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Top Ten Bookish Confessions

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This is my first Top Ten Tuesday post and I was so excited to see the topic when I decided that I should start participating. Often I have trouble thinking what my answers would be, but not this week! I’m rather closeted about a lot of my bookish habits, so this is the perfect opportunity to air all my worries, haha!

  1. Dog-Earring – Yup, that’s right, I horribly mutilate books (just paperbacks though!) when the pages are flimsy enough or the book is already used. I have trouble holding on to bookmarks, and it’s just easier to dog-ear the pages. It just doesn’t really bother me for some reason….
  2. Spine-breaking – More torture of books! I don’t really understand how you are able to read some of these paperbacks without breaking the spine. A friend lent me some books that apparently she has read because she loved them, but they look freaking new. There is no way that I can open them enough to read them without break their spines…. I actually had to ask her if it was all right that I broke their spines because I felt so bad ruining her beautiful books. I really wish I could manage not to, but apparently I’m just blind or something and must open the book all the way to read the words :).
  3. Slow Reader – Sniffles, it’s such a problem! Through a combination of what kinds of books I tend to read, the limited time I have for pleasure reading while being a graduate student, and my apparent natural reading pace, it takes me a while to read books. I don’t really understand you amazing people who can finish multiple books in a week. Unless they were Dr. Seuss, I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t even do it when I was on holiday! One book a week is a miracle for me and it’s a bit of a problem for a book blogger. Tips anyone?
  4. Mismatching Collections – I know a lot of you must have a matching collection for a series, as in they all have to be hardcover and the same edition etc. Due to my student budget, that has never really been an option for me, and so I have a very eclectic bookshelf of every height of book and parts of series all over the place. I like the look of a series all nicely laid out, but it’s just not enough of a priority for me to ever fix….
  5. Lack of Own Books – Despite the fact that my one hobby is reading and blogging about books, I really don’t own that many. Right now I’m defining own as “have on my shelves in my apartment.” Much of “my” collection resides at my parents house and probably will stay there until I actually buy a house somewhere. I also read mostly library or otherwise borrowed books when I’m not reading review books. I’m working on fixing this though! Between used book stores (80 cents for a paperback :D) and book sales, I’ve been slowly buying more and more books, including copies of books that I borrowed and loved and want to own.
  6. Completion Obsession – I am a very task oriented person and find finishing books to be extremely satisfying. This means that I am quite determined to read every book on my shelves, write a review for it and tuck it neatly on the read shelf. This habit is probably a contributing factor to my lack of owned books, since it’s much easier for me to return a book to the library that I didn’t finish and don’t plan to than for it to sit on my shelf laughing at me… forever…. Gah!
  7. Lack of Top Ten Tuesdays – As said earlier, this is my first Top Ten Tuesday and I can’t believe I waited so long to join in, I’m sorry. D: I’ll do better now!
  8. Bad at Networking – I blame this on homework, but I know that I’m just really bad at book blog networking. I promise that I am trying to get better at participating in the community (as seen here!) but it’s definitely something that is holding me back. I would love advice from anyone who also has trouble connecting with the community on their strategies!
  9. Couldn’t Finish This List – This is rather meta, but I can’t think of anything more, which seems a little silly for my first Top Ten Tuesday…. Oh well, sniffles.

Well that was fun! Link me to your Top Ten Tuesday post please :D.

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-AAnya from About The Story

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  1. I’m horrible at networking too. But more so because I’m insanely shy, which means I tend to lurk and never comment or communicate with my fellow bloggers, then because of homework overload…but school did just start up again yesterday so maybe I’ll shift excuses. Great list and ADORABLE layout!

    • I completely hear you! I’m often worried that a comment that’s half formed in my head will sound stupid when I type it out, haha. I have noticed, however, that book bloggers don’t tend to bite ;-) And good job commenting here :D

      Thank you!!! I’m super happy with how it turned out :)

  2. I’m right there with you when it comes to slow reading. One book a week is about the most I can do unless maybe I’m on vacation and not going away for it.

    • Oh thank you! I was worried I was some sort of book blogger leper! When I was on a break between undergrad and grad school I got a lot read but that’s because I pretty much didn’t do anything else besides chores and some light programming. Grad school is a little different, ha!

  3. Glad you decided to join up! And don’t worry about not networking – I’m terrible too and really have no excuse. You’ll get the right balance for you! I have the problem of NOT reading anything on my shelf. Those library books always take priority :)

    • I know right! They are the combination of you want to read them and they have a due date. I have to stop borrowing library books when the review books pile up, since otherwise I have trouble getting them read :(

  4. I am a terrible networker on book blogs, and I solved this problem by having a co-blogger who likes to do it. Haha. Here’s Ours

    • Oo, now there’s a good idea! Too bad my current possible co-blogger is shier than I am, haha! I just need to find time to go in and figure out what is good to spend time on, you two should totally write a how-to be productive on book blogs! It’s a little overwhelming for noobs ;-)

  5. Oooohhhhh – love it!! My confession – I read too many different genres …. I’m never an expert or connoisseur of any one of them. Also, I still love to read young adult books!!

    • That means you’re well rounded right? :D And no worries on the YA, so many adults read them, that is one thing I’ve learned from book blogging :D

  6. I totally own mismatched series, like my Vampire Academy series is half paperback and half hardcover, same with Percy Jackson and those Sookie Stackhouse books. I totally feel you on the budget thing, that’s how it was when I was a student as well.

    Also? I love your blog layout, it’s very aesthetically pleasing.

    • I know right! And that’s if I’m crazy enough to actually buy all of a series anyway, since most of the time half are from the library, lol!

      Thank you!!! I’m super pumped about it and might make excuses to “check” on the blog during the day just to stare, haha

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