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Top Ten Books I Thought I’d Like More Than I Did

Top Ten Tuesday


Another Top Ten Tuesday! It’s been a while since I’ve embarked on one of these awesome lists, but I thought I’d join in again ;-). TTT  is brought to you by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week is a bit of a gripe week I guess. I could try to make a list of books I thought I’d like less, but I don’t tend to read books that I don’t think I’ll like, so griping it is! There might be books here that you really like, and I’ll say first that it is entirely possible I was in the wrong mood when reading something. If you ended up really liking a book, I’d love to get recommendations on which are worth trying again!

Daughter of the Blood by Anne Bishop Bayou Moon by Ilona Andrews
Too much gore: Daughter of the Blood opens with a very disturbing scene that I will never scrap from my brain and continues on with a lot of gore and violence from there. The concept of The Black Jewels series is freaking awesome, and so I kept hoping to get to a part that didn’t hurt my stomach so much. Bayou Moon was an otherwise awesome book that had a couple of very gory scenes that really freaked me out, and now that’s the only thing that sticks out in my head when I think of it :(.

Brisignr by Christopher Paolini A Clash of Kings by George R. R. Martin The Great Hunt by Robert Jordan 
Slower than expected: So I know that these are all much beloved books, but please don’t hate me! Brisingr and Clash of Kings are just the ones in the series that I’m currently stuck on and it makes me sad. I wanted to tear through both of these series as much as everyone else did, but between blogging distractions (oo shiny new books!) and the length, I just lost interest. I do definitely plan to try them again at that magically point when I have time >.>. The Great Hunt ended up being really great, but I was having a hard time hanging on for a bit there.

Stormdancer by Jay Kristoff Cinder by Marissa Meyer The Alloy of Law by Brandon Sanderson
Too high of expectations: Once again, these three are much beloved and excellent books (Sanderson is my favorite author after all!), however no book could live up to the hype that I had in my brain for these three. Stormdancer was a bit too depressing and descriptive for me honestly. Cinder just got a bit slow in the middle and I literally had been drooling over it for weeks, trying to resist reading it until I had gotten through classwork. Finally, Alloy of Law is by my favorite author and was in a setting that just didn’t do it for me, so again too high of expectations.

The Summer Prince by Alaya Dawn Johnson Dealing with Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede
Scattered plot: Both of these had interesting/fun premises but the plot just didn’t get going for most of the book. The Summer Prince is a cool dystopia, but most of the book is about crazy art projects (like the lights in her arm), and so I didn’t really know what the main plot was supposed to be. Dealing With Dragons is a juvenile book, and so it was mostly just light-hearted fun with dragons. However, there was a plot in the end, I just wish it would have started sooner :( or at least been more obvious that that was the end goal ya know? I need direction, haha.

In any case, again, I know most of these are excellent and beloved books. Hence why I expected so much from them and was a little disappointed. Any of them you think I should give a second chance? ;-)

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings -A

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  1. I’m glad to see you are re-joining ttt train. This is my favorite meme out there. :)
    I liked Black Jewels series, although you are right it is very dark fantasy: whipping, rape, torture. But I just loved all main characters and their dynamics.
    I’m sorry to hear A Clash of Kings is slow for you. I loved GOT the most and then the series went a little downhill from there. If you want slow wait until and if you read Dance of Dragons. :/

    • Hehe, it is an excellent meme! Yeah, I’m a bit of wuss when it comes to violence in books D: Oof, I hoped that Dance of Dragons would be awesome because of dragons, haha, sorry to hear it’s not as good as hoped

  2. Bleck. I didn’t even bother with BRISINGR. I stopped caring after the second book. Though I am sad that STORMDANCER failed you. I loved that book.

    • Yeah, I’m trying with Brisingr, since I hear Inheritance is waaaay better and worth pushing through for, but so many non-slow books to read! Aw, I’m sad you’re sad D: I honestly just couldn’t handle how depressing the setting was with everyone sick and the world dying of pollution :(. I’m hoping the rest of the trilogy starts fixing things, haha.

  3. Well, I haven’t read a single one of the books you mentioned (I fail!!) but I enjoyed reading it all the same! Alloy of Law seems like it could fall a bit flat compared to the original trilogy. And Cinder seems to get mostly 3.5-4 stars so I figure you’re not alone in thinking it’s got some slow bits in there. I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews on the Eragon books, and it’s the main reason I still haven’t read the first book – which I’ve owned for years and years now o.O Stormdancer is one I really wanted to get my hands on when it came out, and still do but like you said…I just keep getting distracted by new books :D

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Alloy of Law was definitely interesting, haha. I think if I liked western settings at all, I would have liked it more. There were all sorts of cool turns of phrase having to do with metal :D

  4. Aww, I’m sad that you didn’t like Cinder or Stormdancer that much.. they were some of my favourite books of last year :) And I would encourage you to stick with Storm of Swords, it is quite slow in the first half but around the 60% mark, it all kicks off! I really should get back to the Eragon series too.. I’m pretty sure I’ve only read the first two.

    • Aw, yeah, I figured I’d disappoint some people with that ;-) I still enjoyed them, I just had been waiting so long to read them that nothing could live up to my expectations, haha. Thanks for the advice about SoIaF, I will definitely keep going with them at some point

  5. I felt “meh” about Cinder, as well. I have high expectations for Scarlet, however!

  6. I know what you mean about being in the wrong mood sometimes. I read Dealing with Dragons when I was sick in bed with a fever. A light juvenile was just about all I could handle, so it was perfect for me then. And the first time I read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, I was in the throes of an as-yet-diagnosed medical issue that was causing no end of anxiety. I couldn’t concentrate on a thing. I almost didn’t read the rest, but my daughter liked it, and I decided I’d better try again. Thank goodness — now I love them!

