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Top Ten Books I’ve Read So Far In 2013

Top Ten Tuesday

Thanks to the gals of The Broke and The Bookish for hosting this meme every week!

So I think my favorite thing about TTT as a meme is that there are these sorts of topics regularly. I would never come up with a seasonal TBR list or think back on my favorite books so far without this feature :D. So without further ado, the books!

The Five Stars:

Through the Ever Night Steelheart The Testing Frost Burned Scarlet Siege and Storm Above World Entangled Days of Blood and Starlight

Oof, so this is actually going to be eleven, since I got to ten around March and then figured I’d just browse to see what didn’t make the arbitrary time cut off and realized I had forgotten Days of Blood and Starlight which was UNACCEPTABLE! All right, so all of these books were freaking amazing and I just don’t know what else to say about them. I’m so excited for Steelheart to come out so that everyone can enjoy it’s awesomness. It’s actually funny to me looking back on these, since I know I must have loved all the books I marked as 5 stars at the time, but some books just stick with you more ya know? I have to keep myself from ever thinking about changing old ratings because I would drive myself insane trying to balance and rebalance everything, haha. Anyway, did you 5-star any of these? :D

The Nearly Five Stars:

The Rithmatist Tuesdays at the Castle

And of course, the 4.5 star books that I just couldn’t leave out. This goes back to those books that hook into your memory in one way or another. I remember being really happy and giddy reading both of these. Perhaps that is partially due to them being middle grade, but they are really good middle grade ya know? There were some scary and sad moments in both, but overall I have these lovely happy feelings associated with them :D.

So now that I’ve love-fested all over, what have been your favorites so far this year?? Did you have as much trouble as I did choosing? D:

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings -A

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  1. I feel like standing up and applauding every time I see a Laini Taylor – YES to Days of Blood & Starlight…I’d read it last year but it would be a favorite ANY year! I’ll be reading Scarlet too and I’m very eager since I keep hearing it’s even better than Cinder :D Hoping to read Rithmatist soon and Steelheart closer to September (sooo behind on review books) Under the Never Sky and the Grisha are two WAY overdue series for me – gah! Oh and since your reviews of Above World & Testing, I’ve added both to my TBR :) Awesome picks!

    • I’m so freaking excited for the third book! I’m going to have to buy the audible book, since the narrator is so amazing :D

      Haha, I should have waited on Steelheart, but I couldn’t resist ;-)

  2. Good picks! (I have Scarlet, waiting to read it!)

  3. Jenn @ A Glo-Worm Reads says:

    Scarlet and The Testing are on my list too! They are both awesome! Days of Blood and Starlight was an awesome book too :) I read that one last year. <3 Laini Taylor!

    Great list!

  4. I finished Cinder a couple weeks ago and liked it, but haven’t started Scarlet yet. So many people like it I may have to start it soon! I also loved Frost Burned. That series is one of my favorites!

  5. I loved Scarlet! I’m reading Days of Blood and Starlight now – the first book was one of my faves last year.

  6. Can’t wait to read Scarlet! Cinder made my list. The rest I haven’t read, but The Rithmatist is climbing higher and higher on my TBR list.

  7. Completely agree about Scarlet! Great book.

  8. Great list! I loved Scarlet too, but didn’t put it on my list. I am super intrigued by The Rithmatist and Tuesdays at the Castle so I’ll have to check them out.

    • Yes, definitely! I’m really starting to love the younger books, they just make me so cheerful, hehe

  9. Hell Yes to Days of Blood & Starlight ♥ It was one of my top 2 books of last year! I own Scarlet, Steelheart & Rithmatist so I should have read those three soon enough…they’re among the top ones to get to next anyways heh. I own Under the Never Sky too but in ebook form so it might take a little longer for that one. And I’m not even going to start up with how Siege and Storm is my #1 wishlist book (again) right now…at this rate it’ll be on the Xmas wishlist LOL Amazing picks all around Anya!

    • How can you resist reading new Sanderson books?? ;-) I am just not as strong! You have so many awesome books to look forward to, I’m kind of jealous, hehe

  10. Oh, I loved Scarlet and Through the Ever Night! I haven’t read Siege and Storm yet, but I’m ridiculously excited about it! Great list :)

    My TTT:

  11. Scarlet made my list too (so excited for Cress) and I need to start Veronica Rossi’s books! :) My TTT list:

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland

    • SO excited for Cress, hopefully we get into the desert too, I wanna see how that part of the world is looking!

  12. Laini Taylor and Veronica Rossi both made my list too. Great books! I actually JUST finished Through the Ever Night. Will be reviewing it on my blog tomorrow. Great list! :D
    MY TTT.

  13. Steelheart sounds amazing. I’m glad you enjoyed that one. I have The Testing on my TBR, but haven’t gotten to it yet. Great list!
    Natflix&Books’ TTT

  14. I think it would be difficult to come up with the top 10 books I’ve read so far this year, but it might be an interesting challenge. Maybe I’ll do that for an end-of-June post, when the year’s half over, so that it’ll be a good midway kind of thing. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • The Broke and Bookish girls come up with great topics! I can’t wait to see what you come up with for your list :D

  15. I loved Scarlet, Days of Blood and Starlight..Scarlet as well! Great choices!

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