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Top Ten Bookish Things I Am Thankful For

Top Ten Tuesday

Thanks to the gals of The Broke and The Bookish for hosting this meme every week!

This will be bookish and blogging focused since you don’t need to hear me gush about my awesome boyfriend, parents, and friends ;-). Blogging has opened my reading up to this whole new world and it’s been a really freaking fun year discovering books with all of you! Prepare for the sappiness, hehe.

  1. All of you! – Let’s of course start this off with my favorite part of book blogging, all the awesome book bloggers. I’ve discovered so many new books through this community, so many cool bookish things (like awesome book nooks!), and so many nice people :D.
  2. My library – They have a cool YA section that I’m finally starting to feel comfortable walking in to and they only chuckle at me when I borrow 20+ books that I don’t even have a chance to read *sigh*. They also have an excellent inter-library loan program, and online eBook and audiobook lending! Really, what more could a girl ask for???
  3. My local indie Schuler Books – the location that is closest to me is only a couple blocks away! They have a sci-fi and fantasy YA section with lots of awesome recommendation cards. Through Schuler, I’ve made lots of new friends this year which has been so exciting. They have a surprising number of author events and a really great space in the back for them! They also have $1 shipping all over the US, so I use them to send out giveaway books whenever winners are in the states :D.
  4. Awesome Books book club! This year I joined the Awesome books book club with Krys, Scott, and Kristin. It’s been so much fun reading ARCs with them and finally getting ahead on some books for 2014.
  5. Safe Shark Hosting – Adam is such a life saver! Whenever anything is going wrong on this blog, he is responsive and there to help. He’s also very understanding when I make completely ridiculous mistakes >.>.
  6. Ashley’s Ultimate Book Blogger plugin – I grabbed this on sale during the summer and it has been so awesome. Ashley is constantly coming out with new features too, so I actually read the “what’s new” notes every update to find out what toys I get to play with. My giveaways have been so much easier to promote, I don’t have to worry about updating my book review archive, I never forget to add book info on my reviews, and now my weekly wrap-up posts write themselves :D.
  7. Twitter bloggers! – I finally took the plunge with Twitter this year and have loved getting to know people there. It’s also helped my traffic soooooo much when you all retweet my post promotion tweets!
  8. BookLikes – I was quite uncomfortable with the whole Goodreads fiasco, so I was really happy to move to BookLikes. While I’m still missing some features of Goodreads, BookLikes has introduced me to a whole new set of features I now couldn’t live without. I love the micro-blogging element, since I can write up the little thoughts I have that aren’t really long enough for a blog post, but too long for Twitter, haha.
  9. Publishers – I’ve been really getting in to the world of ARCs this year and I am continuously wowed by the generosity of publishers! I keep worrying that they’ll realize that I’m not worthy of the awesome books they let me read, haha.
  10. My boyfriend Mr. Boy – he has been so nice about my increasing reading habit >.> He just rolls his eyes when I talk about wanting more books, and he even cleaned out his spare bedroom so that I can have an office with a bookcase at his place :D. There was also a promise of making another bookcase <.<.

What are you thankful for this year?

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings -A

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  1. I’m thankful for my library too, and for all my favorite authors, and for the fact that I don’t live in Panem. *nods*

  2. Love you as well, Anya! It sounds like you have a book haven at your fingertips!
    Lyn Kaye recently posted…Stacking the Shelves #67My Profile

  3. I’ll have to check out BookLikes! I don’t like GR’s new policy, but I do like how I can go to it for different things. Great list! :)
    Sunny recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish ThanksMy Profile

  4. LeKeisha Thomas says:

    Books books books!! I’m thankful for all of my kindle devices as well as my bookshelves. I’m also thankful for my job (as much as it drives me crazy), because without it I couldn’t buy books and pay my bills. LOL! I’m thankful for my brother, sister, nieces, and nephews. And more importantly, my fiance’. He’s my rock. I don’t know what I’d do without him. He puts up with my “attitude” when I’m having a bad day. He makes sure that I’m staying focused on life when all I want is for it to be over. I’ve had a rough 2 yrs, and he keeps me sane.

    • So true, I love my reading devices!

      Aw, congrats about being engaged :D Are you in wedding planning mode??

      • LeKeisha Thomas says:

        That would be a no! LOL! I’m a quiet, shy person. So having a big wedding is not something I want. Just the thought of all those ppl…… He has a huge family. Mine is big, but we aren’t really close. I want to elope to Vegas! We went in 2010 but we weren’t engaged at the time. I really want to go back.

