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Top Ten Goals For 2015

Top Ten Tuesday

Thanks to the gals of The Broke and The Bookish for hosting this meme every week!

This was last week’s topic, but I was sick and wanted to do it, so I’m doing it now ;-). I set some strong goals for this past year and did an all right job of them, some months better than others, ha. These goals might entertain you a bit since some of them are “relax” goals instead of “progress” goals, but that’s where I am with blogging right now as my discussion post about posting less purposefully brought up :).

Keep Balanced

  1. Keep Mondays blank – I’m worried that I’ll start feeling all “I have so much content that needs to be posted NOW” and I’ll give in and stop keeping Mondays free. But I’m determined to mostly not post on Mondays and I’m being all official about it :D.
  2. Only request four books a month – Tabitha and I were chatting and this idea came up as kind of a joke but I really like it. I’ll go for a while without requesting anything but then go on sprees that end up backfiring on me as stress. If I hold myself to only being able to request four books a month, including books that seem like a long shot, then I’ll hopefully get my priorities straight in terms of which books I actually really really want to read :).
  3. Ignore book haul posts – We all deal with ARC envy and now that I’m trying to not go too crazy with requests, I think it’ll be easier for me to do that by skipping over book haul posts. When I see ARCs other people received, I start wanting them even though I didn’t when I originally read the blurb (we all get that right??). So the best way of avoiding that envy is to not worry about requesting all the ARCs and instead request the book from the library if it turns out that it’s awesome according to all my book blogging friends who did read the ARC ;-).
  4. Unread-book-buying ban – This past year I bought a lot of books that I hadn’t read and wanted to because owning it seemed to make it halfway to read. However, I think the only purchased book I read recently was Endsinger and I worked hard to fit that in. So to reduce books hanging over my head and save some money, I am going to try hard not to buy books I haven’t read with exceptions being sequels that I will read immediately >.>. I will borrow everything else from the library and buy books when I already know I love them and want to support the author!
  5. Continue to mood read – I only recently rediscovered the joy of mood reading and I’m going to keep letting myself do that!
  6. Bookshelf purge – I kind of did this already, though I’ll probably have to continue. This is partially because I’m moving in May and hate moving heavy things like boxes of books and because the unread books on my shelf sometimes make me break out into a panic. So on New Year’s Day I went through my bookshelves of finished copies and was honest with myself about whether I still wanted to read all the unread books and will be bringing them to the library. I need to clean off the ARCs too, so keep an eye out for some box giveaways ;-).

Focused Progress

  1. Prompt commenting – As many of you have noticed if you’ve ever commented, it often takes me a week to reply if not more during finals >.>. I always do though! And I try to always comment back on your blog too, which is a recent thing that I’m proud of. However, when I do find time to reply on the weekends, it becomes a huge task that intimidates me and takes most of Saturday. Therefore, my main blogging goal is going to be to reply to comments daily as much as I can.
  2. Actively look for new blogs to love – I get overwhelmed with commenting if you couldn’t tell so I haven’t been reaching out to new blogs as much as I’d like. I love the social aspect of commenting and finding new friends who love books as much as I do! I want my focus this year to be building friendships and community :).
  3. Host an event – There are plans, so keep your eye out :D.
  4. Organize my bookshelves – My bookshelves are a complete mess. I try to make sure that books of a series or the same author are next to each other, but don’t always accomplish that…. The main reason for this is that I can’t decide how to organize my shelves! Tabitha gave me a great idea that I’m going to try though: YA and adult :D. It’s perfect since I have two main bookshelves! And now that I have fewer books on the shelf and don’t have to horizontally double-stack them, I should be able to make them look pretty. I can’t decide whether I’ll try to do this before or after moving though, it seems a shame to organize everything just to put it into boxes….

I’m really happy with this list since instead of thinking “gah so much to try to accomplish” I’m thinking “yey, this looks like fun and I’m already doing some of it” :D. What are your goals for the new year?

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings -Anya

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  1. Yes…..mood reading. I just can’t make myself stick to a schedule. I hate forced reading. It drains the life out of my hobby, and I’m already nearing the point of mental meltdown due to the pressure of blogging. Robbing the fun from reading shouldn’t happen, ever, to anyone.

    I hope you have a wonderful 2015!
    Lyn Kaye recently posted…Book Review: Gone GirlMy Profile

    • Yeah, I’m feeling close to a blogging meltdown too D: Therefore I’ve been mood reading like crazy already haha!

