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The Voodoo Killings by Kristi Charish Audiobook {4 Stars}

The Voodoo Killings by Kristi Charish is the start of a new urban fantasy series featuring a world where everyone knows that the paranormal exists and zombies can be raised for will disputes! I’m always game for another urban fantasy series to get addicted to, so I couldn’t resist this one even though zombies are scary. I’m quite glad I got over my zombie fears since these are nice zombies, its the ghosts you have to watch out for turns out.

Note: I received an advanced copy of The Voodoo Killings from the publisher. Some things may have changed in the final version.

The Voodoo Killings by Kristi Charish Audiobook {4 Stars}

The Voodoo Killings by Kristi Charish
Narrated by Susannah Jones
(Kincaid Strange #1)
Published by Vintage Canada on May 10th, 2016
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Page Length: 352 pages
Audio Length: 11 hrs and 43 mins
How I got my copy: Publisher
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Kristi Charish's The Voodoo Killings introduces Kincaid Strange, not your average voodoo practitioner...

For starters, she's only 27. Then there's the fact that she lives in rain-soaked Seattle, which is not exactly Haiti. And she's broke. With raising zombies outlawed throughout the continental USA, Kincaid has to eke out a living running seances for university students with more money than brains who are desperate for guitar lessons with the ghost of a Seattle grunge rocker--who happens to be Kincaid's on-again, off-again roommate.

Then a stray zombie turns up outside her neighbourhood bar: Cameron Wight, an up-and-coming visual artist with no recollection of how he died or who raised him. Not only is it dangerous for Kincaid to be caught with an unauthorized zombie, she soon realizes he's tied to a spate of murders: someone is targeting the zombies and voodoo practitioners in Seattle's infamous Underground City, a paranormal hub. When the police refuse to investigate, the City's oldest and foremost zombie asks Kincaid to help. Raising ghosts and zombies is one thing, but finding a murderer? She's broke, but she's not stupid.

And then she becomes the target...As the saying goes, when it rains it pours, especially in Seattle.

4 Stars


  • I really love urban fantasy where the supernatural are known to exist. It creates such a different dynamic and world and I really enjoy when authors think through all the implications. The fact that zombies and ghosts are raised not only for fun but also for legal and criminal investigations is such a clever and realistic idea.
  • Normally I really don’t like zombies. However, I have been convinced that they can be pretty cool since I’ve ended up liking two zombie books in less than a month, ha. These zombies can retain their humanity as long as they stay well fed, so they aren’t actually scary ;-).
  • It’s so refreshing to read an urban fantasy that doesn’t jump right into a romance in book one! I’m sure something will develop eventually, but I need to get to know Kincaid without a man in her life first.
  • The mystery always drives me with these sorts of stories and I was guessing right until the end. I definitely didn’t see the plot twist coming, but it clicked so nicely.
  • After the main reveal, normally things are pretty quiet as everything wraps up. However, The Voodoo Killings nicely introduces the next problem in Kincaid’s life without causing a horrible cliffhanger. I definitely didn’t see that ending coming and I’m really excited to find out what happens next.


  • This is an issue I’ve never run into before, but in the audiobook you can hear the narrator swallow periodically. Like, clearly that should have been cut but it was apparently missed?? As long as I had the speed up a bit, it wasn’t obvious, but whenever I slowed it down, it happened again….
  • While I enjoyed running around with Kincaid, I don’t feel emotionally invested in her life yet. She doesn’t feel like a close friend to the point that I care how she feels. I’m hoping that builds as the series continues, but that kept me from absolutely loving this first book.


The Voodoo Killings is a fresh spin on urban fantasy and zombies that I’m looking forward to continuing in book two! The narration is overall solid as long as you prefer listening to your audiobooks a bit fast. This isn’t a good starting audiobook though.

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings

Have you read this one? What did you think? Are you excited for it if you haven’t gotten to it yet?
– Anya


 The Voodoo Killings by Kristi Charish

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  1. Zombies aren’t my thing either…at all…but I have found I am ok with Necromancy LOL! I guess the fantasy twist helps? I trust you (and Charish) though so I think I’ll be ok with this one! Especially since you said that they aren’t too scary hehe XD Lovely review as always Anya^^x
    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews recently posted…Review: Searching for DragonsMy Profile

  2. Zombies aren’t usually my thing either, but this sounds like a lot of fun. Thanks for the great review, Anya!
    Kel recently posted…5 Free E-books Worth DownloadingMy Profile

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