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Top Ten Bookish People that You Want To Meet

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Today’s Top Ten Tuesday topic (whew that’s a lot of T’s, haha!) is The Top Ten Bookish People you want to meet. Now I assume this means real people, unfortunately, but I don’t want to cheat ;-). Also, when I say “want to meet,” I mean, “I think they would be fun to run into at a con or have coffee with,” so don’t worry you bloggers that I link, I’m not stalking you, haha. Also I’m considering dead authors to be fair game, because I’d still like to meet them, even though it’s not possible :D. Also, as always, not in any order at all.

  1. Anne McCaffrey – Author of the Dragonriders of Pern novels and the only author I’ve ever thoroughly investigated in the hopes of meeting. She just seems like such a fun old lady, and when I was younger I was in love with all of these novels. I’ve read every Pern book, and many other McCaffrey novels.
  2. Angelya of The Oaken Bookcase – Don’t worry Angelya, not stalking remember?? Angelya was the book blogger that got me into the book blogging community (since I didn’t actually realize that there was a community until I was reading her WoW blog and saw her talking about book blogging). She seems wonderfully nice and between books and WoW druid-y things, I’m sure we would have plenty to talk about :D.
  3. Amanda of On a Book Bender – Giraffe-shifters, enough said ;-).
  4. Hannah of Once Upon A Time – I’m fairly certain that I found Hannah’s book blog before realizing she plays WoW as well, but for some reason I am just instinctually drawn to book worms who also play WoW, weird huh? I also remember Hannah being super awesome when I emailed her a question that I don’t actually remember… >.>.
  5. Naithin of Once Upon A Time – Naithin was an awesome host for the only read-along I’ve ever done and it was so much fun! Any Sanderson fan is a friend of mine :).
  6. Robert Heinlein – Yes, he’s dead, and no I don’t want to talk to a corpse, but I wish he was alive! I’m not sure I actually want to meet him, since he was a bit of a dirty old man at times given his books, but I’m sure he was cool :D. And I’m sure he was crazy intelligent and interesting.
  7. Brandon Sanderson – Author of Mistborn and many other awesome books. I don’t understand how he comes up with all the amazing ideas that he does, but I bet playing a table-top rpg with him would be amazing.
  8. Tammy Blackwell – Author of Destiny Binds and the rest of the Timber Wolves series. Yes, I’ve already met her, but at that point I was all nervous and tired, and didn’t realize she’s hilarious and really nice! So GenCon next year, gotta be ready!
  9. Nancy Kress –  Author of Beggars in Spain and the rest of the Sleepless trilogy. She must be a really cool lady to have come up with such awesome sci-fi!
  10. Patrick Rothfuss – Author of The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man’s Fear. Another guy that would be awesome to play DnD with. Also, he is a huge Firefly fan apparently, and therefore wins more awesomeness.
So there you have it. I’ve definitely forgotten bloggers and authors that I love, but my brain is fried from working on applications for fellowships, and I really do love you all! My Top Ten’s are always random aren’t they? Haha, oh well, I’d love to see your top ten list! Please link :D.

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-AAnya from About The Story

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  1. Aw thanks lovey! If I ever visit the states again I’ll have to plan my trip to visit SOOO many people xD But y’know, if you ever visit Australia… :)

    I’d love to meet all these bookish people too! It’s just a shame that Anne McCaffrey passed away last year. Her son is still putting out Pern books though.

    (Sorry this is such a late comment, I’ve been away from my reader for far too long :-/ )

    • :D I actually super want to schedule an Australia trip to just visit all the book bloggers down under!

      Oh crap, I hadn’t been keeping up with Anne McCaffrey news, so I didn’t know that, sad :( Her son’s Pern books just aren’t the same to me… have you read both kinds??

      And no worries, totally understandable, I’ve had a couple of “sit down and make it through everything” parties lately haha

  2. I actually had the chance to meet Brandon Sanderson at one time. He’s really nice and down to earth. I’d love to take a class from him some time at BYU … if I ever go back.

    And, Oh. My. Gosh. I LOVE your site. It’s so cute! The makeover is fantastic!!!

    • Whoa, wait, Brandon Sanderson teaches classes?? I’m feeling the need for another degree all of a sudden! Haha. That would seriously be awesome though, I would probably have trouble not fangirling constantly… >.>

      Thank you!!! :D I am so in love with it, I just want to snorgle the dragon all the time xD

  3. Heh. Giraffe shifters. We’ll have to meet up at a book signing in the Twin Cities some time! Are you still in the area?

    • Haha, I couldn’t resist :) I have moved to Michigan for graduate school actually but boyfriend and family are all still around the state so I’m back there frequently, and will just have to find a book signing that lines up with when I’m back anyway :D Do they happen on weekends frequently?

  4. Your friend…was sitting two seats down from Neil Gaiman and is from his hometown?? Wow, that is amazing!– I really think I would have fainted dead on the spot, and quickly revived myself to go gush over him. So, so cool!

    I’ve really been wanting to read Mistborn and the Name of the Wind– they’re both near the top of my tbr list, so I’m glad to hear the authors are some of your favorites. I honestly haven’t heard of Tammy Blackwell, but will have to check her out, and all these bloggers, too.

    • Tammy Blackwell is an indie author and she is flatout awesome. I interviewed her a week or so ago and it was a wonderful experience! Her books (first one is Destiny Binds) are amazing and I honestly couldn’t tell that they were indie.

      Haha, apparently Gaiman’s younger daughter was sitting between them and she realized that Caroline recognized him and shook her head to indicate “please don’t fangirl” since he like really hates people recognizing him? I think he’s a cool guy, just gets tired of not being able to go to his daughter’s graduation without being asked to sign something ya know?

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