  2. Ooo there are some really good ones on here! Re: commenting, I usually try to take about 20-30 minutes a day to comment on posts so that I don’t have that massive amount to go over on the weekends…sometimes this is a more successful strategy than others, haha.
    Danya @ Fine Print recently posted…Graphic Novels, Tough Chicks: Vol. 8My Profile

    • Yes, that is exactly what I need to do! My problem is that by the end of the day, I often don’t want to open up my computer at all, haha

  3. I like the idea of limiting book requests. My problem is nothing will look good and then a whole bunch come out at the same time. I always read based on what I’m in the mood for. I so have to read the books I already own too! That is so sad that you have to give away some of your books! Hey, I live in Michigan too! ;) haha like I need more books. Good luck with all of your goals! I hope you decide to post bookshelf photos!
    Molly Mortensen recently posted…Top Ten Most Anticipated Debut Novels For 2015My Profile

  4. Commenting is definitely one of my goals this year! I’ve been really good about replying to comments on my blog since last year, but commenting on others? Not so much. I also need to find some new people to say hi to! :D
    Angie F. recently posted…Wishlist Wednesday #71: Song of Blood & Stone by L. PenelopeMy Profile

    • Let 2015 be the year of commenting :D. Our community could definitely use a year of focusing on bonding and having fun again I think ;-)

  5. You’ve put a lot of thought into this. Book haul posts often add books to my wish lists and my TBR pile. :D

    Good luck!
    Bea @Bea’s Book Nook recently posted…Veiled Intentions by Eileen Carr – Guest Post & Giveaway!My Profile

    • Thanks! Yeah, I love putting books onto the wishlist, but I think that I want to rely on reviews to do that more since then I’ll be more likely to get to books I know I’ll like instead of just shiny covers ;-)

  6. Definitely some fabulous goals! I’ll be your cheer leader!
    Tabitha (Not Yet Read) recently posted…Review: Atlantia by Ally CondieMy Profile

  7. Your goal list sounds very achievable! Good luck with them all.
    Sarah recently posted…Review: There Will Be LiesMy Profile

  8. “Ignore book haul posts” I was literally laughing out loud; you’ve set some really excellent goals! Some even encouraged me some; great post Anya and the best of luck in the year ahead :)
    Claudia {Sparrowhawk} recently posted…Sparrow’s Book Review: {Emissary, Legends of the Realm #1| By: Thomas Locke}My Profile

    • :D I feel a bit silly that I apparently can’t keep my envy in check without just ignoring what other people have all together, but I gotta be honest with myself! ;-)

  9. These are some good goals! And will be nice and easy to achieve if you put your mind to it. At least that’s what I’m telling myself because I share similar goals XD

    I can’t wait to see what type of even you’re planning!
    Bec @ Readers in Wonderland recently posted…Review: Quintana of Charyn by Melina MarchettaMy Profile

    • Or if I just slack off and do things when I think of it >.> Because that’s apparently all I’m capable of these days, haha! Avoiding requesting too much is easy when distracted by life though :D

  10. I am a moodreader as well and one of my 2015 goals is to accept less boosk with deadlines, so it’s easier to keep mood reading. I am mostly keeping tuesdays blank on my blog and it’s nice to be able to set that day as free and not worry about it. It feels like it’s okay when I don’t have a post that day, although I still feel bad when I don’t have a post on the other days.

    For finding new blogs to follow I would recommend to check out Oh The Book their weekly recaps they share discussion posts form various blogs and I found quite some new blogs to follow thanks to that. Another good way is to join challenges or check out favourite blogs of blogs you already follow.
    Good Luck with your goals!
    Lola recently posted…Review: Forbidden by Kelley ArmstrongMy Profile

    • Yey for mood reading! It’s so funny, I didn’t use to be a mood reader at all but have become one so much as the stress of life as increased! My biggest problem for finding new blogs to follow is that I try to stick to following blogs that have similar reading tastes in fantasy and sci-fi and most YA blogs also review contemporary a lot which I just skip over ;-)

  11. Great goals, and way to go aiming for the positive instead of focusing on the negative. I think I need to steal your Netgalley goal – I am so guilty of that same binge-requesting! I’m trying to keep it to books I definitely want to read and that I have seen mentioned on someone’s blog instead of trolling through the lists, but have to see how long that lasts! :D Look forward to seeing what your event is and wish you lots of great things for 2015!!! :)
    Joel @ The Library Rat recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Goals/Resolutions for 2015My Profile

    • Thanks! I kind of wanted to focus on things that I couldn’t possibly fail completely at ;-) It is so tempting to just scroll through everything up on NetGalley, but I’m trying to do it quickly these days so that I only notice covers for books I already know I’m dying to read!

