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The Wheel of Time: The Eye of the World Read Along!

Eye of the World Read Along

The Eye of the World Read Along Coming Soon!

Nrlymrtl (Nearly Mortal ;-) ) of Dab of Darkness and I are teaming up to to tackle the fantasy legend of Robert Jordan. We’re going to be starting with the first book, The Eye of the World (Book 1) of The Wheel of Time series (15 books total) and taking it one book at a time. It’s worth noting that The Eye of the World was also republished as two books later, From The Two Rivers  and To The Blight, so if you can find those two books, you can join us as well :D. As long as we’re having fun, we’ll keep on going.

As many of you Fantasy fans know, The Eye of the World (Book 1) was first published in 1990. It wasn’t until after the 10th book (published in 2003) that New Spring was published (2004). We decided to go with publishing chronology in our reading, since apparently New Spring contains spoilers for the first books. Sadly, Robert Jordan passed in 2007 before completing his series. His wife chose Brandon Sanderson to pass the torch onto, who finished the series with 3 books, the last of which is due out January 2013.

We’ll be averaging ~100 pages per week for the read along, skipping a week for the Winter Solstice holiday of your choice. If you’d like to join us, sign up at either of our sites on the email form. For those that do, we’ll be providing read along questions prior to each discussion post date so you have time to put up a blog post too. Then pop back to either of our sites on the discussion day to put the link to your post in the Linky and check out everyone else’s answers! If you don’t have a blog, or do but want a more casual realm of play, feel free to join us weekly at our sites and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Also, this isn’t a super strict thing. We all get busy sometimes, so feel free to jump in late or bow out early or skip weeks that you are too busy and catch up when you can. This isn’t school and you aren’t graded ;-). Join us for as many or as few weeks of reading and discussions as you can and want to :D.


Chapters   Date of Post (Sundays)
Proglogue-7 post on December 16th  111 pages
8-14 post on December 30th  103
15-20 post on January 6th   107
21-27 post on January 13th   100
28-33 post on January 20th   99
34-40 post on January 27th   106
41-47 post on February 3rd   101
48-END post on February 10th 63

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  1. I’m tempted to join in because I have been wanting to read this one…but I’m not sure I want to juggle it with A Song of Ice and Fire [which, after having read A Game of Thrones, I’m now obsessed with!] Might be a little insane even for me! LOL.

    Then again…I will be done with finals on the 12th…Decisions, decisions. xD

  2. Cool! I SOO need a reason to read WOT again! ;) Awesome read-along!

  3. It has begun! Hooray!


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