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Top Ten Book Topics I’m Not Interested In

Top Ten Tuesday

Thanks to the gals of The Broke and The Bookish for hosting this meme every week!

So technically this week’s episode is “Top Ten Words/Topics That Will Make You NOT pick up a book”, but I wanted to shorten it a bit ;-). I have to say that this actually really depends on my mood, so there are endless exceptions to all of these, but these ideas tend to make me more suspicious of a book.

Icky lovey stuff

Words: romantic, love triangle, true love

I’m not a big fan of pure romance books, and even sci-fi/fantasy settings that have an emphasis on the romance interest me less. If the book has these words in the description/blurbs, it is much more likely that that is the main emphasis so I get skittish ;-). There has to be awesome reviews that convince me there is more to the book than just romance (not that there is anything wrong with romance books, just not for me ;-) ) if I’m going to pick up this book.

Scary stuff

Words: dark, gritty, twisted, gothic, horror

I’m such a scaredy cat and really can’t take much horror in my reading. I can tolerate some violence, but if it is too vividly described or if it is especially gruesome, I end up really not enjoying the book. Obviously I stay away from the horror genre in general, but there is a lot of fantasy and some sci-fi that strays into this category that I have to watch out for ;-).

Not for me

Words: contemporary, new adult

I’ve tried a couple of contemporaries and found I just didn’t enjoy them as much as sci-fi and fantasy. I haven’t actually tried any new adult, but so far it seems that this genre falls into the contemporary category generally. There haven’t really been any exceptions to this group of words yet, but when there is a new adult fantasy published, I’ll give it a try ;-).

I hope I didn’t offend you too much this week D: I’ll say again that I’m definitely not judging books in these categories, I’ve just realized I tend to enjoy them less. Link me up with your TTT posts!

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings


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  1. Miss Mimz says:

    haha, yeah I am completely with you on ALL of these. Contemporaries and NA, I pretty much avoid like the plague. Realistic fiction just doesn’t offer the escape I crave compared to fantasy & sci-fi! I can deal with some romance but I don’t like when it overshadows the plot…nor do I read any straight romance books. I am a fellow wuss so I don’t read any horror, gore or twisted stuff. I can take some violence and darkness but nothing too extreme!

    • I suppose I’ve never actually tried a romance, so I probably will at some point just so that I can have some first hand experience to stand on haha

  2. I love a good romance, but I generally like the focus to be on plot/characters/world-building in my sci-fi and fantasy books! :) I recently quit reading Stephen King’s ‘Under the Dome’ which is supposed to be a great epic, only 25 pages in. I just couldn’t stomach it at all. So I sympathize with you there! :)

    My TTT:

    • Completely agreed, I totally have strong opinions about some characters’ love lives, but I need the romance to creep up on me hehe

  3. I put romance as well. I love that your list is so little – good for you!

  4. Haha definitely agree on “icky lovey stuff.” I mentioned this on my TTT, but it really frustrates me when a book makes it seem like it will have action-adventure in it as well as romance, but it just turns out to be romance with only a little bit of action (not cool!).

    • Omg yes! I get all excited to get a book with adventure and magic and then there isn’t a plot besides getting with the boy next door D: Devious!

  5. I’m a huge baby when it comes to horror so I can’t do those books most of the time. I do love me some romance though! Great list.

  6. Jessica@a GREAT read says:

    Nice ones! Scary stuff…kind of hit or miss. Sometimes I don’t mind being scared senseless, since it’s a book I can tone down how much gore or whatnot I want to imagine! Weird, but that’s me!

    Not a contemp fan either. I don’t want to read something “real”, reading for me is an escape and I like my paranormal!

    New Adult is still pretty new I think. Granted there are a lot of contemp New Adults, but I’ve read a few that are paranormal based. My book that I am about to get into the works of self publishing is being called New Adult: Paranormal. Adding that part in there I think! For awhile I tried it as Urban Fantasy and then decided maybe New Adult would help it since my heroine is in her twenties. We’ll see!

    Nice picks, agree with them as well, although the romance parts are usually hit or miss for me. I don’t like the hardcore romance either, I just like it as an element of the story. Insta love and triangles are definitely hit or miss. Usually categorized as tolerable or intolerable!

    Here’s my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

    • Good point, you can even skim over icky descriptions if you really want to :D

      Hehe, exactly, why would I want to read about the real world when I already live in it ;-) I’m excited to hear that NA is branching into other genres though, I think I will like that move when it gets to sci-fi/fantasy.

  7. Ooh I’m a fan of the scary stuff – but I’m with you on contemporary reads. I’ve been enjoying mysteries lately too.

  8. Seems like our dislikes are pretty similar! I’m not a big romance fan myself either, and contemporary books just leave me cold most of the time. I’m okay with horror though, although I can’t stand too much gore or too much darkness in my books.

  9. I’m so with you on the romance, new adult, and contemporary. Nooo thanks (most of the time). Scary stuff can be okay, but I usually tend to stay away from books like that too. Not even sure why. I guess I’d rather just be reading fantasy and sci-fi stuff instead.

    • Hehe, exactly, I certainly would read any of these (except really gory) if there was nothing else to read, but there is so much sci-fi and fantasy for me to read instead ;-)

  10. I’m not a fan of scary stuff. I’m a wimp with a very vivid imagination.

    • Exactly! Especially when I’m trying to sleep, all of a sudden my imagination starts to torture me with what is hiding in the dark :(

  11. Definitely agree with you about horror. I’m a huge scaredy cat, so steer well clear if I can.

    Here’s my list.

  12. I’m not huge on genre romance or contemporary either. Technically my book is sometimes classified as New Adult. Granted, it’s a new adult dystopian fantasy, which is very different from contemporary, but still. Just sayin.’ :D

    My TTT

  13. Jenn @ A Glo-Worm Reads says:

    I don’t mind romance and contemporaries, but I’m not the biggest fan of horror. Although I’m okay with books that are slightly creepy. I find reading books not as bad as watching movies for horror, so I will still read it, very occasionally, but I don’t look for them.

  14. I love all of those things. =)
    I think right now, the New Adult thing is sticking in the contemporary area, but I have seen a new NA Paranormal Romances, so perhaps it will spread. However, all of them seem to be totally romantic. Perhaps the category will spread, or perhaps books that you already love will end up being reclassified as New Adult due to the age of the protagonist. Who knows?!
    Here’s my Top Ten Tuesdays Post
    Megan @ Love, Literature, Art, and Reason

    • Hehe, more for you then :D I just saw a book that claims to be New Adult Sci-fi on NetGalley but I was suspicious from the description ;-) I can see older books being reclassified definitely, though we need to figure out what makes a book NA besides sexy times, ha

  15. I’m definitely in the same boat when it comes to contemporary and romance stuff. Just holds no interest for me whatsoever.

    I’m fine with horror and dark stuff, though. I don’t tend to read much horror, but I love me some dark fantasy, and keep thinking that I ought to read more of it!


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