  12. I’m interested to see how you and Tabitha manage with the request no more than four books a month goal. It’s a good one to have, one I’m thinking I have to adopt, but it’s so much easier when I’m not reading as many YA novels as you guys, since that’s a genre where there’s never a shortage of upcoming good looking books :D
    Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum recently posted…Book Review: The Providence of Fire by Brian StaveleyMy Profile

    • I am too ;-). So far I’ve completely resisted requesting anything in the new year :D. Yeah, it’s funny how much easier it is for me to pass over an adult blurb since they just don’t seem to be written in ways that appeal to me as much even though I like adult spec fic just as much. That being said, there are so many bad YA books too that are deceiving >.>

  13. Awesome goals Anya! Like you, I also struggle with the commenting back on my blog, but not so with commenting on other blogs. I think it’s just because I’m saying the same thing over and over again on my own blog, since it’s all based off that one post. Also, YAY for donating books to the library! That’s definitely a good thing to do. And then you’ll free up a lot of space (for more books cough). You’re lucky you have a bookshelf to reorganize, I have a feeling I’ll be using bins by the time the next year hits.

    I’ll also be looking forward to your event!
    Valerie recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday #38My Profile

    • There are times when I feel like I’m just saying “thanks” over and over, but I hope that people appreciate knowing that I read and enjoyed their comment ;-). I’m kind of tempted to try some see-through bins at this point too, to keep the rattier paperbacks in at least, haha!

  14. I avoid book hauls too now, and have stopped doing them myself. It’s just so easy to become obsessed with getting a certain book because you’ve seen it around so much, even though it might not even be something you’d normally be interested in.

    Ooo, I’m intruiged about your event!
    Celine recently posted…YA Mini-Reviews #1My Profile

    • Right?? I just instantly get this painful jealousy and feeling not good enough even though I don’t really care that much if I step back! It’s kind of a relief to have a reason to skip over them at this point too since adding more books to the TBR is stressful D:

  15. I’ve been working on purging books too and I know I still have way too many…but I can’t get myself to let go of any of the classics. But I’m a literature major so honestly I never know when they’re going to come up as required reading. So I don’t feel so bad. But still…hundreds and hundreds of books piled up needing to be read, it’s intimidating. And can definitely be anxiety-inducing. I’m hoping to, maybe possibly, half my TBR by the end of this year. [I wish I could do the #0by16 everyone is talking about right now!]

    I’m also hoping to get better about commenting. I have a full e-mail inbox of posts I WANT to comment on but it’s overwhelming at times. And I’m so slow to catch up. I’m hoping I can get better about that as the year goes on.

    Good luck with your goals!
    Ash @ Typing Tiara recently posted…Top 15 Books/Series I Want to Read in 2015My Profile

    • Ha yeah that’s an actual legitimate excuse! I hadn’t heard of 0by16! That sounds kind of impossible for me at this point, and I’m not sure I actually want to have nothing on my TBR since it’s fun, hmmmmmm


  16. I’m trying to work on my ARC envy too. I’m with you…I’ll become obsessed with something I’d never even heard of and MUST HAVE IT. haha. Will you still do StS or refrain from it al? I’ve not decided myself. I’m not sure I’ll be able to stay away from those posts all the way. I enjoy seeing them (BOOKS!) Great goals Anya and so sorry you were sick last week!
    Kristen@My Friends Are recently posted…Review of Polaris by Mindee ArnettMy Profile

    • *hugs* We need a support group ;-). I’m leaning towards just stopping StS at all for now since I was doing it less and less and not really feeling it anymore. I feel bad not giving those books a bit more screen time when I might not get to them, but that’ll be easier when I only request things I’ll read for sure too!

  17. This is a great list, and I may have to steal several of your goals for myself!
    alyssaz recently posted…Garden Cover RevealMy Profile

  18. I’ve thought often about reorganizing my bookcases. I usually set them up alphabetically by author when the books get unpacked after a move. But there’s never enough room after a while to put new books into the correct spots! And since I have 9 floor to almost ceiling bookcases (and books piled other places besides that!) finding a new system and moving all those books around again makes me want to run away screaming. So I have 8 bookcases organized by author, and 1 bookcase as my “overflow, it won’t fit on the right shelf let’s just stick it here!”.

    How do you plan on organizing yours?

    I read on someones blog the other day, wish I could remember who it was, that they had actually gone through their ereader and printed out cover images for every ebook they had yet to read but owned. Then they made a few mini books of the images and stuck them on their physical TBR shelf to flip through when they wanted to pick a book to read. I thought that was a pretty cool idea, but lots of work. But ever since I read that, I’ve been considering going through the 700 books on my Kindle in my TBR folder and pasting the blurbs about the books in Word or Notepad.

