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The Tale of Yin Read Along {Week 2}

The Tale of Yin by Joyce Chng The Tale of Yin Read Along Week 2!

Welcome back to another round of reading The Tale of Yin :D. This week we read the novella “A Tree of Branches” and wow what a powerful novella! I can’t recommend this collection enough <3.

1. Both Sea of Waves and Tree of Branches are very focused on character over action. Who were your favourites, and why?

I liked meeting all the villagers in the different parts of the land, though no individual stood out all that much besides Fiona. I was rather surprised at how much everyone was willing to help strangers though, apparently there are enough resources that they don’t have to worry about going hungry?

2. Auri was very determined to take the Triad inland after the eruption, even when others turned back to the City. Do you think she was right? What do you think was driving her away from the sea?

I can imaginer her fear for her family and her feeling that as the oldest, she needed to protect them. It makes sense too given how likely more mini-eruptions are likely to happen after a big eruption. I think it would  be painful for her to have to rebuild the school on the same ground she started on too, given how long she had invested in it.

3. What are your thoughts on the world now Mirra’s travels have taken us further afield?

I’m quite enjoying exploring the different cultures and places, though all the locations feel fairly typical in terms of setting ya know? I wish we had seen more magic in this book given how many other places we saw.

4. How did you interpret Mirra’s dreams?

Nostalgia perhaps? I don’t tend to interpret dreams very heavily though obviously in fiction they are likely to have meaning. I suspect her grandmother has died both given the amount of time that has passed and the dreams.

How are you liking the book?

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  1. You know I hadn’t considered (the oddness of) that – but you’re right, everyone did greet them with opens arms. Farhadi at the caravansari knew Auri, but Little Lhasa had more excuse to be hoarding resources and still went out of their way to offer help to those in need. It made the whole society continue to seem very warm – loosely connected communities with a deeper connection. Even though the destruction of the City must have had quite the impact on local economy! (again, maybe less of an issue for Little Lhasa given the distance).

    …and yes, it would have been interesting to see how Little Lhasa magic worked. Up in the mountains and the ice, it might have been very different.

    I’m really enjoying this first book – I’d have liked a bit more detail about a few things (Fiona, Auri) but the general feel of the book has been lovely – if much sadder in this second week.
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    • Right?? I love the everyone helping each other story since it is uplifting and heart-warming, but sometimes it isn’t all that realistic haha. Ice magic!!!!

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