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Three Parts Dead Read-Along {Week 3}

Three Parts Dead Read Along

Week 3!

It’s the final week of the Three Parts Dead read-along! Well, it was last week actually, but I got behind so I’m doing it this week :D. Since there will be spoilers below if you haven’t read Three Parts Dead, let me just say that it is a very unique fantasy world crossed with a legal thriller plot and you should definitely check it out if that sounds intriguing!

1. So we finally got all the facts behind whodunit – and how, and why… What did you think of the epic(sized) reveal scene?

Wow that was certainly a reveal scene! I thought everyone was going to die for a bit there D:. I really liked how things ended up turning out since it speaks a lot to the problem with zealotry no matter how good the intentions of the zealot. I of course knew that Denovo had to have his slimy hands involved somewhere though, curse him!

2. Surprise! We found Kos. You’ll never believe where he was… Or did you?

I didn’t guess at all! I really loved that reveal though since I love Abelard and his innocence and I like that his god was there with him and doing what he could after accidentally ignoring his prayers for a month, haha. I hope that Kos will fix any lung cancer that Abelard might have developed without Kos’ protection though, or maybe smoking cigarettes with a fire god is cancer-free?

3. Elayne Kevarian proved to be even more devious than we suspected. What do you think of this Craftswoman now that the dust is settling? Sympathy for Denovo, or victorious fist-pump?

There’s a part of me that wonders if she is just pretending she had a plan, haha! I’m still kind of on the fence with her in general since it seems like she isn’t the nicest person even though she was on the right side this time around. At least she doesn’t approve of Denovo’s plans though. Definitely no sympathy for Denovo here, he deserves all he gets for enslaving his students!

4. I did a little checking and the second book in this series seems to feature a whole new cast, though it’s still set in the same world. Do you think this one wrapped things up for Tara, Abelard and company well enough, or are you wishing for more? For that matter, will you read on? 

I’m honestly really disappointed that we don’t get the chance to get to know Tara better. I realized that I wish it had just been her point of view the whole time, so finding out that I also won’t get a whole trilogy with her is sad. I will definitely read on since I want to figure out more about how this crazy world and magic works, but I don’t feel satisfied. Especially after that ending where they were discussing their next job! I must know!!

In the end, I’m really happy that I joined in this read along. Three Parts Dead was definitely not what I was expecting, but that is generally a win for me since I love being surprised (by books only!). I’m excited to see what the next book has in store since I’m sure I’ll love those characters too and maybe Tara will make a guest appearance :D.

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  1. I really enjoyed Kevarian because she is a bit enigmatic. She was on the good guys’ side this time around, but maybe not in the past.

    Abelard! I too really hope he doesn’t have lung caner. It’s the least Kos can do.

    When I learned Tara wasn’t in Book 2 (or at least not the main character) I was a bit bummed too. However, there is this big beautiful world to explore, so I look forward to that.

    • It is great to see greyer characters who don’t do the “good guy” thing all the time ;-)

      I’m really hoping we see Tara again, but I already really like Caleb :D

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