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Top Ten Books Books/Authors I’m Thankful For

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This week is Thanksgiving Day in the US so today’s topic makes a fair bit of sense ;-). There are a lot of authors and books that made a big impact on me over the years, here’s hoping I don’t forget anyone!

Anne McCaffrey To Sail Beyond the Sunset Job: A Comedy of Justice Robert Heinlein The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins J. K. Rowling Second Skin, Too Frozen Prospects Jim C. Hines

  1. Anne McCaffrey – McCaffrey wrote the well-known Pern series, in addition to a bunch of other books. Her Pern books are some of the first “real/adult” books that I can remember reading, and they were also the books that really kicked off my love of reading in my teen and adult life. I proceeded to read anything she wrote, and I still buy any book of hers that I find at used bookstores, since I probably will enjoy it. I will forever be thankful to her for introducing me to fantasy and reading books that they don’t define words for you :).
  2. To Sail Beyond the Sunset by Robert Heinlein – I’m apparently not able to make a TTT without this book, haha. Sunset is about the fictional life of Maureen Johnson and “Mama Maureen” as she is often called has taught me many life lessons over the years as I reread this book in times of stress and transition. I’m so grateful that this book exists.
  3. Job: A Comedy of Justice by Robert Heinlein On a similar note, Job touches on a lot of religious topics (not for the easily offended!) and introduced a lot of interesting ideas to me at an important time in my life, even though it’s obviously a sci-fi book, emphasis on the fiction ;-).
  4. Robert Heinlein – I wanted to call out those two books in particular, but in general I am really thankful for everything that Heinlein wrote. He thought up so many new ideas and so many different ways that society and the universe could work. It’s very important to me to be aware of all the assumptions I make about how things must be in the world. Heinlein has really opened my mind to how those assumptions might be wrong and even dangerous. Really, I think that’s what science fiction should do, and doesn’t do enough of anymore.
  5. The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins – So about two years ago now I took a class and then read this book and it changed my life. This book is part of what motivated me to go to graduate school. The research project I started with is based on some of these theories, so I’m very thankful that I was able to borrow this tattered book from my professor and go down a very different road than I thought I would!
  6. J. K. Rowling – This is obvious right? The Harry Potter books were a MAJOR part of my childhood. My friends and I went to most of the midnight releases of the books (once we were old enough, previous to that my dad went for me :D) and the midnight showings of the movies. There are so many memories all because this awesome lady decided to write down a story.
  7. Second Skin by Peter Darrach – Random? Not actually :D. Second Skin was the first review book that I received a physical copy of! I’m very thankful for Peter Darrach taking a chance on a little book blogger and spending extra money to send me his book. He’s since also sent me the second, Second Skin, Too, and they are both excellent sci-fi adventure if you want some spaceship fun :D.
  8. Frozen Prospects by Dean Murray – Frozen Prospects was the first review that got noticed by the author! Dean Murray found my guest post on The Oaken Bookcase and was quite pleased, which was such a relief! Many of you know that I write my reviews with strengths and weaknesses for every book, so I was worried that he’d be mad about the weaknesses, so I’m thankful that he took my criticism well :D.
  9. Jim C. Hines – Not only is Hines an awesome author of several great series (The Princess Series :D), he’s also a huge advocate for women’s rights and rape prevention. I’m really thankful for authors like Hines that also good people and use however much spotlight they get for good causes.
  10. All of you! – I realize that’s not technically according to the theme, but bloggers are basically authors right? Just of blogs instead of books :D. But seriously all, I’m so thankful for the book blogging community. I don’t know how I would decide what to read or figure out what is going on in the world if it wasn’t for you all. I would also have much less socializing time if I didn’t get to comment and respond to so many comments :D. Seriously, I kind of live under a rock (I’ve named it Seymor).
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-AAnya from About The Story

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  1. Anne McCaffrey was also a powerful force in my young life. I should dig out my old paperbacks and give her Pern books a reread. So many good books, so little time.

    • I really should too! They are all at my parents’ house in moving boxes… Once I finally get settled down I really should take those off their hands, haha

  2. I’ve only read J.K. Rowling off of this list but I love her, definitely going to check out the other authors soon. :]

  3. Interesting list, I loved Anne McCaffrey in my teens.

  4. I love Anne Mcaffrey! :)

  5. What an intriguing list – I have to admit that I really liked your comment in #4 about being aware of the assumptions we make about the world. I had already added ‘To Sail the Sunset’ after you featured it in another post but I’m definitely going to be keeping an eye out for anything Robert Heinlein from now on. Jim C. Hines has been on my reading list for far too long…I have to get on that asap :) Thanks for sharing Anya!

    • Yey! I have to say that I angsted a bit about this post because I worried people wouldn’t understand my weird thoughts, so I really appreciate hearing that :D

  6. Ooh interesting list – other than Rowling, I haven’t read any books by these authors, so now off to check them out.

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