  5. Jessica @ a GREAT read says:

    Wow! Your boyfriend sounds very amazing and understanding! Great list of other thankfulness items as well!

    Here’s my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  6. Aww the boyfriend sounds awesome :) Always keep the ones that promise book shelves!
    Felicia The Geeky Blogger recently posted…Release Day Blitz Review: Hard As It Gets by Laura KayeMy Profile

    • At least until they make the shelves right?? ;-) Kidding of course! We’ve been together for 2+ years at this point so I’m totally not in it just for the bookshelves >.>

  7. Aw, your boyfriend sounds like the best! As does your library. Mine still has to get into the YA trend.

    • I was really impressed with my library when I first moved to the area! I sometimes still feel awkward going in to YA section if it’s after school hours since I sometimes interrupt conversations, but I’m thrilled that they are encouraging teen readers so much!

  8. I’m so glad that you’re loving the UBB plugin! :D *warm fuzzies*
    Ashley recently posted…Kinds of Hosting Explained (Shared, VPS, and Dedicated)My Profile

  9. Definitely most thankful for my family and for God keeping us all safe and healthy this year (despite Dad’s worries about my sister living in “the hood”). ;)

    That blog app looks pretty cool, but WordPress only, right? So you’re officially done with Goodreads, huh? I’m currently using BookLikes as a shelf/review backup system only; I have a couple people I talk to pretty regularly on GR, and I like the communication options there better than the Tumblr-like system. Still, we’ll see where I spend most of my time once I get the blog version shelf/review backup up and running.

    And Mr. Boy gave up his spare bedroom … for books?! Sounds like love to me. :)

    • Yup, it’s a wordpress plugin :)

      I’m really excited about Ashley’s new book blogger site and am hoping that that takes the place of Goodreads chatting for me, since I hear ya, I like the group conversation possibilities on GR more than BL

      Right?? It was pretty much just the room full of boxes that we had been too lazy to unpack after moving, so it was good to get it cleaned up, but I was so happy when he just decided to make me an office <3

      • Drat. I’ve been working on setting up a Blogger site, and will probably stick with that unless strange things happen and necessitate a bigger, self-hosted site

        Ashley’s new book blogger site? I have not heard of this. Tell me more!

        Ah, it was *that* room. I know the kind. But still, awesome that he dedicated the space to your books and studying. Any chance he’ll remember that second bookcase with Christmas right around the corner? ;)

        • Fair enough ;-) I moved to self-hosting only after having a site for a while.


          He said we could go pick out the wood and he’d be happy to make it for Christmas, so I think I just need to poke him one of these weekends :D

  10. I really love the book blogging community. I have another blog on a different subject and it’s a completely different feel to the book bloggers. Great list!

    • That is really interesting, I’m quite curious about the community within other subject areas since it seems like us book bloggers are crazy involved haha

  11. Great list! I really need to get me a book club. I don’t have one right now. Frankly, I’m not sure I have the time to take one up, but I’d like one all the same. :D

    My TTT
    Liesel Hill recently posted…Teaser Tuesday: Lord of ChaosMy Profile

    • That’s why I love an online one! We are all really easy going about what book we read next and what speed we read at. Keeping it small helps too since then it’s easy to be flexible :)

  12. I am so, so thankful for this community too! I literally try to think of life without the people in it and I’m just like wait how did that work before?? I am SOOOO thankful for the book blogger plugin. Oh my god it changed some of my most hated tasks like doing my review archive and changing the currently reading status on my sidebar. I am a lazy blogger and so I am VERY thankful for it haha. Mr. Boy sounds like a keeper! Will doesn’t read but he supports…that’s hugely important!!

    • I can’t believe how long I “blogged” before finding the community and I’m honestly not sure what I was doing before, haha.

      I freaking love the plugin, especially since I’m now actually paying attention to who publishes what and it tracks that for me and reminds me to put in that info :D

      Hehe, Mr. Boy doesn’t really either, he’s like half way through World War Z for the last year >.> I keep trying to get him into horror books since he loves horror movies and was interested in reading World War Z, but he’s all “I’m not a reader” ;-)

  13. I’m thankful for too many things to name them all :) However some of the things I’m thankful for are family, friends, and being a part of great blogs that review books, have great authors, do giveaways, and give me the chance to connect with others who enjoy books as much as I do :)
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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