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Top Ten Things that Make My Blogging Life Easier

Top Ten Tuesday

Thanks to the gals of The Broke and The Bookish for hosting this meme every week!

Happy Top Ten Tuesday Thursday :D. Yes, you read right. I was traveling this past Tuesday (and the week before hand) and so was completely unable to write up this week’s TTT topic. This made me sad because it is such an awesome topic. Therefore, I’m having my own “fashionably late” party ;-).

Techy Stuff

Evernote: I use Evernote mainly to collect links for each week’s wrap-up. I tend to go through my feeds in the morning and I would never remember things I wanted to include in a weekly wrap-up if I didn’t keep them somewhere D: . Evernote also works for writing down post ideas, but I’m drifting away from that because…

ToDoist: I am loving using ToDoist for keeping track of all different types of posts that I want to write. It’s a freaking awesome to-do list program that syncs with your desktop, browser and smartphone. Love it! I have a Blog project and subprojects such as “Reviews to write”, “Review books to read”, and “Posts to write” which is post ideas ;-). I also have a repeating reminder to write my “Updates from the Lair” post because otherwise I would definitely forget….

iCal: I was pretty excited when I started needing to plan out when I would be posting reviews for books I got to read in advance. It’s just exciting when you are finally getting access to enough ARCs that you need to make sure none of them will collide in your posting schedule. It also helps me to plan out all sorts of other posts such as giveaways and TTT :D. I can easily see at a glance what days still need a post to be planned. I generally only put posts that are written or will soon be written on to it, or review books that I absolutely know I will finish by their publication date.

Goodreads: Omg I love GR. I am obviously a fairly list obsessed person (given my blogging tastes, hehe), and so being able to make shelves of books is almost better than sliced bread. One of my most important shelves are my to-review shelf, which is the only way I can be sure I won’t lose track of review books, including old ones that I’m still trying to fit in. The other one is my read shelf because I have an absolutely wretched memory, so when TTT is on books you’ve read of one kind or another, I have to go back and browse through my read shelf to figure out what to include. I also absolutely love the yearly reading challenge that autotracks my read books for the year. I read way more than I thought I did :D.

InoReader: After the death of Google Reader (actually 6 months before because I’m obsessive), I tried out a number of different alternatives. I ended up with The Old Reader because it had a structure similar to Google Reader, which meant this crotchety old gal didn’t have to deal with too much change. Then The Old Reader decided to dump all the Google Reader refugees (grrrrrr) and I spotted a suggestion to try InoReader. So far so good! I seriously would never be able to keep track of all my blogs without a feedreader. They are the best.

Bookish Stuff

Library: I have a tendency to use book therapy (ie the acquisition of books to fill the hole in my heart) whenever I’m having a bad day/week/semester. The library makes this much less damaging to my wallet :D. I love to pop into the YA section and just grab everything that strikes my fancy, even though I know I won’t be able to get to all of them before they need to be returned. My library also has a solid inter-library loan system, so I can usually request any book that I want to try out without having to spend money on it.

Overdrive: Yes, this is partially part of my library, but I love Overdrive for many reasons. I have moved a lot recently, so I like that I can still use my old library cards on Overdrive >.>. More than that though, the Sync Audiobook summer event recently wrapped up and I have so many new audiobooks on my Overdrive now. I don’t think I’ll ever use up all my Audible points now!

My friend Krys <3: Alright, so my friend Krys is pretty rocking. She is a book blogger over at Bibliopunkk reads and she also works at a book store. This means that publishers looooooove her and send her lots of the awesomest YA books. Krys is really nice and lends me ARCs that I would never be able to get otherwise. This has made the whole scramble for ARCs so much less of a pressure for me. I’m rather obsessive with any venture I undertake, so building my blog and establishing publisher contacts is something I can’t help my obsess over. Pawing through Krys’ books is so soothing, hehe.

Schuler Books: My local book store is freaking awesome and they make it so easy to happily support indie stores. They frequently have really awesome author events, so I can get signed books far more than I ever did when I lived near a B&N. They also have an extensive used book section that frequently has very good condition books that came out in the last couple of years for more than half off. I’ve gotten so many books from that section! Finally, they have a great website that lets me purchase books online that they don’t have in stock and then pick them up in store for free. I have no desire to ever shop on sites-that-shall-not-be-named again!

eReader: I love my eReader (Kindle Touch, got it before I decided I didn’t like Amazon anymore ;-) ). I try to exercise at least four days a week and the elliptical is currently my answer to bad knees and a bad back. Holding a physical book is not really an option, but my eReader is absolutely perfect for it. I read Netgalley books on my computer the first couple of times and hated it, so if it wasn’t for my graduation present, I would probably have given up on Netgalley and Edelweiss. I still love physical books for snuggling up on the couch, but my Kindle fits perfectly into my purse so I can get review books read anywhere :D.

Oof, I’m sure I’ve forgotten things that are useful (like, Safe Shark Hosting, Google Analytics, Rafflecopter, NetGalley, Edelweiss, LibraryThing… crap!), but these are the ones that I notice on a daily basis and have had to search around to find. Feel free to leave links to your Tuesday post if you’d like :D.

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings -A

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  1. My Kindle makes my life a lot easier as well. Sorry that you have no love for Amazon, but NetGalley to the rescue!!

  2. Schulers is so awesome! they have author events all the time, and their stores are beautiful (granted, I’ve only been to the Lansing location and the Alpine location, which are both great).

    hmmm.. that ToDoist app looks pretty useful. LOL, I usually just start a draft for a post in google docs, title it, and then come back to it later, like maybe 6 months later!

    • Eastwood is beautiful too :D

      Hehe, I frequently start drafts of reviews in WordPress since I can do the boring stuff (cover, title, etc) while watching tv ;-)

  3. I keep list of my ARCS and their release dates in a spreadsheet and plan accordingly from that, picking what I know I want to read and which books I’ll make a point of reviewing, and then mark off which ones have been reviewed there, too. I don’t schedule many posts in advance (except for reviews of books where I couldn’t wait to read them but the release date isn’t for over a month), at least not beyond a single week, so I don’t do too much with planning calendars or a regular posting schedule. I’ve got a sort of laissez-faire atttude when it comes to blogging, I guess. :p

    • That’s an excellent way to go! I need to start putting actual dates in my notes for ARCs since I seem to still forget them and sometimes the date on the spine is wrong :(

  4. Lovely liste. I might start using Evernote and Todist :) .

  5. I love this top ten tuesday. So helpful! I’m starting to get a little annoyed with feedly so I might check out InoReader as well :)


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