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Top Ten Favorite Books Set Somewhere Else!

Top Ten Tuesday

Thanks to the gals of The Broke and The Bookish for hosting this meme every week!

Okay, that’s a really general category I know D: but I read such a weird mix of books that I couldn’t think of anything more specific that would have more than approximately two books in it, haha. I read so much fantasy and sci-fi that books set in our modern day are actually fairly rare, but I love when I get a peek at another place in our world in addition to the fun fantasy aspects :D.

Somewhere Else in Our World

By this I mean those books that have a fairly detailed location (and therefore I can still remember where they are set!) but it’s somewhere I haven’t lived in and so don’t know well. It’s a lot of fun to find out about landmarks etc somewhere else in our world even though there are dragons and werewolves fighting around them ;-).

Daughter of Smoke and Bone Destiny Binds Libriomancer River Road The White Forest

Quiz time! Where do all of these take place?? ;-) I love the depiction of Prague and London in Daughter of Smoke and Bone and The White Forest since I’ve never been to either :D. I also love the chance to get a taste for somewhere else in the US, even though Libriomancer takes place just a few hours north of me, hehe.

Another Time

This is a useful description for both futuristic sci-fi and historical fantasy :D. I’m not super into history, so historical fantasy generally is fresh to me since I learn so many “facts” (ie I don’t know if they’re actually true, hehe) about some time in the past. Futuristic sci-fi that is actually trying to depict Earth’s future are pretty awesome mind-benders as well :D.

Cinder Grave Mercy Persistence of Vision Through the Ever Night The Sweetest Dark

More quizzes: What time period do these take place in :D. I suppose we don’t really have a time besides “the future” for three of them, hehe. But seriously, Grave Mercy and The Sweetest Dark convinced me that I can like books set in historical settings as long as there is some sort of magic or mysticism :D.

What did you choose to do for this week? Did you pass the quizzes?? ;-)

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings -Anya

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  1. Miss Mimz says:

    Ahhhh, lovely choices this week! I couldn’t agree with you more on both DoS&B and Cinder ♥ Grave Mercy is still gathering dust on my bookshelf…I vowed to read it this year and time keeps slipping by without my reading it >.< Same goes for the Never Sky books!!

  2. I wish SaB would have been more about Brimstone. But overall, a very enjoyable book.

  3. Jenn @ A Glo-Worm Reads says:

    So many good books! I loved Cinder, Grave Mercy and Daughter of Smoke and Bone! :)

  4. Good picks this week. The Lunar Chronicles made my list too.

    My TTT.

  5. I’ve only read one of these books (Cinder), but I have several others and just haven’t found time to read them! It’s a good list. My list is favorite urban fantasies.

  6. See normally I don’t like historicals….I don’t know why! I just don’t feel the urge to read them.

  7. I like books that take place in another time, but don’t really specify when. That way you’re not bogged down either by knowledge of the “real” past or by expectations of how a place might be in a certain time period. Does that make sense?!

    • Yes! I am conveniently short on historical knowledge, so I rarely get messed up by what really happened, but it’s also great when authors are able to take advantage of that flexibility ;-)

  8. I did not pass the quiz. Sadly I’ve only read a couple of these. But some of them do kick but including Grave Mercy and Cinder. I also love your top category. I think that is what I found so fascinating with the Leviathan series, and why it was so memorable. It is taking these historic events and locations, and completely flipping them.

    My TTT
    LisaILJ @ I’ll Tumble for YA

    • Aw, it’s okay, A for effort :D It’s pretty awesome when I find out all the magical things that were really going on in the past >.> ;-)

  9. Great picks! I love all of your choices for Another Time (though I haven’t read Grave Mercy or Cinder yet!) I love books set in the future, but I am also learning to love books set in the past. I adored The Sweetest Dark, so maybe I’m like you, I just need something mystical to be happening!
    Here’s my Top Ten Tuesdays Post
    Megan @ Love, Literature, Art, and Reason

    • I totally agree, it was easy for me to get into future settings, but historical books are still a new thing for me ;-)

  10. I really really need to get round to The Daughter of Smoke and Bone. I think I say that every time I do a TTT!

  11. Ha, the time setting question has always kinda bugged me about books like Cinder, etc. Well, actually, most books with a dystopian setting where they seem to take place in what USED to be Earth. >_<

  12. AHHH Daughter Of Smoke And Bone was amazing! And I’ve always wanted to read Cinder. It seems amazing! And I love Grave Mercy as well! :D Great list Anya~

  13. The Cinder series looks awesome! I’ll definitely be reading those soon. I recently finished Under the Never Sky and will be checking Through the Ever Night out from the library soon =)
    My TTT

  14. You’ve got a great list this week. I want to read Daughter of Shadow and Bone really badly! I also want to read Grave Mercy.

  15. Great list, Anya! So tickled to see my book included! :D Happy Tuesday!

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