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Top Ten Series I Haven’t Finished

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So despite my love of completing things, there are a lot of series that I haven’t finished. This is probably because my love of new worlds pulls harder most of the time. Most of these series I do plan to finish at some point in the future, it’s just hard to do! Also a lot of them simply aren’t done yet, so it’s not my fault :D. Any of them that you think I should put on the top of the to-read list??


  1. Sleepless by Nancy Kress – I’ve read the first two of this trilogy, but just haven’t found the time to read the last one. I really, really enjoyed the first two though, so it’s a definitely someday :D.
  2. The Black Jewels by Anne Bishop – This is a series that I might never finish. I really loved the concepts of the first book, but the amount of gore and abuse just disgusted me. Anyone know how gory the rest of the books are?
  3. The Edge by Ilona Andrews I read the first book, On The Edge, and loved it! I then bought all the books for my mom’s birthday and am now patiently waiting to borrows them >.>.
  4. Princess series by Jim C. Hines I borrowed all four of these books from a good friend, read the first one, loved it, and haven’t had time to read the rest. I definitely plan to though, and hopefully soon.
  5. Kate Daniels by Ilona Andrews I’m a huuuuuuge fan of the Kate Daniels series, but there are so many extras out now (between the books, alternate POV, spin-offs) that I’ve gotten behind. Also there is at least one more book coming out (soon hopefully :D).
  6. Mercy Thompson by Patricia Briggs –  I’m also a humungous fan of the Mercy Thompson series, which also has lots of extra short stories and comics now. The next one is due out next year, and I’ll definitely be snapping that up!
  7. Alpha and Omega by Patricia Briggs –  This one is a spin-off of Mercy Thompson and omg the last book ended so crazy! I’m so pumped for the next in the series ’cause shit is going crazy!
  8. Inheritance by Christopher Paolini – I read Eragon when it first came out, got stuck on Eldest, reread Eldest many years later and just haven’t had a chance to finish Brisingr. I hear that the final book, Inheritance, it wicked awesome, so I’m determined to get to it one of these days. I own all of them now though!
  9. The Kingkiller Chronicle by Patrick Rothfuss Crazy awesome! The current publication date for the last novel, however, is 2025 :(.
  10. Dragonlance: Legends by Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis – I found this trilogy in a used book store randomly and bought them all for about $10. I’ve read the first one (it rocks) and the previous trilogy (Dragonlance Chronicles, it rocks) and just need to get around to reading the rest of the books on my shelf…. All bajillion of them!
So I guess for me, unfinished series are just due to lack of time. Which do you think I should read next??

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  1. I haven’t even read Eragon yet so I’m REALLY behind. I’m starting to get really into dragons though so I’m thinking I’m going to have to remedy that soon.

    • *slides up* really into dragons huh? :D They are deserving of all your love!!! ;-) Have you seen the Eragon movie out of curiosity?

  2. Okay, I am pledging to start the Rothfuss series before the year is out!

    • Yey!!! You should! The second book gets a little weird at one point, but the writing and characters are so vivid, the whole plot is like a movie that I’ve watched frequently in my head even though it’s been two years since I read the last one!

  3. I read the first three Black Jewels books WAY back (4 years ago or longer) and really liked them a lot but they were REALLY heavy so I never found the time to continue. It’s a complicated world with loads of characters so it’s hard to read when I have kids to deal with. I don’t really remember the gore and stuff TOO much though.
    I got the Mercy Thompson books but haven’t read them yet and same with the Kate Daniels ones, though I did read the most recent spin off and loved it so that’s encouraging me to pick up the first. I did read the Alpha and Omega series all in a row earlier this year. I didn’t like the first one much but enjoyed the second and loved the third. I read Eragon years ago but still haven’t read the next one. I suppose that’s another I need to get busy on. There are SO many series that I need to read that it’s ridiculous. I have so many started that I need to finish and so many that I haven’t even started yet but have wanted to read for YEARS.

    • Interesting, my problem is that I distinctly recall the first Black Jewels opening with a guy being punished by rats chewing him and continued later with little children being punished by losing limbs… *shivers* well it certainly an impression I guess, haha. But yes, the plot and world and characters were so interesting that I really want to know what happens, but don’t really need more nightmares >.>

      Oo, you should definitely read those sometime soon :D I’ve found that they are pretty fast reads in addition to just being so fun. But yes, so many series! But so many new first books, so conflicted! D:

  4. The sad thing is I haven’t started a single one of these. Maybe, it’s a good thing, though, lol.

    • wait, you haven’t read any Ilona Andrews or Patricia Briggs?? If you like urban fantasy at all, you would love them, they are amazing authors :D

  5. Eek–the date for the last of the Kingkiller Chronicle is that far out? And I thought waiting for the final Wheel of Time book has been bad. :)

    I read Eragon, but haven’t looked into the rest of the series. So many people are talking about it now, though, that it’s sometimes tempting.

    Great list!

    • Yeah, but it’s because people keep bugging Rothfuss about it and so he just threw up his hands ;-)

      I had a really hard time with Eldest when I was younger, but loved it the second time around, which seems to be a pattern with these books for me xD

      Thank you so much :D

  6. Oh, you like the Dragonlance Chronicles– awesome!!! I love the original trilogy like crazy and anything that has to do with the twins especially. I really liked Dragons of the Hourglass Mage– the latest one about Raistlin– but Time of the Twins is also great. Indeed, Inheritance is probably my favorite of the Inheritance series– Eldest is tough to slough through, in my opinion. Great list, and thanks for checking out mine. :)

    • I know, the first trilogy was so amazing! I think the last book was one of the most emotional books I’ve ever read in terms of connections to characters. I’ll have to grab Dragons of the Hourglass mage one of these days, so many Dragonlance books :D

      I’ve heard that Inheritance is the best of that series, which is why I’m trying to make my way through lol!

      Thanks :D

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