    Might make me actually read more of the books on my Kindle if it was easier to remember what they were about. I just dread how long it will take…
    Silvara recently posted…The Selection (The Selection #1) by Kiera Cass (review)My Profile

    • Haha, exactly! It would quickly devolve into again shoving things where ever they fit like I’m doing now! Plus the whole different sizes of bookshelves so things wouldn’t necessarily fit vertically either D: I kind of like the idea of just organizing by what looks pretty >.>

      Oo, I do like that idea! I don’t mind so much losing track of what I have on my kindle since I use Goodreads to try to keep track mostly, haha. But yeah, all those TBR things that involves printing things out make me cringe with the time it would take D:

  19. I don’t know how you managed to blog every day in the first place! I guess before I went back to work full time I could have done that, but taking time off is a good thing:-) The commenting thing was on my list, too. It does become overwhelming, and if I don’t do it right away, I usually forget to comment back, or I just throw up my hands and say “never mind!” Great list, Anya! Good luck, I know you’ll do well with your goals:-D
    Tammy @ Books, Bones & Buffy recently posted…Tammy’s Top Ten Debut Books of 2015My Profile

  20. I think taking a day (or two) off from blogging each week is a brilliant idea. And limiting the e/ARC requests (despite the perfectly natural impulse to grab and hoard ALL THE PRETTIES) sounds like a great stress-reducer. And let’s be honest: if we really think about it, how many of those blurbs/covers really sound good to us? (I can dismiss 90-95% of eARC choices with that mindset.)

    I love your book buying ban idea! Actually, that’s how I used to do all my book shopping years ago…but now, when it’s cheaper for me to buy a used copy than for the library to request it from somewhere in the state…yeah. Of course, then I feel bad when the newly bought either don’t get read or aren’t that good. Since law school is starting to look like a real possibility, it’s time to kill the book buying addiction. Again. Excellent method!

    I second the “overwhelmed with commenting and not reaching out to new blogs as much as I’d like.” It’s a problem. Perhaps a load of business cards from BEA will help? :)
    Kel @ Booked til Tuesday recently posted…Discussion: Book Buying for a CauseMy Profile

    • Exactly! Half the time I realize that I wouldn’t even buy or borrow the book from the library based on the blurb so why should I waste my time on an ARC?? I hate the idea of missing potentially awesome books, but there is only so much I can do!

  21. Your goals are good ones, Anya. Sometimes we’re so focused on making progress and doing more than we can overwhelm ourselves. Taking a step back to make things more manageable is the best way to counter that. And hey, whenever you get around to commenting is when you get around to commenting. I won’t hold it against you. ;)

    Ooooooh, an event?? I’d say I want to know more, but I know you won’t say for now… So I’ll be patience, and wait to see what it is!
    Sara L. recently posted…My 10 Favorite Reads of 2014My Profile

    • *Patient, not patience

      Forgot to answer your question at the end, but you might know this one already. My goals for 2015 are to a) finish the first draft of my WIP by the end of February, b) revise revise revise for Draft #2, and c) get a copy to beta-readers for critiquing by year’s end. As of right now, though, I’m focusing solely on A. ;)

    • <3 thanks!! And of course it took me a week to respond to comments again, sigh, oh well! This way I get to binge on good feels on the weekend :D

  22. Ah organising bookshelves is neverending. Adult vs YA sounds like a good first split, but how are you going to organise within that? I actually love that I have less print books now so it’s not such a big deal, but I wish you could create sub-categories in your Kindle.

    Good goals anyway. Especially the library loving one! :D
    Miriam @ Inky Realms recently posted…Sci-fi Review: Red Mars by Kim Stanley RobinsonMy Profile

    • Chaos! I love the chaos :D I’ll probably just do whatever looks pretty and fits together within the bookshelves, hehe

  23. I would love to completely reorganize my shelves. I started alphabetically by author but have to rearrange every month to make more space.
    Nathan (@reviewbarn) recently posted…Fantasy Review: ‘Darkwalker’ by E.L. TettensorMy Profile

    • Yeah exactly, but I suck at the alphabet and would probably never be able to find anything >.> It’s kind of embarrassing in bookstores when I can’t remember where a letter goes ;-)

  24. I like number 3. I don’t even write book hauls that much anymore. I totally think I need a book that wasn’t on my radar and then I become edelweiss overloaded when I’m trying to cut down. I also did try to organize my bookshelves but it’s a big project and I didn’t expect that. So it kind of dropped for the Holidays
    Jen recently posted…Aurora Sky Vampire Hunter: Hunting Season by Nikki JeffordMy Profile

    • Exactly! I like the idea of reading books that weren’t on my radar originally, but there are just too many at this point D:

  25. Thoughtful list of goals! I call no fair with “Host an Event” though – not even a small hint as to what it will be? Good luck and have a great 2015!
    Stephanie recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday – Most Anticipated DebutsMy Profile

    • Thanks :D. Hehe, it probably was for the best that I didn’t say because I’m delaying it a bit now in order to make sure my semester isn’t too crazy D:

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