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Top Ten 2013 Debuts I’m Looking Forward To

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Okey dokey, this week is another tricky one for me, since I don’t actually know of that many debuts yet. However, it also means that I get to learn, yey!

MILA 2.0 Splintered Pivot Point Ink Poison Pantomime

  1. Mila 2.0 – All you really have to say is YA sci-fi and I’m there. Artificial intelligence is just an added bonus ;-).
  2. Splintered – This one has been all kinds of popular, and while I’m not a big Alice fan, I can’t ignore a popular fairy-tale retelling!
  3. Pivot Point – I saw a great review of this one and entered the Goodreads giveaway *crosses fingers* :D.
  4. Ink – Super power: drawings coming to life. Awesome and beautiful, how can you go wrong?
  5. Poison – I’m not sure about the swooning part of the description, but the poison master part sounds awesome!
  6. Pantomime – Mysteries and lost civilization and strong female characters and… circuses? Sounds good :D.

So that’s all the ones that I could find, mostly because I had a hard time finding non-YA debuts… I guess people don’t follow those nearly as religiously ;-). Anyone have any suggestions based on my fantasy and sci-fi tastes??

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-AAnya from About The Story

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  1. I’m not usually big on sci-fi, but I’m stoked for Mila 2.0! The premise is absolutely intriguing! :) New follower! (P.S. Awesome blog design!)

    (Sorry for the belated return visit!)
    Randi @ Cardigans, Coffee and Bookmarks

    • Yey, a sci-fi convert :D Thanks for following back! No worries about being a little late, I totally understand those weeks!

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by & following my blog! You’ve got an amazing list! I’m basically adding the whole thing to my wishlist. And I have to add that I love your blog design! I’ll definitely be stopping by again! =)

  3. I grabbed it from the Newsweek offices where my aunt works while I was in NYC over winter break. :) She gave us a tour and said they get sent about 400 books a week (which is AMAZING) and a lot of them are just available for employees to take. Splintered was the only YA I saw, so I grabbed it!

  4. Splintered sounds pretty good and I actually obtained a copy for free. I’ll have to pick it up soon!

  5. All of these books look absolutely gorgeous. I’m especially looking forward to reading Splintered and Pivot Point – both just seem so incredibly intriguing. Great list!

  6. I didn’t wind up putting Poison on my list, but yes, the Potions Master part sounds awesome! It’s definitely on my TBR

    • The description makes me wonder how much of the book is based on the potions and how much is the romance, but potions is not a skill most heroine’s have, so it just sounds so cool!

  7. readerbuzz says:

    Those are some beautiful covers! Thanks for sharing these. I will add them to my wishlist.

  8. The Readingista (@thereadingista) says:

    I have Mila 2.0 and Pivot Point for review, but have not yet read them. I have seen a ton of incredible reviews for Splintered. Great list!
    – The Readingista

  9. Great picks! I have a few more fantasy/sci-fi picks on my list (including CITY OF A THOUSAND DOLLS, which sounds really good).

    My TTT:

  10. Looks like we share two titles on our lists, Splintered and Ink. :) Pantomime looks like an intriguing mystery and I’ve seen Poison on a few lists, so that makes me rather curious, too. Thank you for sharing your list!

  11. Splintered is on my list too, and Mila 2.0 and Poison also look very good! :) My TTT list:

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland

  12. Great list! I have a couple of these on my list too. My TTT

  13. Pivot point is one i cant wait to read. Great picks. My TTT

  14. Great picks. I’d never heard of Pantomime before, but I’ve seen it on several lists today. I’ll have to check it out. :D
    My TTT.

  15. I also had trouble finding non-YA fantasy & science fiction debuts. Obviously I’m more stubborn than you (in other words I googled like crazy for hours). Here is my result: Top 10 Adult Speculative Fiction Debuts I’m Looking Forward To In 2013. Hope you find something you like. :)

  16. I saw the cover of Splintered in the book store yesterday and it is gorgeous!

    • Indeed, so much color! I have to keep resist buying it just to look at it while I read all the other books I have, haha!

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