    • That is a great situation to have a fun book about dragons to read! I’m glad your daughter got you to try HP again, definitely worth it ;-)

  7. I 100% agreew ith you about A Clash of Kings – my advice – watch the tv series and move on to book 3 – you will NOT be disappointed with that one.

    • Oo, good to know, I’ve been watching the TV show, so I’m already all spoiled for the books, but I find it helps me keep all the characters straight, haha!

  8. Jenn @ A Glo-Worm Reads says:

    I’ve only read the first three books in A Song of Ice and Fire, but I’ll agree with you that A Clash of Kings is a bit slower. I’ll be reading it next month, I enjoyed A Game of Thrones much more this time around, so I’m hoping I will like the next one more too. I’m reading them for a read a long The pace is fairly good, each book is spanned out over two months, so maybe jump in for the next book and you can slowly work your way through it? I find each weeks reading takes me a couple hours to get through, it’s about 100 pages, so it leaves me lots of time for other books.

    I did love Cinder But Scarlet was even better!

    I really want to read the Inheritance series as well as Stormdancer. I’m very interested in The Wheel of Time series lately too.

    I’m like you and tend to not even bother reading books I don’t think I’m going to like. It happens sometimes, but if it doesn’t sound like something I’ll like, I don’t read it.

    • I have been noticing that read along posted places >.> Oh it’s perfect timing for me to read Clash of Kings isn’t it? Curses, I am already in a readalong and haven’t been able to find time to read everything I want as it is D: So many books!

  9. Alise (Readers in Wonderland) says:

    Finally, someone else who didn’t LOVE Cinder. I was also starry-eyed from all the positive reviews for I was also expecting more. I definitely agree on all of your explanations. I haven’t read Game of Thrones yet because they scare me, ha!
    Thanks for stopping by my discussion post!

    • Whew, I’m glad I’m not the only one! Did you continue with Scarlet? I found that I liked Scarlet much better actually, so you might try one more if you are up for it ;-)

  10. I’m like the opposite to you. I devoured Brisingr, so quickly! I felt like the story flew by and was extremely quick, even though it’s the longest out of all the books! Eldest, on the other hand, took me three months to read. And this was years ago, when I read one book at a time, and never had a DNF. Sadly, I have not read Inheritance, because I need to reread all the books, or at least Brisingr, to refresh.

    • Hehe, different tastes ;-). I first got stuck on Eldest in high school when the books were coming out, then re-started it in college and loved it. Apparently I just need to always try twice with those books! I hear that Inheritance is the best of all of them though, which was why I decided to keep trying with Eldest, hopefully one of these days I’ll finish them! I found a copy of Inheritance at a library booksale, so I’m all set for a dragon marathon, ha!

  11. That’s too bad you didn’t like Cinder as much as you wanted to. I still haven’t read it yet. I’ve heard good things and I hope to get to it. I hope I’ll enjoy it.

    My TTT Post

    • Yeah, I think it was the hype really, since I loooooooved Scarlet. It’s definitely a series worth reading :D

  12. Smash Attack says:

    Ha. I love gore, so I definitely need to check those out some day. :) I loved Cinder but it was a very predictable plot. I am sad about Stormdancer! It sounds so entertaining. I have yet to read Brisingr. I plan to do a reread of the first two one day, so I can finish that series finally! Also, Songs of Fire and Ice is way too dense for me. I get bored way too easily with that kind of writing.

  13. Very interesting list! I like the way you broke it down. I really hate it when a book has so much hype behind it that you end up liking it LESS than you thought you would. I’m trying not to do that to myself, but you can’t always control things like that.

    I read The Great Hunt so long ago I don’t even remember everything that happened in it (the whole of The Wheel of Time just runs all together in my mind). But if you had trouble with that one, just wait until you get to books like Winter’s Heart. So. Slow. Nothing. Happens. Oh. My. God. Seriously, I think the only way I could get through the whole series was by listening to it on audio. Having someone else read lengthy descriptions to me is fine, but having to slog through them myself just gets tiring.

    I’ve heard a lot of similar complaints about The Summer Prince. And funny, I saw the author at an event on Saturday and she basically said that she has a lot of trouble figuring out her plot points and world building, and that’s the bulk of her revisions. Interesting.

    • Thanks, I needed to organize my thoughts, hehe!

      Yeah, hype is a problem, especially because I probably would have liked the books more if I had just stumbled upon them :(

      Eep, I dunno if I’m going to make it D:

      Huh, that’s interesting to hear about The Summer Prince, I guess she needed even more revisions for plot, uh oh

  14. I’ve been debating moving Dealing with Dragons up in my queue – I’ll have to pay attention to the pacing when I do, as all my memories of it are older than I’d like to admit to. :)

    • Hehe, it’s definitely fun, just has a young plot I guess? Basically there isn’t really a driving tension until like 2/3 through, not that just hanging out with dragons is a bad thing ;-)

  15. Yep, I’ve heard Martin’s books are slow. The Eragon series is on my wishlist because I’ve just heard how addictive it is – should it be??

    • Hmm, I never found Eragon etc addictive, in fact I easily set the third book down. It’s a personal taste thing I guess ;-)

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