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Top Ten Books New To Me Authors of 2012

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It’s always fun to look back at this time of year and remember everything you did :D. I started blogging seriously early this year and so 2012 was a big year for discovering new authors!

Laini Taylor Kristin Cashore Jim C. Hines Tammy Blackwell Trish Milburn Veronica Rossi Nancy Kress Suzanne Collins Lauren Oliver

  1. Laini Taylor – Author of the wonderful Daughter of Smoke and Bone, which I listened to fairly recently and absolutely loved! I’m sure Taylor will be on a lot of lists, since she’s freaking fantastic :D
  2. Kristin Cashore – I finally started catching up on the Graceling books this year! I started with Fire and have borrowed my friend’s copy of Graceling (which I know I’ll love already, haha!).
  3. Karalynn Lee – You may not have heard of Mz. Lee yet, but she wrote Heart of the Dragon’s Realm, which I absolutely loved! She’s more romance than fantasy usually apparently, but I’m hoping she does more fantasy in the new year :D. She also has no author pic D:
  4. Jim C. Hines – That’s right! I was only introduced to the awesomeness of Jim C. Hines this year :D. I’m so happy I went to grad school and got educated about awesome books ;-).
  5. Tammy Blackwell – I was so happy to meet Miss Tammy at GenCon this year, she was just so lovely a person :D. I was then even more thrilled to completely fall in love with her Timber Wolves series, haha. I’m super excited to go to GenCon next year to say hi again, maybe I can convince her to get coffee with me >.>.
  6. Trish Milburn – Mz. Milburn writes the Coven series, which is some pretty rocking YA witch-y fantasy :D. I was pumped to get all of these books fro NetGalley this year!
  7. Veronica Rossi – Waaaay at the beginning of the year I tried my first blogosphere recommendation, Under the Never Sky, and loooooved it :D. Now I’m waiting with everyone else for Through the Ever Night, haha!
  8. Nancy Kress – Beggars in Spain is actually a fairly old book, but I started the trilogy this year, so it’s new to me :D.
  9. Suzanne Collins – I had trouble remembering when I read Hunger Games for a minute, but then I remembered that I got it for my birthday this year, which is in February, so Collins is definitely a 2012 author for me :D.
  10. Lauren Oliver – Author of Delirium, Pandemonium and soon Requiem :D. I only started these recently, but I’m looking forward to continuing to read was Mz. Oliver writes in the future :D.
I really love these sorts of topics because I start out thinking “There is no way I’ll figure out ten people to list, I don’t know authors at all!” and then I realize at the end “Wow, I learned some things about my reading habits and definitely have ten people listed, go me!” It’s a really great exercise, ya know :D. So who did you discover this year??
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-AAnya from About The Story

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  1. So many on this list I love, Taylor, Cashore, Collins! Great list!

  2. I recognize several authors on your list, but have only read Suzanne Collins (2 years ago). I want to take some time to read Jim Hines, mostly for those great posts he did on book covers.

  3. I love Suzanne Collins! I’m glad you read The Hunger Games. It’s one of my favorite trilogies. And, seeing the picture of Laini Taylor makes me miss my purple hair. Blasted job! ;)

    • I originally stopped after the first book because I’m weird about series, but now I’m thinking of trying to get the other two from Paperback Swap since I think I might be able to finish the series that way :D Laini Taylor’s hair is definitely awesome :D I was sad when you had to dye your hair back, purple is my fav color, haha! And I’ve always been too afraid that my blonde hair would get all weird if I tried dyeing it pretty colors *sigh*

  4. Laini Taylor is also near the top of my list ^^ I can’t wait to dive into Days of Blood and Starlight. I read the Hunger Games last year but I’m really curious about what Suzanne Collins will come up with next!
    I haven’t read any of the other authors yet but I hope to get to Kristin Cashore and Veronica Rossi’s books next year :)

    My TTT

    • Yey, me too! I’m trying to get through a couple review books and be good before diving in to all of the fun books that I’m dying to read xD Thanks for stopping by! I’m off to check out your list :D

  5. haha yup Laini Taylor definitely made it on my list this week, as did Lauren Oliver. Still hoping to read Graceling before 2012 is out :) And YES to Suzanne Collins ♥ LOL

    • Haha, me too! I got Graceling from the library on Monday, so I’m pretty sure I will manage! Bitterblue isn’t happening, but I’m hoping to get it for a certain holiday coming up >.> So then early in the new year hopefully :D

  6. I discovered Laini Taylor this year, too, and re-discovered Kristin Cashore (the only book by her I’d read before 2012 is Graceling). I know you will love Fire; it might actually be my favorite of her books. I want to check out Trish Milburn and the Coven series– sounds good, though I hadn’t heard of her before. Anyway, awesome list. Hope 2013 is another good year for discovering fantastic new authors for you.

    • I’ve actually already read Fire, I decided to read those books out of publishing order and test the whole “companion not sequel” definition >.> I’m weird! So I’m working on Graceling right now haha! But it worked, so Fire really is a companion novel :D

      Oo, definitely check out Milburn’s Coven series, if you use NetGalley, they were available there for a while, and might still be. They are pretty fast reads too, which was a fun break ;-)

  7. I still need to read ‘Delirium’! My TTT list:

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland

    • It was pretty good, but I must say that I like the sequel even more! Thanks for stopping by, off to check out your list :D

  8. I discovered Kristin Cashore too. Suzanne Collins was my last-year discovery. :) I still did not read anything by Laini Taylor, Jim C. Hines, Tammy Blackwell or Veronica Rossi although I have them on my tbr. They will probably be on 2013 version of this list LOL
    Great picks!
    Dragana @ Bookworm Dreams
    Top Ten Favorite New-To-Me Authors I Read In 2012…

    • There are always so many authors to read right?? And I can’t decide which one I want you to read most of that list, oh no! They are all so awesome, depending on what you are in the mood for ;-) The one thing I will say is that Tammy Blackwell gives review copies to any blogger who asks, so if you want a review copy, just email her :D Off to check out your list!

  9. I’ve really enjoyed Nancy Kress’ short stories in various book and magazine anthologies and I read her novella After the Flood, Before the Flood, During the Flood earlier this year and it was great. I passed it on to my wife and best friend who both liked it too. I’d like to read more of her novels in the future.

    • I haven’t read the After the Flood novella yet, but I’ve heard a number of people mention that one… I’ll have to see if I can find it somewhere…. I still need to read the last of the Beggars books, but I really enjoyed the first two :D

  10. Great list. I have to check out some of these authors. Feel free to check out My TTT

    • Thanks! I really enjoyed my reading adventures this year, I think it’s my favorite part about blogging: finding so many new books and authors through recommendations :D Off to check out you list :D

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