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Top Ten Books I HAD To Buy…But Are Unread

top ten tuesday
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Whew, it’s been a while since I did a TTT, but I just couldn’t resist this topic! I am notoriously bad at excitedly getting new books even though I haven’t read half the books I bought in the past year. There are always so many review books and library books that need reading first. I’ve been investing in bookshelves from friends who are moving just to hold all the books! I have to admit I like the way they look in my living room though :D.

Seraphina Throne of Glass Cloud Roads The Way of Kings
All right, first up are the books I got for Christmas this year. I was dying to get these three and so excited when they arrived, but I just haven’t found the time to read them yet! I can’t believe it, I mean Seraphina has dragons, how could I resist dragons?? What always ends up happening is that there is a library or review book that I need to read before the deadline, so everything else that can wait does wait :(. I’m definitely going to need to have a month soon where I read only books off my shelf I think…. Also to be fair, The Way of Kings is terrifyingly long, so I might need that month just for it ;-).

Vessel Night Circus City of Bones The Girl of Fire and Thorns

Next up are the books that I’ve bought over the past couple of months because I’ve heard such amazing things and just couldn’t resist anymore. I think that my thought process was that if I owned a copy and had it staring at me from the shelf, I would be more likely to find time to read it >.>. Also Night Circus and City of Bones were on sale, so that is even more difficult to resist, haha! Gah, just looking at this post makes me want to do nothing but read for the next month.

Frost Burned Poison
Finally are the books that I got the day they were released this past month, but I haven’t cracked open yet. I even specifically planned to read them as soon as possible to have a review up close to the publication date, but that is slipping farther and farther away. I really do need to read Frost Burned though since my mom is waiting to borrow it ;-). These two are the ones that are actually top of the TBR pile because I’m still hoping to get reviews up within a month of publication!

That’s all! Well, there are plenty more books on the shelf to be read, but these were the ones I was most excited about and can’t believe I haven’t gotten to yet. What are your reasons for not getting to a much anticipated book? What’s most urgent on your TBR?

Happy Reading!

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings – A

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  1. HOLY CRAP you HAVE to read Seraphina!!

    I have Vessel as well. :(

  2. It’s been some years since I read Patricia Briggs – good stuff. I think you will really enjoy the intricacy of The Way of Kings. Yeah, I’ve been meaning to read Martha Wells for a while now too. Great choices, even if you haven’t quite got to them yet.

    • Hehe, but them being on this list makes me want to read them now, so hopefully they will be great choices in the future :D

  3. I know that a lot of people told you this – but you have to read Seraphina – I mean intelligent dragons. :D And Throne of Glass and Cloud Roads are both awesome fantasy novels. :)
    I have The Way of Kings, Vessel, Night Circus, Girl of Thorn and Fire and Poison waiting on my shelves also (although I didn’t mention them in my TTT, I tried to focus on neglected sequels to series…

    • Completely agree! I was so excited to get a copy since it was the hit dragon book, I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to read it!

      Neglected sequels is also a problem for me, but I feel less bad since at least I’ve started the series then, hehe

  4. Oh it’s been a really long time since I did a TTT post too…I really should get back on board soon! Anyways, ditto to Seraphina, Throne of Glass & Way of Kings! I still want Girl of Fire & Thorns & Night Circus though >.< Oh and I just recently got Poison and since it's so small I think I'll read it next! Oh and I hope you'll have better luck with City of Bones when you read it than I did :)

    • Oh no, you didn’t like City of Bones? I’ve been hearing mixed things, some rave and some rant ya know? haha, what didn’t you like?

  5. I really enjoyed Throne of Glass, Seraphina and The Way of Kings! The Girl of Fire and Thorns isn’t my favorite, but Crown of Embers is much better.

