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Top Ten Bookish Goals For 2013

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Whew, I dunno if this is actually going to be a full top ten list, since I’m glomping some big goals together. I’m also focusing on book related goals here since I just talked about blog related goals yesterday!

2012 Reading Challenge

2012 Reading Challenge
Anya has
completed her goal of reading 40 books in 2012!

The Last Unicorn Pushing the Limits Destiny Binds Brandon Sanderson The Hobbit

  1. Read 60 books – I started blogging and reading intensely in March this year, and read 50 books according to Goodreads, so adding two more months should make 60 books quite doable. What might make it less doable is the fact I’m in graduate school now and wasn’t for half the year this year, so it might still be a stretch ;-). I realize this goal doesn’t seem that high to a lot of you, but I don’t count all the academic papers I read and my brain gets all fried D:
  2. 3 Old Fantasy and Sci-fi – With all the new books constantly coming out, it’s hard to find time to read the oldies but goodies once in a while ;-). I want to make sure I read several older sci-fi or fantasy books, though what I define as old might be a little fluid ;-).
  3. 2 Contemporary – While this is a Sci-fi and Fantasy blog for the most part, I don’t want to be too narrowly focused at the expense of great books! With that in mind, I’m going to be trying to reach outside of my comfort zone into the contemporary novels that have been most popular in 2012. I’m a little nervous about this one, since I don’t know how it’ll go, but I’m hopeful!
  4. 1 Steampunk – Steampunk is a genre that I just haven’t figured out yet, but I don’t know if it’s because the themes just don’t resonate with me, or because I haven’t read a good steampunk book yet. Stormdancer didn’t quite do it for me (the pollution was too depressing), but I would love recommendations for which book I should try for this one.
  5. Fewer Review Books, Specific Ones – Since this was my first year book blogging, I had the typical excited response to my first many review book requests and said yes yes yes! This led to getting a bit overwhelmed with review books that weren’t books I would have picked up normally and should have thought more about before accepting them. That being said, review books led to a couple of series that I absolutely loved and wouldn’t have found without accepting review copies (like Destiny Binds). This year I want to focus on being picky about the review copies I accept so that I can read books (review and non-review) that I enjoy and that I think my readers will enjoy.
  6. More From My Favorites – In the mad rush to read the latest books and review books, I haven’t had a chance to read all of the books from some of my favorite authors, such as Brandon Sanderson, so I want to make sure to find time to read the older (and new!) work from authors I already know I love and not worry about keeping up with all the debuts constantly, as much fun as they are too ;-).
  7. Reread – Rereading is something that I pretty much never do, which I realize is a freakish thing in this community. I’m not going to change this much since my reading time is limited, but there are some books I want to try to reread, The Hobbit being one of them. My dad read it to me when I was quite young, so now that the movies are being made, I want to re-familiarize myself with the story. I realize I’m a little late on this one, just haven’t had time yet ;-).
  8. Reading Speed – This is a weird one, but I’m not as fast as a reader as I’d like to be. I know that I’m slower than one of my friends, but she is freakishly fast (she read Graceling in two-three hours if I recall correctly), but I think I’m fairly fast compared to the general population. This, however, doesn’t mean much compared to the other book enthusiasts out there, and I often get frustrated with myself that I can’t get through books as quickly as so many of you ;-). With that in mind, I’m going to be trying to increase my reading speed when I’m not too tired and hopefully without decreasing my comprehension and enjoyment too much! If anyone has any tips, feel free to share :D.

Well, that’s all I have, but I think that’ll be plenty, haha! As always, I love to hear from you, so let me know what your goals are and I’ll probably realize I missed something! Also if you are a new follower, let me know and I’ll follower you back :D

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-AAnya from About The Story

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  1. It’s great to see Brandon Sanderson on your list of favorite authors. I am thinking about giving myself 1 month this year where I don’t schedule anything and I simply read whatever catches my fancy.

    • Oo, that sounds like a great idea! Though then I might be tempted to never let the month end, haha, a July that lasts forever….

  2. Anya I’d like to be slightly faster in my reading too but at the same time, sometimes it gets hard because despite you reading fast, sometimes it’s just not registering cos your reading so fast LOL

    My Bookish Goals.

    • Completely agreed! If you can’t remember what you read and what you think of it, then it’s not very helpful at all, haha!

  3. The Readingista (@thereadingista) says:

    Fantastic goals. I am planning to read whatever I want and not read review books unless I request them. I have to keep reading as a passion, not a chore. Best of luck with your goals.

    • I completely agree with you on that one! I think once I get through the review books that I currently have on the pile, I might try that goal out too… Netgalley books that I request are generally awesome, but the random email books tend to be really hit or miss D:

  4. I’m with you on the contemporaries. They’re more difficult for me to get into, but there are some good ones out there. And if you like steampunk, the Leviathan series by Scott Westerfield is pretty light-hearted.

    My TTT: My TTT:

  5. Those are all really great goals!

  6. I’m not a very fast reader either. I’d love to take a speed reading class to see what I can glean from it to help with my reading speed. Good luck with increasing your speed!

  7. Pushing the Limits and Destiny Binds are both really great! I’m reading the ARC of Katie McGarry’s new novel Dare you to and I hope it’s as good as Pushing the Limits:)

    • Yey, another Tammy Blackwell fan awesome :D Good to know you liked Pushing the Limits, I gotta try that one this year!

  8. Great list of goals! I’d love to reread some of my old favorites, but have so many unread books on my shelves that even the thought of rereading makes me feel guilty! Good luck with all of your goals!

    • I know exactly what you mean! I don’t even have any of my old favorites because they are all at my parents’ house still…. Even the thought of getting them out makes me feel guilty, haha!

  9. Great goals! I’m with you on many of them. I also have an issue saying no to review books. and I never reread. I recently did a reread online for a contest (which is a great excuse to reread a book) and i had so much fun and I was so glad I reread the book, I promised myself I would do it more often!
    Here’s my TTT:

  10. Awesome goals! It’s cool that you have goals in lots of specific genres. Good for you! :D
    My TTT

    • Thanks :D I keep seeing books outside of my comfort zone and I think “I wonder if…” gosh darnit, I’m gonna try!

  11. We have a couple of similar goals and some maybe I did not add to my list but I completely agree with you. Like fewer review books & more from fav writers. :)
    I tried a couple of methods I found online but nothing helped me improve my reading speed, I can not say I have a constant reading speed, it all depends how much I like some book and is it an easy read or not. Depending on this factors my reading speed can vary from 30 to 100 pages per hour. I’m not complaining but I would always love to read faster (more books yay) so if you find a method that works for you – yay. :)
    As for steampunk book recommendation, I did not read many books from that genre. I do not count God Save the Queen by Kate Locke and The Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare since I think they are more Victorian themed than steampunk…

    Dragana @ Bookworm Dreams
    My top ten bookish goals for tbr domination in 2013

    • Curses, you don’t think Infernal Devices is very steampunky? I was thinking of trying that one for that goal xD But again I know very little about the genre, so I just don’t know what even counts! Thanks for stopping by, off to check out your list!

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