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Top Ten Books Favorite Authors in Fantasy

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This week’s topic allows you to pick a genre to list your favorite authors in, and it was difficult for me to decide whether I wanted to do sci-fi or fantasy, but I’ve been in quite a fantasy mood lately, so it just sounded like more fun :D. Also the covers are sometimes prettier, haha.


  1. Brandon Sanderson – author of Mistborn, Elantris and Warbreaker, as well as many others, Sanderson is definitely my all around favorite fantasy author. Every book I read of his is original, compelling and fulfilling. The only reason that I read books by other authors is because I know I need to spread his books over the years so that I don’t run out!
  2. Patrick Rothfuss – a new author, but wow did he prove his stuff! The Kingkiller Chronicle is only two-thirds done, but Rothfuss proved that even traditional fantasy ideas could be reworked with a mystical new voice for a completely fresh feel. The way his books make my brain feel is just completely different than any other fantasy I’ve read, and they are freaking awesome.
  3. Jim C. Hines – Hines is a Michigan author, and I haven’t actually read all that many of his books, but what I have read of his I’ve loved, and I love his blog. In addition to being an author, he is also a huge women’s rights activist and is involved in rape and abuse counseling if I’m not mistaken. He’s just such a freaking great guy, in addition to being a fantastic (haha) writer with strong female characters and vibrant fantasy worlds. If you haven’t heard of him, please please please check him out, and his Princess series!
  4. Anne McCaffrey – Being one of the first fantasy authors that I read voraciously, McCaffrey obviously had a huge impact on my life. When I was younger, I was in fact determined to go on vacation to Ireland to meet her, and I was really sad when I read that she died. There will always be a part of me that flies with the dragons in Pern, and I am guaranteed to buy any book of her’s that I haven’t read if I find it at a book sale.
  5. J. K. Rowling – While we’re talking about authors that heavily influenced my childhood ;-). I’m not sure what’s up with Casual Vacancy, but I loved Harry Potter, and really look forward to more Rowling fantasy in the future!
  6. Margaret Weis – Co-author of the awesome Dragonlance Chronicles (and many other Dragonlance books), I’ve only read 4 of her books, but the final Dragonlance Chronicle book moved me with character depth and connection that I literally have never seen matched. In a lot of ways love between lifelong friends can be more touching than romantic love because it takes so much longer to develop…. Those books are awesome.
  7. Tracy Hickman – The other Dragonlance author! I find his photo and Goodreads profile amusing, it looks like he doesn’t care much what is on it ;-). In any case, Dragonlance books, they are awesome fantasy.
  8. Ilona Andrews – Technically they are a husband and wife team, but one author? It’s confusing! Anyway, the Kate Daniels and Edge series are some rocking urban fantasy. They do a wonderful job of keeping a very congested genre fresh and compelling.
  9. Patricia Briggs – On the subject of rocking urban fantasy, I love the Mercedes Thompson series so much, so so much. When is the next one coming out????
  10. Phillip Pullman – His Dark Materials was a fantabulous trilogy, and props to Pullman for doing something rare and making us think with a fantasy story! It’s not just for sci-fi any more :D. Also I commented in a previous post that I haven’t heard anything from him recently, which is still true, but he has an old series called Sally Lockhart that has some pretty good ratings >.>.
Wow, that was really fun, since I’m weird and pretty much never go snooping after authors that I like. I literally had no idea what some of those people looked like before writing this, haha! Also I really want to go read some fantasy now, too bad I need to be good and read my review books first *sniff*. What are your favorite fantasy authors?? I know that Kristin Cashore will be on my list the next time I write it, but I figure I should finish at least one of her books first ;-). Also do you think that dystopias count as sci-fi or fantasy? I wasn’t sure if Under the Never Sky’s Veronica Rossi would count as a fantasy author…. So conflicted!

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-AAnya from About The Story

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  1. You have some great names over there. J.K Rowling of course ;) And almost all the other authors are high on my TBR list. Especially Jim Hines Princess series! :D

    TTT fairytales authors @thedailyprophecy.

    • Yey! It always makes me happy to hear that people like Jim C. Hines, I was astounded to find out he wasn’t as popular as I thought he was, he’s such a great author!!

      Thanks for linking! *clicks* :D

  2. Awesome list because there are so many authors on here whose books I want to read.

  3. Three authors I’ve read! LOL. I feel semi-accomplished. J.K. Rowling is, of course, amazing. I’ve read all of the Harry Potter books though I haven’t given in to The Casual Vacancy just yet…the lack of fantasy isn’t doing much for me. I’ve read just one Patricia Briggs book, a fantasy novel not her urban fantasy, and really enjoyed it so I guess I know what I’m reading next. And I really need to read the last two books of Pullman’s trilogy, no idea why I’m lagging so on that. As for the rest of the authors you mentioned? I’m scrolling through their titles on goodreads and amazon so I can add to my wishlist and educate myself in the future.

    And I have been craving fantasy lately too but I’ve let the review books pile up WAY too high to veer away from them now. Soon hopefully. As for dystopians, I’ve always considered them closer to science fiction though I was just unsure enough to give them their own shelf. [I sort by genres.]

    • Maybe it’s winter that gives the fantasy vibe? Or just gah, school is making me think too much and I don’t want to have to think more xD Give me rainbows and princesses!!! I have let the review books pile up a lot as well. What is with the waves?? I got five all at once! After like a month of no requests… so strange, does this happen to you??

      That makes sense, dystopians definitely usually seem to be set in sci-fi settings… maybe it is just a setting thing though?

      • Maybe. It would make sense. Winter can get so dreary and fantasy novels are the ultimate escape. And school is making me think too much too. Stupid midterms. I can’t wait until they are over and I can stop studying and read more. Well. Read more of what I want anyway. Rainbows and princesses sound perfect! No idea whats going on with these waves. I had made a few requests and heard nothing and then all of a sudden everything was accepted and all of these authors appeared out of nowhere wanting me to read their ebook and its just like…HUH? Where were you people???

        Maybe. I think they’re kind of in a league of their own. They take some of the better/best elements from other genres and fuse them together into a super-genre.

  4. Yes! Amazing list! I’ve only recently discovered Brandon Sanderson but he’s an instant favorite for me as well. I’m SO eager to check out everything else he’s writing! And obviously JKR goes without saying for me so I love seeing her name on this list :D Phillip Pullman is pretty awesome as well! Thanks so much for sharing.

    Here’s my TTT post

    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows

    • Yey! I’m always pumped to meet another Sanderson fan, basically every book I read of his makes me want to go read all the rest right NAO!! haha!

      Thanks for linking! *clicks*

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