    • Excellent to know that that series gets better, just in case I don’t like it as much as I hope I will ;-)

  6. I want to read your whole list! (Apart from City of Bones, which I just read recently). I have quite a few of those sitting on my shelf too, and I do the exact same thing as you… always seem to have new review or library books that have a deadline to be read by, so I always end up reading those first and leaving the others on the shelf. I think I’m going to have to set a month or two to read my Top Ten list as well! :-)

    • Whew, at least I’m not alone, hehe! We should definitely set a month aside this year… maybe sometime in the summer >.>

  7. Throne of Glass I started and put down..and have never restarted!

  8. Hah, I have the same problem. I’ve bought lots of books over the past year and haven’t read almost any of them yet. It’s sad. But I’m working on it :p

  9. Way of Kings is on my list too! LOVE Brandon Sanderson but that book is just so big. Seriously daunting. Might end up reading a chapter a day or something for a while, just to get into it but leave time for other books. =S

    Night Circus is amazing – definitely one of the most visually stunning (both in the descriptions, and the cover!) books I’ve ever read. I recommend it to everyone, lol.

    Nikki @ There were books involved…

    • Yey Brandon Sanderson!!! I’m working on reading everything he has written, and I’ve gotten through pretty much everything except the last Wheel of Time novels and Way of Kings, oof! It might be a good book for a read along though >.>

  10. radiantshadowss says:

    I loved The Girl of Fire and Thorns, and I was very pleasantly surprised by The Night Circus; it’s not my normal genre and I LOVED it!

    P.s. Your social media dragon is ADORABLE.

  11. I need to read The City of Bones before the movie, and I really wanna read Seraphina and The Throne of Glass as well.

  12. Oh my GOSH!! Seraphina, Throne of Glass, AND Girl of Fire & Thorns?! You are in for SUCH a treat once you start reading!

  13. Ula @ Blog of Erised says:

    I need to get to Seraphina as well, as well as Throne of Glass. City of Bones and the rest of the series are amazing.

    My TTT

    • Awesome! I’m really excited to have the Infernal Devices books on audio for review, so I’ll probably get to those first (lack of audiobooks)

  14. The Girl of Fire and Thorns is one of my all time favourite books ever. You must read it, it’s a great fantasy novel. Throne of Glass is also brilliant! Happy REading!

    My Top Ten!

    • Yey, that is awesome to hear since it’s a desert setting right? And I’ve been super craving those, hence Vessel as well xD

  15. Girl of Fire and Thorns had been on my TBR list for so long! I still haven’t bought it though. Great list!
    Em @ A Beautiful Madness
    My Top Ten

  16. I”m reading Seraphina this week! Girl of Fire and Thorns has been sitting on my kindle, staring at me, for months! Really need to get to it! :D Great list!
    My TTT

    • Yey! I’m excited to hear what you think, dragons :D. Hehe, isn’t it mean when books just stare you down like that ;-)

  17. You have such great books to read! I recommend starting Poison right now because it just came out AND it’s a quick, short read. =) So you can knock it off your list.
    I bought Girl of Fire and Thorns because Amazon likes to email me and go HEY LOOK AT THE SALES! and I give in and buy all the books I’ve wanted to read. *sigh*
    At least I’m not alone!

    Here’s my Top Ten Tuesdays Post
    Megan @ Love, Literature, Art, and Reason

    • Hehe, I’m definitely planning on reading Poison after finishing the review book I’m currently on (The Summer Prince), since it is so short and fun looking!

      I am able to mostly avoid Amazon’s temptations since I prefer to do all my shopping at the local indie store, however that just means that when I go there to talk to friends/”just browse” I get tempted by all their amazing offers!

  18. I know the feeling! There is just never enough time. Throne of Glass is great though, and I kicked myself for letting The Night Circus stand around on my shelf so long! It’s simply magnificent. I really want to start Patricia Briggs’ series by the way!

    Here’s what’s sitting on my shelves.

    • Yey, I’m so excited to finally get to them then ;-) Oo yes you must read Patricia Briggs, I’m so in love with her approach to urban fantasy!

  19. Seraphina! I totally forgot to add that one to my list! City of Bones is on my list, I’ve had it a year now and still haven’t read it. I have read Throne of Glass which was enjoyable.
    I have heaps on my shelves to read. I’m hoping to get through most of them this year.

    My Top Ten post

    Sabina @ Delirious About Books

    • I completely hear you about the heaps! These were only the books that I really really really want to read, there are lots more that I only really want to read ;-)
      Thanks for stopping by, off to check out your list :D


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