent a misguided war, Tak must visit the Gublins and find out what they know. When the odd and beautiful wizard’s daughter asks Tak to venture to the underworld with her, he reluctantly agrees.

The adventure will take Tak from the deepest underground caves to a desperate battle on Etherium’s highest mountaintop. It will force him to face his worst fears, and to grow up faster than he expected.

4.5 Stars

How is the writing style?

The Sailweaver’s Son seems to be predominately from the main character, Tak’s, perspective, though it is in third person and somewhere between limited and omniscient. The writing is fairly straight forward, with a few nice turns of phrase here and there, but a bit of a younger YA feel to the writing style at times.

General tone of the beginning

The beginning starts off with a literal bang, i.e. an explosion in the air that damages an airship! We see right away that Tak is a bit of a miscreant, going where he isn’t supposed to, but this lets him witness an important event that kicks off the story ;-).

We also see right away from the beginning that this story is set in a world similar but not identical to our own, where the atmosphere is thicker and therefore easily supports airships as well as other interesting creatures (dragons!). I really liked this addition of a bit of science to an otherwise fun fantasy setting.

Setting, genre, etc?

Fantasy/steampunk and the audience age seems to be aimed at young YA. Tak is 15, so that seems about right.


  1. My current read, leave me alone! (~5 stars)
  2. Reading in the near future *hides from TBR pile glare* (~4 stars)
  3. Hoping to get back to eventually (~3 stars)
  4. Probably not getting back to but someone else will like it (~2 stars)
  5. Don’t really want to push this copy on anyone else (~1 star)

The Sailweaver’s Son gets a solid 4.5 stars from me. I read the entire sample chapter without getting distracted by work and therefore knew that I wanted to read the rest. The world is intriguing enough to keep me interested, even if the writing seemed a bit young to me at times.

Have you read this one yet? Are you inclined to check it out?

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings -Anya

The Sailweaver’s Son by Jeff Minerd

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