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Top Ten Beach Reads – Mermaids!

Top Ten Tuesday

Thanks to the gals of The Broke and The Bookish for hosting this meme every week!

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I’ve joined in the Mermaid Summer reading challenge and mermaids make for the best beach reading for me ;-). I don’t actually go to the beach that often, so reading about mythical creatures that live in the water helps make up for that, haha. Now I haven’t actually gotten to read all of these yet, but these are the ones I’m loving and looking forward to!

Mermaid Books I’ve Read

above world Mirage by Jenn Reese Of Poseidon

I’m cheating a little bit here since I really haven’t read that many mermaid books yet! D: However I loved Above World and the sequel, Mirage! They are about a pair of mermaid children going off to discover mysteries and adventure along with a couple more species of humanoids with animal traits ;-). I’m currently reading Of Poseidon and should be done quite soon. I had heard mixed things about that one but am actually enjoying it much more than I expected!

Books Still To Read!

Forbidden Sea The Mermaid's Mirror Of Triton Everblue Vicious Deep Monstrous Beauty Florence

So since I haven’t read that many mermaid books yet, there are lots still on my to-read list. I got a chance to read a chapter of Forbidden Sea before I had to return it to the library since someone else wanted to read it! I’m going to put a hold in and get it back as soon as I can ;-). I also still have The Mermaid’s Mirror on loan from the library and will be reading that as soon as I’m done with Of Poseidon. I have copies of a lot of these to read in the next couple of months, very exciting!

Have you read any good mermaid books recently? Do you have advice for me on which to read next? :D

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