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Three Parts Dead Read-Along! {Part 2}

Three Parts Dead Read Along

Three Parts Dead Read-Along!

We’re in our second week of our awesome read-along of Three Parts Dead by Max Gladstone and I absolutely recommend all fans of unique fantasy to check out Three Parts Dead, but don’t read any further unless you’re up to chapter fourteen because there are big spoilers!

1)Throughout this section, we learn little tidbits about our main characters: Tara & her time at the Secret Universities, Kevarian and her past works, Abelard & his childhood. What fascinated you the most? 
Definitely Tara’s time at the Hidden Schools! I guess it’s no surprise that the idea of magic schools is appealing even though apparently they are a bit corrupt, ha. It’s fun to finally know why Tara was kicked out though and awesome to learn all the weird ways magic can be used in this world :D.


2) So many conspiracies! Someone tried to burn out some of Raz’s memories, there were super secret contracts between the dead Cabot and Kos and some unknown third party, and Abelard found a hidden altar in the heart of Kos’s church! Do you think they are connected?
Of course! If this wasn’t a book, then no, but since it is, I’m sure they’ll all twine together eventually somehow. The person responsible for Raz’s lost memories is the one I can’t really figure out how to tie to the death of Kos, but I’m sure it will come to light in a clever way ;-).


3) This question is just for fun & came about from discussion over at Violin in a Void last week. Abelard is a chain smoker and his worship of Kos keeps him safe from any ill effects of said smoking. If there were multiple deities who could protect you from ill effects of different vices (alcohol, illicit drugs, gluttony, etc.), which vice, if any, would you pick?
Oh definitely gluttony! I love food and wish I could just eat ice cream all day without any consequences ;-). Though I’m not sure that a goddess of plenty would want her worshippers to be super skinny anyway, so maybe she wouldn’t protect me from the expanding waistline problem, ha!


4) Stonemen! Will Tara be able to win over Shale and gain his assistance? Will Justice’s Black Suits face off against them, potentially destroying the city? Discuss!
Gaaaah, it was so cool seeing where the Stonemen originated and what happened all those years ago! I’m really hoping that Tara wins Shale over, but stealing someone’s face is kind of a bad way to start a friendship. I guess we’ll just have to see how logical versus emotional these gargoyles tend to be. An epic showdown between the Blacksuits and the Stonemen would definitely be really bad for the city, but I suspect that it won’t happen since it could have happened all those years ago and didn’t ya know? Justice might not let the Blacksuits fight the Stonemen if it will hurt the city I guess….


5) The Courthouse of Crafts is a strange place. Feel free to comment on it. Ms. Kevarian tells Tara, last minute, that she will be the one to face Donovo. Calculated way to boost Tara’s confidence? Or a cruel way to test her?
It sort of seemed like a test for how well Tara thinks on her feet and to keep her from fretting beforehand. Ms. Kevarian might not have realized why Donovo was seeming so strong though, so maybe she had Tara face him because Tara does know him better in some ways. The Courthouse is craziness! I kind of love that you can’t get lost though since it only lets you go where you are supposed to, very handy! I really want to learn about what logic leads to these apparent battles of magical strength though, since it seems easy for the truth to get covered up….


I’m so excited to see how everything ends! I will definitely be needing to read the second book, now just to see if my library can get it for me *fingers crossed*. What do you think about this week’s reading?


 -AnyaAnya from On Starships and Dragonwings

© 2015, Anya. All rights reserved.


  1. 2. Well, presumably whoever wiped Raz’s memory was the one who intended to kill Kos by using Raz and his crew to start that sea battle with the Iskari. Denovo’s definitely a suspect, although perhaps that’s too obvious? I’m sure he could have used one of his underlings, although there must be other players we don’t know about yet.

    4. I’ve been feeling a bit guilty because my first reaction was to get annoyed with Shale! But as you and others have pointed out, Tara hasn’t been all that nice to him despite her very good intentions.

  2. I am glad that the Hidden Schools are at least a little corrupt because they are run by humans, and humans are fallible. And that makes this story even better for me.

    Yes, having someone steal your face isn’t the best way to start a friendship. Tara might take note of this for future reference. And even though I suspected she would be carrying Shale’s face around, it was still a bit disturbing. I wonder what other odd bits she has in her handbag?

    • If a saint like Tara was kicked out they had to be corrupt right? ;-)

      I’m imagining Tara writing in her journal about the friendship tip she learned today, haha!

  3. I really want to learn about what logic leads to these apparent battles of magical strength though, since it seems easy for the truth to get covered up….

    So true! Me too! It seems so easy to just… lie by being a more forceful personality. I get that with the connection to contracts it’s a bit like looking for loopholes in the system, but I didn’t really get the impression that that was what Denovo was doing. And wouldn’t some loopholes only allow you to twist the magic contract so far before hitting a barrier that it can’t get through? But there’s a real sense to me that Denovo’s method would just… be able to blast through that because magic. I’M CONFUSING MYSELF NOW. T_T

    But I did love all that we learned now. I’m so glad we got to see how Tara got kicked out of the schools, though it makes me wonder whether she was really ready to graduate at that pont. I think so. She’s certainly smart and competent enough and Kevarian certainly wouldn’t have taken Tara on if she’d thought Tara wasn’t capable or ready, but we still don’t really know when they think a Craftsperson is ready to graduate, do we? (I am absolutely not implying that I would like a story set in the Hidden Schools so we’d learn more about them, no.)
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